How to Ensure Accessibility for Every Online Audience

We are so focussed on eyewear and vision that we might tend to forget other impaired audiences that also go online and need eye exams.  Ran across a good article on Accessibility for Every Online Audience, that is an interesting read for those who are looking to update their online presence. As of 2012, there were roughly 7.6 million web … [Read more...]

Ten Thrilling Eerie Eyecare Halloween Jokes

Over years we have done each of these Eyecare Halloween Jokes, so this year, we are putting them all in one place in plenty of time to share for a Halloween Count-down. Creepy Crazy Doctor Joke Then we have the Frightening Frankenstein Jokes Then the Morbid Monster Joke Then the Terrifying Trick and Tricking … [Read more...]

Nominations to Recognize Outstanding Optometry Professionals At SECO

ATLANTA, GA — October, 2017 — SECO International is pleased to announce that SECO, the world’s leading annual conference providing the ophthalmic industry outstanding educational opportunities since 1924, issued a call for nominations for recognition of outstanding optometric professionals and announced the availability of MedPRO360 education … [Read more...]

Lighthouse Guild Calls for Stronger Effort to Deal with Global Increase in Blindness and Vision Impairment

Drawing Attention to Preventable Conditions to Mark World Sight Day  New York (Oct. 2017) – Lighthouse Guild is calling for a stronger effort to reverse the worldwide increase in blindness and vision impairment in response to a new study that analyzed the leading causes of blindness in 98 countries. The call-to-action comes on World Sight Day, a … [Read more...]

9 Portraits of Animal-Eyed People

'An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.' Martin Buber. That may be true and several artists are showing us the language of animals via a human face. One Optician Ad ad campaign portray animal eyes in the ads. Using Cat's, Owls and Eagles to simulate how great a person's vision would be if they went to get there eyes checked. … [Read more...]

First eCommerce Site Ranking Based on Store Performance and Shopability

As we have all seen over the last several years, websites have become increasingly more important. They need to be easy to read, fast loading, with just the right amount of text. Add in a shopping cart or set an appointment plus update products.. lets just say the day is over that you just spend a few hours and put a website. The factors going into … [Read more...]

Shopping Small Is Good Marketing

Shop Local, Shop Small, Buy Local, Make Your Tax Dollars Work Locally are some of the headlines one reads as Small Business Saturday approaches November 25, 2017. It pays to be prepared as consumers become more aware of local business. Eye Bogglers 2015 95 million people Shopped small on Small Business Saturday 2015 $16.2 billion spent … [Read more...]

David Kind, Creates Online Sales Channel for Optometrists with ECP Partnership Program

With optometry offices losing sales to direct-to-consumer ecommerce, eyewear designer provides online sales channel to help eye care professionals create new revenue streams and offer patients convenience SAN DIEGO, CA – October, 2017 – David Kind, a leading provider of high-quality prescription eyewear online, is announcing its ECP Partnership … [Read more...]

What Makes You Really Happy? Window Display

A few years ago in Vancouver, a store put up a sign What Makes You Really Happy and people via Post-It Notes responded with some surprising results. I thought this might be such a good promotion/ window display for eyecare professionals. It is fun, it is interactive, it is eye-catching and why not? Weather might make this challenging during the … [Read more...]

Five Hallowed Halloween Eye Charts

Decorating your office with Haunting Halloween Eye Charts can be a fun thing to do. We pulled together some ideas that can be displayed around the office. My personal favorite! … [Read more...]

OptiCon® to Join Vision Expo Starting in 2018

Alexandria, VA – October, 2017 –Vision Expo and OptiCon® have announced a partnership to bring the industry’s premier opticianry and contact lens fitters education program to the largest gathering of eyewear and eyecare professionals in the Americas. Announced today at the 2017 OptiCon Conference in Lake Buena Vista, FL, OptiCon will officially … [Read more...]

64% of Americans Would Rather Spend on Eating Out Than Eyecare

Only 20% Prioritize Eyecare Over Technology and New Clothes The majority of Americans prioritize eating out over spending money on eyecare, including appointments with eye doctors and prescription glasses. A survey conducted by STAAR Surgical, makers of the Visian ICL, revealed that, when asked about spending priorities, only 20% named eyecare, … [Read more...]

Throwback Thursday: Reusing Vintage Optometry Chairs

For a ThrowBack Thursday, we forgot we ran this post in 2012. This guy was trying to sell his vintage optometry chair and made up all these places where you could put it. Was funny and cute. Thought we re-blog it again! I ran across this funny post from a guy who apparently was ranting about not being able to sell a 1950's vintage optometrist … [Read more...]

Who Is The Millionaire Next Door?

I remember years ago, my cousin wanted to set me up with this guy who drove a Camaro (that's dating me!) The reason why I didn't go out with the guy- his money was tied up in a car- and the car does not make the man. As you know, many People are caught up in the trappings of wealth, designer clothes, cars, big houses and other material goods. … [Read more...]

Where To Get Money For Your Eyecare (Or Any) Business

Traditionally if you wanted to start a business, you saved, begged, borrowed or stole money to fund your enterprise. If you have collateral you go to a bank or Small Business Bureau. If you have friends or family they might invest in your business and help it grow. Today aside from Shark Tank and Dragons Den, West Texas Investment Club, Cleveland … [Read more...]