New Content Guidelines for Your Eyecare Practice

While the one thing that never changes in the world of online marketing is the importance of content (in fact, as the digital marketing world evolves, content just keeps getting more important) what does change is the type and characteristics of the content that works best to get your practice noticed. According to our SEO expert, Nick Lees, … [Read more...]

Importance Of Facebook Business Verification Badges 

Daniel Rostenne of Eye Care Pro has been writing about the business use of Facebook. His latest article is about the Facebook Business Verification Badge and why it is important for eyecare professionals. If you didn't see his article.. it is good information particularly if you are using Facebook to promote your business. Last month, I touched … [Read more...]

How PPC Advertising Can Benefit Your Practice

Google pay-per-click advertising can be one of the most effective forms of local marketing for your eyecare Practice. The basics include writing various ads, specifying who sees those and what keywords trigger those ads, and choosing how much to spend.  Granted, that’s an oversimplification of the process, but here are 5 key benefits to using … [Read more...]

Top Tips To Not Losing Your Domain Name

A critical oversight by one of our clients nearly cost them their website domain. Don’t let this happen to you. Here is the story of what happened and five important lessons your practice can learn from it... This Practice contacted us after as soon as their domain, website and email were all down. After some investigation, our Support Team … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Eyecare Business Listings

Eyecare Pro ran this good article/reminder about Business Listings. That mind numbing chore that it is so easy to forget about. As someone who does a lot of research and uses Manta, City Guides, Merchant Circle and online Yellow Pages, I can't even begin to tell you the importance of making sure your business listing and links are updated on a … [Read more...]

Eyecare Video Marketing: Create a Successful Video/Photo Shoot

Want to make sure your Eyecare Practice looks its best on camera? Well, you should want to, because as we mentioned in our last two digital tips, photos and video marketing are going to attract a lot of attention to your Practice, so you want to “dress to impress” so to say. Looking your best means more than just sharp dress of course. There are … [Read more...]

EyeCare Video Marketing

In digital tip #45, I explained why it’s time to start using video to promote your Practice. Effectively employing video to enhance your eyecare practice marketing requires strategy and planning. While there is no limit to the number of or possibilities for the videos you can create, you want to approach each one with a professional and … [Read more...]

Why it’s Time to Start Using Video to Promote Your Practice 

More and more case studies are showing that video marketing increases consumer reach and engagement by sometimes startling numbers. For example, a startup called Wistia found that emails that included videos had an increase of 300% for click-throughs over their emails without video. Another company, Attivio, found that video increased their users’ … [Read more...]

Improve your Eyecare Practice Site by Analyzing your Average Pages Per Visit

Google Analytics gives you lots of data about your website traffic. One important data point it does provide is "Average Pages Per Visit", which is an indicator of how engaging your website is. Now, let's provide some information about that number. Without question, if that number is too low… below two pages per visit, the chances are that … [Read more...]

Google Traffic Can Speak Volumes About Your Online Strategy

Do you track what percentage of your website traffic comes from Google? More importantly, have you ever considered what valuable insight you can glean from this data? Many eyecare website owners don't realize that the percentage of overall website traffic coming from Google can give you an instantaneous measure of what you are doing right and … [Read more...]

Best Practices For Email Marketing

In our last digital tip we told you that Email Marketing offers the highest return on investment of any digital marketing channel. If you missed it have a look here. Now I am back with more tips on email marketing best practices so you can reap the biggest return from these benefits. Once you have your mailing list set up in an excel … [Read more...]

Why Do I Need a Website Anyway?

Despite some opinions out there that suggest you don’t need a website for your Eyecare Practice, for most ODs, a website is an absolute must. If you don’t have a website because you just haven’t gotten around to it yet, you are showing how out of touch you are with the times. If however, you are thinking that having a presence on other online … [Read more...]

Google Places For Business vs. Google+ Local

As a local business, you know you need Google Local, but the difference between Google Places for Business and Google+ Local can be pretty confusing. First I’ll clarify what distinguishes the two and then I’ll explain why each of them is important to your online strategy. Google Places for Business A Google Places page allows you to provide … [Read more...]

What is Responsive Design? How Does That Effect Me?

A great article from Daniel Rostenne of EyeCare Pro that explains the difference between Responsive Design and Mobile Site.  Eye didn't know this did you? Responsive Design vs. Mobile Site: What Does Google Recommend? The statistics for mobile search just keep climbing. In December 2013, optometry websites saw a rise in mobile traffic … [Read more...]

Love At First Sight: Eyecare Marketing For Valentines Day

Marketing your optometric Practice is a bit like a love affair – in the first stage you have to attract new patients by putting yourself out there and making a good impression. Then, once you’ve established that you are “in a relationship”, you have to maintain the spark to keep them interested to prevent them from falling into the arms of your … [Read more...]