World Glaucoma Day – March 12

This is serving to remind you about World Glaucoma Day/ Week I went on their website and they had some great information on how to promote World Glaucoma Day in your office. This is a great opportunity to get new patients and as well as get your ''I'm still waiting' patients back in the door. You will find here various ideas for local events, … [Read more...]

Top 11 Ways to Reuse Contact Lens Cases

Thousands of contact lens cases go into landfills every year. In order to keep that non-Biodegradable plastic out of landfills we have come up with a few ways that you can reuse or up-cycle contact lens cases. The best thing you can do is continue to reuse within your patients. Cleaning and sterilizing old contact lens cases is a very, very good … [Read more...]

OptoWest – A Behind the Scene Look at Trade Shows

I was just honored the other day to again be asked to participate in the COA's Education and Professional Practice Committee. Being a participant for the last couple of years, I have developed a new appreciation for the planning of educational trade shows and the volunteer efforts that go into the planning.  Since OptoWest is coming up in April … [Read more...]

Retro Sunglass Ad- Levis 1990

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Yoga For Eyes by Paul McCartney

Yoga Eye Exercises    I saw this and thought what a great opportuniy for the optical professional to offer their patients. Why not offer quick evening classes for staff and patients. It would be a great way to get your patients coming back in the door. Even if you didn't do this, it might help staff productivity by doing a 'quick yoga … [Read more...]

Contact Lens Case Reminds You To Buy New Contacts!

The Countact Lens Case features a simple blacklit LCD display which will show how many days your current set of contacts have been worn. It does require the user to remember to press a ‘counter’ button every time they change their contact lenses, but the lens case will do the rest by not only keep tracking of how long it’s been, but alerting you … [Read more...]

Optical Fun Song of the Day – Blu Blockers

MC Dr. Geek- Rapping about Blu Blockers      Classic commercial for blu blocker sunglasses featuring MC Dr. Geek freestyling about these shades. … [Read more...]

Eco- Friendly Eyewear Store in Singapore

       Nanyang Optical,  Aims to reduce adverse environmental impacts and advocate corporate social responsibility and awareness. They also have the social commitment to work towards a sustainable environment, thus we decided to embark on converting to “GREEN” eyewear shops by launching eco-friendly eyewear made of recycled materials … [Read more...]

Happy Valentines Day- Seniors

We love getting these press releases- because they are great promotional opportunities for you. Today, many senior citizens have had their savings and retirement plans slashed by 50%. Wouldn't it be a great thing for you to call them and tell them about this program- What a great way to develop long term caring patient relations. Eye Care … [Read more...]

Why Optical Consumers Buy Online

After hearing from optical retailers and optical suppliers how much the Internet has effected their business, I thought I would do an article on what motivates the consumer to purchase on line. Should you be offering this services as well?  After reviewing many optical websites- very few offer this service. You can set an appointment, find out … [Read more...]

Vegan Contact Lens Products

  One of the goals of the Optical Vision Site is to not only provide you with ways to increase your business- but to give you some insight into eyecare business trends. Many Eyecare Professionals are losing the contact lens market 'add on's' such as Contact Lens cleaners and other supplies. Those products are readily available in every Big … [Read more...]

Optical Staff Training -How Contact Lenses are Made

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Optical Industry Trends- Sustainability Wins-

  The Tree Hugger in me- is so happy to hear this reports. A.T. Kearney in his latest report announced that Sustainable companies are up by 15% , even in a financial crisis. To read more, please go to Environmental Leader … [Read more...]

Non- Profit- VisionSpring- Eyewear in A Bag Program

      We met a very interesting person Dr. Jordan Kassalow, Co-founder of VisionSpring. Dr. Jordan Kassalow, a practicing optometrist who has dedicated his life to improving vision and economic opportunity in the developing world. Jordan's work as an eye doctor and public health expert has taken him on scores of medical missions to … [Read more...]

Techno Eyewear- The Future

We have been publishing all these really cool sunglasses. I have shown this trendy and techno eyewear friends and family and they love them! Why because they are gadget freaks. It used to be that people talked about just fashion and eyewear. Today, you have more market segments available- 'Techie Wear', 'Green Wear' and of course 'Boring Wear' … [Read more...]