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Hilco and Wilson Ophthalmic

One of the most impressive things about Hilco, is they make it very easy to make a one stop shop for all your optical and lab supplies needs. The eyecare products they offer fill up a 500 page catalogue!

It is with great pleasure and honor that Hilco, the worlds largest supplier of optical accessories and product has SIGNED WITH US as a sponsor!!!! If you can actually believe this, I actually drove through the wilds of Massachusetts and visited their office! I had to do that because I wanted to meet them and they are jam-packed at Vision Expo.

Now if you remember Hilco from the good old days, you used them for nosepads, temple tips, screws and tools. You made have also used them for eyeglass repairs. All of which they still offer but today they have grown and expanded into almost every single product that you need in eyeglass accessories, optical lab supplies, eyewear, sunglasses and even medical products. You can even get a discount if you order Hilco Products from Vision West.

The below is a brief outline of part of the products Hilco offers to the eyecare professional. To fully appreciate the breath of their products, definetely take a few minutes to browse through their website.


  • Eyewear
  • Sports Frames and Goggles
  • Safety Eyewear
  • Readers


  • Lens cleaners and cloths
  • Cases
  • Eyeglass Retainers, fashion and sports
  • Eyeglass jewelry including pins and necklaces
  • Low Vision Aids
  • Contact Lens supplies

Lab Supplies

  • Dyes/Tints – environmentally safe and biodegradable!
  • Tools (hand)
  • Machine parts

Medical Supplies (From Wilson Ophthalmic)

  • Eye Charts
  • Retinoscopes, tonometers…
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dry Eye Treatments
  • Furnishings
  • Eye Exam products

What I really like is the Smart Optical Solutions and Bright Ideas they offer on their website. Clicking on the links shows you how to do simple optical repairs, use their tools and some of the medical products they offer. For details on how to do simple repairs, go to Optician Works.

Hilco Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

And what else- you can also purchase hand tools and other Hilco lab supplies through Super Systems, Fast Grind International

Bottom line, Hilco is a fast growing optical supplier that can fill your lab, accessory, medical supply needs with one call or one email.

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  1. Lovely company, they get lots of my money for some rather useful goodies.

  2. What’s new at Hilco? Their Low Vision Aids catalog (print or online). Whether you see low vision patients now or are planning to start, you’ll find great products at Hilco.

  3. Donna Kelly says:

    I would like to look at your catalogue of Leader eyewear holders.

    Thank you.

    Dr. D.D. Kelly

  4. hank you for making a catalogue request on The Optical Vision Site. We don’t actually have catalogues to send. You can view the Leader collection here. at Hilco’s online catalogue. Or you can contact them at 800. 955.6544 for more information.

    Thank you again for contacting us and let us know if we can be of help in any other way