Excellent Article: Vision, Balance, Falls And Fractures

  My aunt has fallen, my mother has fallen....  The most amazing thing about my neighbors and family Not One has said, I need to get my eyes checked. Not one has said, my doctor told me to get my eyes checked. For National Falls Prevention week and Falls Prevention Day in September,  Ellen Troyer of Biosyntrx wrote an excellent … [Read more...]

Fall Prevention, Eye And Bone Health For National Falls Week

September 22, 2015 is National Falls Prevention Day. We thought we would reprint an excellent article from Ellen Troyer of Biosyntrx about Fall Prevention, Eye and Bone Health. A report from the Washington DC-based Council for Responsible Nutrition suggests that just because National Osteoporosis Month has come to an end doesn’t mean we can … [Read more...]

The Problem With ACA And Eye Health

Ellen Troyer of Biosyntrx, wrote this post and brought up some very valid points and why to bring preventive medicine into your eyecare practice. Definitely something to think about and address in your practice. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) doesn't pay for Medicare and Medicaid routine eye exams for disease prevention but it does cover … [Read more...]

Fall Prevention And EyeCare

Most Seniors I know over 70 years old have fallen. Some have laid there for days, others, like my aunt and my mother didn't tell anyone. Fall Prevention Awareness Day is September 23 2015 and a perfect opportunity to contact your senior citizens and your patients because most likely they have older parents that have fallen to educate them on Fall … [Read more...]

Farmers Market Red & Gold Beet Salad

After attending the annual Colorado Vision Summit in Denver, the Biosyntrx team stopped in Castle Rock, Colorado, at the new VistaVino Modern Grill for drinks and hors d’oeuvres on the way back to Colorado Springs. The restaurant motto, “Good food, nice people,” paired with a delightful Tuscan focus has quickly gained VistaVino a loyal … [Read more...]

A Case For Lifestyle Medicine

I read this interesting article from Ellen Troyer of Biosyntrx and it struck me, that as much as eyecare professionals think of themselves in the medical field, do they really promote Lifestyle Medicine? Is this an area that they and their staff feel versed in? Is this sector of preventive medicine talked about via websites and social media? If … [Read more...]

A Case For Nutraceuticals In Your Eyecare Practice

According to recent information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans, on average, only eat about one serving of fruit and one or two servings of vegetables on a typical day. This is shocking and clearly supports the fact that most Americans are falling short of the recommended intake of many vitamins and … [Read more...]

Potato Latkes With Sour Cream and Red Salmon Caviar

Hannakah is not complete without latkes and they are way too good to only serve during one December holiday.  We prefer the Los Angeles Times classic recipe that serves 10 to 12 for any festive brunch. Ingredients:  6 large baking potatoes, peeled 3 onions 4 eggs, lightly beaten 1/4 cup matzo meal, or flour 2 to 3 tablespoons … [Read more...]

Biosyntrx Talks About The Health Benefits of Turkey

As we go into the holidays, many of you will be eating turkey again. Ellen Troyer, CEO of Biosyntrx, wrote in her Friday Pearl advice the benefits of Turkey and Trytophon. (she wrote this after Thanksgiving, but it's applicable today) It's good to know that eating Turkey is good! For those who are interested in natural and preventative health … [Read more...]

Strawberry and Arugula Salad with Crispy Prosciutto

Spring is here, and soon local farmers' markets will be selling mouthwatering fresh organic strawberries. Recent science suggests that 95 percent of digested mercury sticks to dietary fiber in strawberries and is quickly eliminated from the body. According to a study conducted in the forensic food labs at Natural News, “Strawberries are the … [Read more...]

Eye Eat Healthy: Green Smoothies Instead of Green Beer

Since Green Beer is the rage on St. Patricks, we thought we would give you an alternative eye-healthy choice - a Green Smoothie. Whether you drink this the day of or the day after St. Patricks, you will feel better with this detoxing drink. Drinking this cucumber / celery / spinach green smoothie twice a day for a few days is a great way to … [Read more...]

Wellness Wednesday: Obesity Continues to Be Epidemic

While we are all struggling with the high cost of health insurance, one of the things that is driving up the cost for everyone is obesity. Medical costs for people that are obese are almost $1500 higher than those of normal weight. (Think, immigrants, think medical and other like programs that we tax-payers fund) What is sad, is no-one wants to … [Read more...]

Turkey And L Tryptophan

Ellen Troyer, CEO of Biosyntrx, wrote about the benefits of Turkey and L Trytophon. Turkey contains the essential amino acid, L-tryptophan. It’s a precursor for serotonin, which aids sleep and anxiety and helps in the production of the B vitamin, niacin. Foods that are considered great sources of L- tryptophan are turkey, chicken, dairy … [Read more...]

Eye Like To Eat

Biosyntrx has started a Tasty Tuesday with eye-watering and eye healthy recipes. I have to make this. This is one of their nutrient dense fabulous recipe from the soon-to-be-published Beyond Carrots & Kale culinary guide to optimizing ocular health at any age by one of the esteemed Biosyntrx Scientific Board Members, Sandra Young, OD Roasted … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Eyecare- Lifestyle Medicine

Ellen Troyer of Biostyntrx wrote this excellent article on the growing incidence of self-inflicted disease and the dire need to start treating the cause as well as the symptoms.  The body of scientific evidence is growing that suggests lifestyle intervention is an essential component in the treatment of chronic disease (including eye disease), and … [Read more...]