A New Look, New Marketing, New People and New Year

Well, we have decided to finally practice what we preach for 2018. While we are mobile friendly, we need a new and updated look. We keep the site updated but we need a new look. We have a webmaster, but we need more than just a webmaster, we need someone that is involved in Social Media, one that is more tech-savvy and knows digital trends to … [Read more...]

New Year Resolution: Get Out Of A Rut

It happens to us all... we get in a rut, we are afraid to change anything, we are bored, life becomes routine, our mind wanders, apathetic, we do not want to deal with issues, eating too much, drinking too much... It might mean you are in a rut or at least a major pothole and it is time to recognize the fact and DO SOMETHING. For many a New … [Read more...]

Using Color In Eyecare Marketing

One of the most difficult things to do is choose color. While you can use personal preferences, there is a color psychology involved and it behooves an eyecare professional to pay attention. Shamir wrote an interesting post on the use of Color in marketing. You’re accustomed to thinking about color in terms of store décor and product design, … [Read more...]

Tip Of The Day: Seven Things

What I love most about Doug Fleener are his simple ways to coaching staff. His Take Five Tips on increasing productivity and morale, but I love his Sweet Spot idea on emailing your manager on 7 Things to stretch their thinking. Many times in Staff meetings have you wanted staff to step up to the plate. Sometimes people do not speak up because … [Read more...]

Modern Optical Hires Debora DeLong As National Sales Trainer

Roselle, IL – Value eyewear and managed care leader Modern Optical International announces the addition of Debora DeLong who will serve as the company’s National Sales Trainer. An industry veteran with 23+ years of training and optical experience, Debora will assist with recruitment and lead the onboarding and training process for all new hires. … [Read more...]

The Cost of Poor Websites

As we go into 2018, one area eyecare professionals to consider is re-looking at their website. I am on an average of 20 optical websites a day and the majority of them are so horrendous. (Our is too.. which is why we getting a new look for 2018.) The day is gone where you slap up a website and leave for the next 5 years.... you have to review the … [Read more...]

Save The Date: 100% Optical in London January 27-29 2018

Need a break after the holidays? Want to be check out how the global optical village works in the United Kingdom? Ever had a desire to visit Big Ben and Buckingham Palace? Why not take a hop over to to London to visit the UK's Optical Trade Show, 100% Optical. For us in the USA, we will see many familiar spectacles such as William Morris, … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolution: Be More Productive

As we go into the new year, is one of your New Year's Resolutions to be more productive? Research says that as much we think technology  is making us more productive in reality it may be offset by technology. A study by CareerBuilder says that Smartphones, Internet, Social Media and email are some of the biggest workplace productivity killers. … [Read more...]

The Future of The Eyecare Industry And Marketing

As we go into 2018,  it behooves an eyecare practice to take a minute or a day to evaluate the practice and optical industry trends and your marketing plans for the year and upcoming years. The Vision Council's report on Trends is a good place to start. Over the past couple of years, it seems like there are dozens of businesses trying to … [Read more...]

RightEye x Tobii on New Eye-Tracking System for Vision Tests

WASHINGTON, DEC, 2017 — RightEye LLC, a leading health innovator that uses eye-tracking technology to revolutionize patient care and vision performance, announced today it has signed an agreement with Tobii, the world leader in eye-tracking technology. Through the collaboration, the companies will co-develop new hardware solutions to complement … [Read more...]

Eyecare Marketing Calendar 2018

Our annual Eyecare Professionals Marketing Calendar for 2018. We continue to add fun and eye- healthy events that can help optical professionals in their marketing and social media posts. We have listed events, that can be used for trunk shows and fundraising, Food holidays that can be eye -healthy posts, some recipes and of course optical … [Read more...]

85% of Teenagers Have Bad Contact Lens Habits

As we go into 2018, one area that eyecare professionals can focus on and is a part of  healthy living is proper use and care of wearing contact lenses. The new report from the Center of Disease Control Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on contact lens stats was released to coincide with Contact Lens Health Week, August 21-25, 2017. This was the … [Read more...]

Best Lego Optometry Office

This was seen on OD's on Facebook in 2016 and we loved it so much, we just had to share it again this year. Optometry Office made with Legos. Angela Loeb OD for Olympia Vision Clinic in Olympia, WA. posted this. … [Read more...]

7 Online Optical And Eyecare Marketing Tools

These days it seems as though online marketing trends are changing daily, and if you aren't a full-fledged marketer yourself, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends and tools. That's why our marketing team put together a quick list of online marketing tools that your eyecare practice can try if you're struggling with one of these common … [Read more...]

National Monkey Day is December 14

While there are a few companies that give back to animals there is only one company that 's focus is giving back to orangutans. Orangutans only found in two areas Borneo and Sumatra, both rain forest habitats, which are being destroyed by humans. Hunting, Poaching, pet trade, logging, Forest Fires, farming of Palm Oil products have led Orangutans … [Read more...]