Made in the USA- OptaCaddy

Being the eyeglass person I am, with glasses strewn all over the place- This is a handy optical accessory that every person who wears glasses should have! Plus you can support the US economy as it is made in the USA! Optacaddy is made from acrylic, water and tip resistant! The best part, it fits all my larger sunglasses! 

Why you should offer eyeglass accessories such as OptaCaddy? 

  • It’s a great gift item to offer for your patients and customers- why should they shop elsewhere? 
  • Profit maker- Sell 2 of them a week @ an average of $10 net profit = $1040 a year in net income! 
  • Spices up the dispensing area- and offers display opportunities
  • Good impulse sale item
  • Lead to 2nd pair sales- put this by the computer, by the bed, in the kitchen. 
  • Helps to keep glasses in good shape, by not having them buried or scratched. 
  • In the case of OptaCaddy- supporting the ‘Made in USA’ economy

If you are interested- give Jerry a call @ 954-714-2479 and don’t forget to ask him why he still makes the product in the USA instead of outsourcing off-shore.

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  1. Gary Shulman says:

    I currently sell eyewear to Optometrists, Opticians and Ophthalmologists. Are you intersted in having representation for your product?

    Thank you in advance!

    I can be contacted via or cell 617-510-5586