Sunglasses x Facial Hair Pairing Guide

Who knew the importance of the correct pair of sunglasses with beard, mustaches, goatees, soul patches, van dykes and zappas. If you didn't know The Sunglass Warehouse published a very helpful guide to those men who like to sport facial hair. With Fathers Day coming up this infographic might just help one to chose the proper facial enhancing … [Read more...]

The “Google Partner” Scam

I don't know about you, but over the last 6 months, I have had a number of calls from Google. While I deleted them, I was wondering, why in the world would google make cold calls like that? Daniel Rostenne from Eye Care Pros gives us some information about those calls. 'We have had a number of ODs ask us about solicitation calls they received … [Read more...]

June Is Cataract Awareness Month

CHICAGO (May, 2016) – Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the world, according to the World Health Organization. And, according to the Prevent Blindness “Future of Vision: Forecasting the Prevalence and Costs of Vision Problems,” the current number of those in the United States with cataract will increase from more than 25.7 million, to … [Read more...]

Fun Video Of Mens Eyewear from 1930 To Today

Wonderful and clever video demonstrating mens eyewear from  the 1930's on to today. You may have seen it already, but we loved it so much just had to share it again. Eyewear was provided by Old Focals. … [Read more...]

Retro Spectacle: History of White Sunglasses

With National Sunglass Day coming up, we thought we would give you a brief pictorial of white fashionable sunglasses throughout history. The first mass produced sunglasses were from Foster Grant in the late 1920's. That coupled with Polaroid Sun in 1936 lead to the rise of Sunglasses as a fashion accessory. Celebrities such as Marlene Dietrich and … [Read more...]

Fathers Day Is June 19th

While Mothers Day takes up the majority of parental spending, we don't want to forget Fathers Day which is on June 19. Over $12.7 Billion was spent on Fathers Day with the average person spending $116.00 on their dads. (Source) More surprising is that 76% of people planned to celebrate Fathers Day. According to Statistical Brain, the … [Read more...]

Lyme Disease Got You Ticked Off Infographic

I didn't know much about Lyme Disease until a friend of mine got it. He doesn't know how, but what he does know, he is in constant pain. Sickweather has created and published an infographic on Lyme Disease with the latest available information for best practices in prevention and detection of the disease and of its vector, the deer … [Read more...]

Should You Have An Eyecare Bonus Program?

Over and over the subject comes up about bonus programs for eyecare staff. Should you  bonus or commission staff? Which staff is included and how much? Reality is every single member of  eyecare staff contributes to overall profitability, customer service, satisfaction and the smooth running of the office. VisionWeb brought up some issues to … [Read more...]

Game On: Sports Eye Safety Month(s)

With Baseball in the Summer Olympics, the start of Baseball Season and Sports Eye Safety Month in April and September and Childrens Eye Health and Safety Month in August, this is a good time to ramp up your game. Did you know that baseball has become the leading cause of eye injury for children 14 years of age and younger. According to … [Read more...]

Celebrating Pet Appreciation Week

A&A Optical had their own celebration of  National Pet Week with their employees taking pictures of their pets wearing eyeglasses. There are a ton of Pet Holidays, including Pet Appreciation Week (June 5-11) Take Your Dog To Work Week (June 20-24) . What a great idea... a week of pets wearing eyewear! You can get a full … [Read more...]

The Rimless Revolution

Many years ago in a galaxy far way (1970's-1980's) there were two rimless revolutions. The first was the disruptive innovation of the nylon 'wire'  (Nylor) by Logo in the 1970's. The second was the Rimless Faceted Polaris eyeglasses in the 1980's. Both revolutionized rimless, one for a fashion look and the other was functionality. Prior to … [Read more...]

What’s It Worth? Vintage Eyewear

An online shop called 1st Dibs has been aggressively advertising eyewear. Perfect proof that the Internet knows all. Out of curiosity I checked out some of the vintage eyewear selection to see what they were selling for. If you have anything like any of this, pull it and make a display and try to sell.. the prices are wild. Vintage Samco Italy … [Read more...]

Free Canvas Bag In Elle Promotion By Charmant

Morris Plains, NJ – May, 2016 – Just in time for Summer, CHARMANT, known for producing top-quality, comfortable and innovative eyewear is offering a free nautical canvas bag with your ELLE order.  Just picture yourself on the French Riviera, carrying your nautical canvas bag, wearing your ELLE Suns.  Live the Parisian lifestyle.  Order now! A … [Read more...]

Tips For A More Productive Staff Meeting 

I'm a big proponent of regular staff meetings. Whether they're weekly or monthly, regularly getting the entire team together is extremely productive. If, that is, the time is used wisely. Here are two ways leaders can conduct MORE productive store meetings. Practice/roleplay. Whether you're rolling out new products, teaching the staff how to … [Read more...]

Infographic On Sunglasses For Kids: Real or Fake

We found a great infographic on how to tell the difference between real or fake sunglasses for kids. August is Children's Eye Health and Safety Month and this is a perfect time to remind parents, that cheap sunglasses may not always be the best for protecting their kids eyes. Great infographic by Art and Science of Eyewear. … [Read more...]