David Kind, Creates Online Sales Channel for Optometrists with ECP Partnership Program

With optometry offices losing sales to direct-to-consumer ecommerce, eyewear designer provides online sales channel to help eye care professionals create new revenue streams and offer patients convenience SAN DIEGO, CA – October, 2017 – David Kind, a leading provider of high-quality prescription eyewear online, is announcing its ECP Partnership … [Read more...]

What Makes You Really Happy? Window Display

A few years ago in Vancouver, a store put up a sign What Makes You Really Happy and people via Post-It Notes responded with some surprising results. I thought this might be such a good promotion/ window display for eyecare professionals. It is fun, it is interactive, it is eye-catching and why not? Weather might make this challenging during the … [Read more...]

Five Hallowed Halloween Eye Charts

Decorating your office with Haunting Halloween Eye Charts can be a fun thing to do. We pulled together some ideas that can be displayed around the office. My personal favorite! … [Read more...]

OptiCon® to Join Vision Expo Starting in 2018

Alexandria, VA – October, 2017 –Vision Expo and OptiCon® have announced a partnership to bring the industry’s premier opticianry and contact lens fitters education program to the largest gathering of eyewear and eyecare professionals in the Americas. Announced today at the 2017 OptiCon Conference in Lake Buena Vista, FL, OptiCon will officially … [Read more...]

64% of Americans Would Rather Spend on Eating Out Than Eyecare

Only 20% Prioritize Eyecare Over Technology and New Clothes The majority of Americans prioritize eating out over spending money on eyecare, including appointments with eye doctors and prescription glasses. A survey conducted by STAAR Surgical, makers of the Visian ICL, revealed that, when asked about spending priorities, only 20% named eyecare, … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday: Reusing Vintage Optometry Chairs

For a ThrowBack Thursday, we forgot we ran this post in 2012. This guy was trying to sell his vintage optometry chair and made up all these places where you could put it. Was funny and cute. Thought we re-blog it again! I ran across this funny post from a guy who apparently was ranting about not being able to sell a 1950's vintage optometrist … [Read more...]

Who Is The Millionaire Next Door?

I remember years ago, my cousin wanted to set me up with this guy who drove a Camaro (that's dating me!) The reason why I didn't go out with the guy- his money was tied up in a car- and the car does not make the man. As you know, many People are caught up in the trappings of wealth, designer clothes, cars, big houses and other material goods. … [Read more...]

Where To Get Money For Your Eyecare (Or Any) Business

Traditionally if you wanted to start a business, you saved, begged, borrowed or stole money to fund your enterprise. If you have collateral you go to a bank or Small Business Bureau. If you have friends or family they might invest in your business and help it grow. Today aside from Shark Tank and Dragons Den, West Texas Investment Club, Cleveland … [Read more...]

12 Animal-Eyed Lenses

Just in time for Halloween we found a variety of animal-eyed lenses, the perfect go-to accessory for having a wild time anytime or on Halloween. Percy Lau's eyeball lenses are in a flip up featuring dragonflies, lizards, cats and even a goat eye. Not to forget, a human eyeball. From Graphic Artist Jyo Muller comes … [Read more...]

ASCRS Foundation Sponsors 2nd Annual National Sight Week

Operation Sight Network Surgeons to Participate in Weeklong Charitable Initiative to Provide Free Cataract Surgery FAIRFAX, Va. – Oct., 2017 – The American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) Foundation is pleased to sponsor the 2nd annual National Sight Week (October 15– 21).  National Sight Week is a weeklong celebration of … [Read more...]

New Hospital Subscription Plan For Medical Protective Eyewear

This was a first as far as I know: VINO OPTICS ANNOUNCES HOSPITAL SUBSCRIPTION PLAN FOR MEDICAL PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR THAT ENHANCE VEIN DETECTION Hospitals can now enroll in a $19.95 monthly subscription plan for medical protective eyewear that assist medical personnel and paramedics with IV insertion and health sign detection MIAMI, FL, (2017)— … [Read more...]

Sports and Recreation: All Eyewear is NOT created Equally

By Alan W. Reichow OD, MEd, FAAO: Active kids can break just about anything, and eyewear is no exception, as many parents can attest to.  As evidenced by new statistics from Prevent Blindness, sports and play, without appropriate eye protection, puts our youth at risk of eye injury. Since 2015, there has been a nearly 10% increase in such injuries. … [Read more...]

Eight Caricatured Cat Eyeglasses

October is National Black Cat Awareness Month with October 27 as National Black Cat Day. This holiday was devised to debunk the myth that black cats are bad omens. Did you know that there are an estimated 74-96 million cats in the USA? We found some fabulous and cute eyeglasses with cats that are a purr-fect accessory to wear on any … [Read more...]

Bascom Palmer Report of Zika Virus on The Eye

BASCOM PALMER EYE INSTITUTE RESEARCHERS IDENTIFY WIDESPREAD IMPACT OF ZIKA VIRUS ON THE EYE (September, 2017, Miami, FL) Researchers at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine have identified the considerable impact of the Zika virus on the eye in a groundbreaking study entitled Ocular Histopathologic … [Read more...]

10 Marketing Lessons From Apple

Many years ago we did a post on 14 Merchandising Lessons from Apple, Apple being the most successful retailer in the world. How did this one little company go from almost bankruptcy a few years back to being one of the most innovative companies and most successful in the world? \ During these confusing times for retailers, we recommend that … [Read more...]