Cleaning Eyeglasses – Please No Spitting!

Thank you to all of those that entered our “Eyehow – Win a $50 Spa Certificate – How do you Cleanse and Renew?” promotion sponsored by Nanofilm Ultra Clarity.

We had some interesting entries I have to say, some funny, many very informative as well as some really scary ones. Many eyecare professionals are recommending using Windex, paper products and detergent for cleaning lenses. From what we understand these may have been OK several years ago but the newer, anti-reflective coatings can easily be damaged by any one of these.

I am personally guilty of using whatever item of very clean clothing I am wearing to wipe off my own eyeglass lenses and yes, I have scratched the coating. I also take my eyeglasses off with one hand! I am trying to stop these bad habits! I hope the person that suggested spitting and wiping was kidding! (We know you are, you Lady Gaga fan!)

Here is our winner submitted by Terri Antone – it is creative, simple and easy to remember. Maybe you would like to use it with your optical patients:

“Here’s a little poem I teach my patients, young and old. The little ditty is followed with a gift of a case and our cleaner kit containing our office label cleaning liquid and microfiber cloth.

Two hands on,

Two hands off.

On the face,

Or in the case.

See keener,

Use this cleaner.

Never use paper,

Cloth is safer!”

Congratulations Terri and thank you for the clever “caring for and cleaning eyeglasses” ditty!


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  1. We definitely need to change your lens cleaning habits, Cathy!

    Household cleaners have become so specialized with added ammonia or bleach, for example, to clean surfaces very different from eyeglass lenses. Hand soaps now often contain skin conditioners that will smear a lens. We do our entire industry a disservice when recommending such products.

    With many people considering eyeglasses as an investment because of the price they pay, we really do bring added value, and increase customer satisfaction, when consumers are shown how to care for their eyeglasses properly and go home with professional lens cleaning products. Even better, once lens cleaning becomes a habit, consumers will come back for more…and that creates an opportunity to sell another pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses, schedule an exam, and more!