Should You Offer EyeLash Enhancers?

LASH ADVANCE®, Eyelash Enhancing GelAs eyecare professionals are reaching out to find new markets I thought this was interesting and might be something to consider offering your patients.

SAINT LOUIS, MO (January, 2015) – MediNiche, Inc., a healthcare products company and makers of OcuDerma®, the #1 optometrist recommended skincare product for the areas around the eyes, announces the introduction of new Lash Advance, the first non-Rx lash product targeted to eyecare professionals (ECPs) that provides a natural, affordable cosmeceutical for healthier lashes and brows. Lash Advance is being positioned for ECP recommendation to patients as a 1st step to healthier lashes — “the less expensive start to healthier lashes and brows” — and for use prior to or in conjunction with LATISSE® (Allergan).

Lash Advance is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients that help lashes recover from environmental, chemical and physical damage by hydrating, improving flexibility, and minimizing breakage. With regular use, lashes return to a healthy state in as little as 2 weeks. LASH ADVANCE® does not contain drugs, parabens, petroleum products, propylene glycol, fragrances, or colorants. In addition, it does not contain bimatoprost, the active ingredient in LATISSE® (Allergan) and will not darken eyelids or change iris pigmentation. LASH ADVANCE does not contain any known allergens which makes it ideal for use with sensitive eyes. It is also suitable for patients with contact lenses, eyelash extensions, permanent makeup, and those who have had visual correction surgery.

The key ingredients found in LASH ADVANCE® include PeptiPlexTM, an advanced peptide complex, which helps convert young hair to mature hair and supports the natural renewal cycle of lashes so they look lush, healthy and rejuvenated; Peony Extract which naturally restores the weakened hair shaft, improves moisture retention to hair, and contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory actions; Sugar Beet Betaine that stimulates collagen, strengthens extra cellular matrix where hair bulb resides, and improves hair function during the hair’s growth cycle; Glycosaminoglycans stimulate the follicle, softens brittle lashes, builds collagen and minimizes baggy eyes; Apple, Lemon and Sugar Cane Extracts exfoliate dead cells from the follicles, allowing young hair to grow; Glycerin Humectant which hydrates and plumps lashes; Green Tea Antioxidant that protects hair from damage; Castor Seed Oil which softens lashes, preventing breakage and allowing lashes to reach full potential; and Sodium Hyaluronate that promotes hydration and plumps lashes.

Lash Advance is a multi-purpose product as it can be used not only on upper and lower lashes but also on sparse or thinning brows. It works beautifully as a lash plumper under mascara and can be used to tighten wrinkled skin on the eyelids. Patients with short lashes, missing lashes (alopecia, blepharitis, etc.) or over-tweezed and thinning eyebrows as well as chemotherapy patients will all see noticeable improvement.

Lash Advance should be applied at least once daily at the base of eyelashes. Results can be visible within two (2) weeks of regular daily use. More dramatic improvement will be apparent within 30-60 days. If daily use is discontinued, lashes will look lusher and fuller until the next hair growth (anagen) cycle which, for lashes, occurs approximately every four months.

Lash Advance  was developed in conjunction with a female optometrist. It has been ophthalmologist tested, clinically evaluated, and professionally endorsed. A formal efficacy and safety study has proven that it is safe and effective. Safety tests performed by eye doctors showed that using LASH ADVANCE had no adverse effect on eye function.

Kathryn Reynolds, OD, Chesterfield, Missouri, a participant in LASH ADVANCE use trials commented, “LASH ADVANCE is an excellent addition to any eyecare practice. Based on my personal evaluation, it provides patients with a non-prescription, affordable product for helping to maintain healthy lashes and patients love it. LASH ADVANCE is my first choice before prescribing expensive prescription products”.

MediNiche marketing plans for LASH ADVANCE® to ECPs direct selling, journal advertising, sample programs, email blasts, postcards and convention attendance. In addition, MediNiche will have a special Optical Dispensary Introductory Offer with discount pricing and an attractive counter display available for all ECPs.

Samuel Alioto, President and CEO of MediNiche states, “We have found, with several of our products, that patients want quality over-the-counter, less expensive options for their eyecare, skincare and lash care needs. LASH ADVANCE is a new option for those patients that wish to try a non-drug alternative as a first step to help keep lashes healthy and looking good.”

MediNiche: Innovative Products for Professional Recommendation

MediNiche, Inc. ( is a St. Louis based pharmaceutical company that develops, markets and distributes dermatologic, ob/gyn, internal medicine, orthopedic, ophthalmic and dental products. MediNiche markets OCUDERMA®, ocular skin therapy gel, and ORTHO.TABS®, vitamin and mineral supplement for bone health, DENTAPLEX®, vitamin and mineral supplement for oral health, UROVITE®, dietary supplement for prostate health, and VASOVITE®, dietary supplement for vascular health.

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