Eyeglasses Not Allowed in Seatback Pockets

“Seatbacks in Position and Empty, Please” (From the New York Times
…“The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday that airlines whose flight attendants had been telling passengers that no personal items of any kind could be placed in seatback pockets were “following our guidance, if they are enforcing this with travelers.”…

The agency’s response came after numerous inquiries  following a flight … on which the flight attendant announced before takeoff that, as a safety measure, nothing could be placed in seatback storage pockets — no eyeglasses, no ticket stubs, no iPods or bottles of water or magazines. ...

Longstanding federal law says that a plane cannot leave the gate until a crew member verifies that each item of baggage is safely stowed in a suitable compartment, including the overhead bin, or under a passenger seat…

That regulation does not mention seatback pockets. However, a 51-page 2007 F.A.A. directive on cabin safety does address “proper stowage of carryon baggage” and says in part, “nothing can be stowed in the seat pockets except magazines and passenger information cards.”….

“Keep your glasses outta our seat back pockets!

Thank you, thank you, FCC.

I can’t tell you how any people keep sending me sad tales of forgetting their readers and sunglasses in those  treacherous seat back pockets. They’ve got books and barf bags and who knows what else since they’re carrying on more gear rather than pay those “suitcase fees”.

What’s the solution? My Eyewear Jewelry of course. Keep those precious frames attached and look great while doing it.

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Submitted by Denise Solay of  Denise Solay Designs .

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