Super Clean Stocking Stuffers

Its that time again, to offer your patients opportunities for one stop shopping at your office. Today the amount of tips and gifts you are supposed to give out… It’s overwhelming. Do you know, you are supposed to tip or gift your mailman, teachers, hairdressers, the soccer coach, colleagues, add in a few parties, family, friends….

Display in assortments all around the office, put in a big basket with ribbons and bows at the reception desk, dispensing table. Price attractively, make it easy to pick up and go.. Stocking Stuffers in a box type of merchandising. We like it.

So what can the eyecare professional provide? Our first thought is Eyewear Accessories. Products such as Lens cleaners, can be used for Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, e-readers, TV screens, video games… all those screens: Some of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas, that we would want to get!

Hilco offers a full on Stocking Stuffer package. Ready to go.



Nanofilm has both Lens Cleaners and DeFog Spray, which is perfect when mommy is kissing Santa Claus.  Available From Nanofilm 




 Rons Optical Offers A Gift Set Assortment


Storming Norman offers custom Lens Cleaners as well.


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