18 Keys To Successful Optical Trunk Shows

As you are planning your eyecare marketing for the rest of 2017-18? Consider adding Eyewear Trunk Shows to your calendar of events. Many offices report increasing their trunk show presence for 2017 and it is something to consider and plan for 2018. Top reasons for having Trunk Shows: Increase revenue. Shortens the sales cycle. … [Read more...]

Infographic: Comfort Foods By State

The other day we ran the post on America's Fattest Cities. We suggested that eyecare professionals adopt a Health Message in 2018 and target their market with Food and Exercise programs. Another idea, is to target healthy alternatives to Comfort Food. For instance we in California, the home of the Fish Taco's, there are alternatives, no fried … [Read more...]

Annual Report: Crowdsourced Eyewear 2017

2017 was an interesting year for crowdsourcing in the optical and eyecare industry. Believe it or not, the number of crowdsourced eyewear and accessories went down with only 94 crowdsourced entries. (One from Japanese faavo). The most familiar refrain is the same-we-have-been-hearing-this-for-3-years-already-boring-story. Other than … [Read more...]

Small Changes That Can Help You Lose Weight

Probably the two most popular New Year's Resolution are 1.) Get in Shape and 2.) Lose weight. As much as we would love to lose weight and get in shape, it is difficult. We found this some easy tips that can help you lose weight and not have to be on a strict diet. … [Read more...]

25 e-tail Eyewear Entrepreneurs

At one time Selling online- or e-commerce was tantamount to being ostracized from eyecare professionals. One of the first big e-tail eyewear online, framesdirect.com was started by two optometrists back in the mid 1990's. Over the years quite a few eyecare professionals have tried to get into the online game only to find out it is tough going then … [Read more...]

Opti-Fun For World TV Day

World TV Day is Nov 21 and while we are all worried about blue light, the repairman does not care and calls it as he sees it.. Low Def Vision.. … [Read more...]

Silhouette UK 2016 Christmas Window Winner

If you are looking for Holiday Merchandising Ideas, the winner of Silhouette's (UK) 2016 Christmas Window Competition was H & H Eyecare in Altringham. A 'minimal' and elegant look that is appropriate for all and best can be carried over and updated through January . … [Read more...]

18 Eyecare Entrepreneurs For Entrepreneurs Day

November 21 is Entrepreneurs Day which always falls on the 3rd Tuesday of every November. An Entrepreneur is defined as' person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.' which describes every independent eyecare practice including opticians, optometrists and … [Read more...]

Bausch And Lomb Recycle More Than 7000 Pounds of Waste

First Sponsored Contact Lens Recycling Program Collects More Than 7,000 lbs. of Waste LAVAL, Quebec, Nov., 2017: Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.'s (NYSE: VRX and TSX: VRX) wholly owned subsidiary, Bausch + Lomb announced that its unique ONE by ONE Recycling Program has recycled a combined total of more than one million used contact … [Read more...]

Optical Fun For William Tell Day

William Tell Day is November 18. This is the day in 1307 that William Tell shot the apple off his sons head. Why? For those of us who forgot the story, he was commanded to by the tyrant of a governor in Austria who ruled William Tell's province in Switzerland.  Is the story truth or fiction? No one really seems to know but according to legend this … [Read more...]

2017 Report: The Fattest States In The USA

Everybody complains about the cost of healthcare, while much of the healthcare cost is administrative, the reality of it is, if we didn't have to go the doctor because we chose a healthier lifestyle, the admin cost would go down as well as the cost of healthcare. Much if not most of health issues are preventable. Poor food choices, sedentary life, … [Read more...]

Optical Fun For Gingerbread Man Day

And yet another Who Knew? November 21 is National Gingerbread Cookie Day. As far as I am concern since Gingerbread cookies use ginger, which is really good for you, that means Gingerbread cookies are good for you and thus OK to eat. Eye Bogglers Ginger has been used for centuries in ceremonial, medical and culinary capacities. It is … [Read more...]

Eighteen Eyewear Entrepreneurs

The problem with doing only one eyecare list for 'Entrepreneur Day' is many get missed out. The eyecare offices that are doing 'lenses only', mobile opticians, the optical shops that integrated vintage , into their dispensary. We haven't even touched equipment and consultants But we did pull together 18 Eyewear Eyecare Entrepreneurs, who are … [Read more...]

Fantastic Phoropter Art For America Recycles Day

Phoropters, you can't live without them and when they are old, what do you do with them? Try to sell? Donate them? Scrap metal? It is very hard to give up an expensive piece of equipment but some have successfully integrated them into art (see Phoropter Art) For America's Recycle Day our latest bit of Upcycling is this visionary piece of … [Read more...]

Signet Armorlite Opens 2nd Kodak Lens Eyecare Center

CARLSBAD, CA (November, 2017) -- Signet Armorlite, Inc. announces the next strategic phase of its US professional services initiative with the launch of the second KODAK Lens| Heitmeier Eyecare location in New Orleans, LA. This KODAK Lens initiative continues to provide independent eyecare professionals (iECPs) that are committed to dispensing … [Read more...]