Can’t See The Forest? Too Busy Complaining About The Trees

Our little Cornealia had a grumpy morning. Wait, what exactly does that title mean? Well, here are my observations, dear readers, about your activities and why they are hurting your business. Have you ever belonged to one of these professional groups or ‘forums’ ?  You know the ones, where they boast having X number of members, but in … [Read more...]

Opticians-Can You Band Together Or Are You Doomed To Always Be ‘Second-Rate?

Every day, in my little virtual world, I read about issues that are unique to the optician profession.  Because they work in a quasi-medical/retail environment, opticians are treated differently than optometrists or ophthalmologists.  I’ve even heard a complaint that the ‘optometric technician said these glasses weren’t right’.  Wait, … [Read more...]

Why Warby Parker Will Outsell Your Business, And Why You Can’t Compete With Them

Wow. Bold statement, isn’t it? Yep. And it’s 100% true. Or, at least, for some of you it is true. I sit here, in my virtual avatar world, and watch the moaning of the optical masses in regard to WP and ‘what it’s doing’ to the optical industry.  It puts me in mind of Chicken Little, actually.  ‘The sky is falling’-that Chicken Little.  I was raised … [Read more...]