Selling Without Selling

Recently I was asked a very important question while taking care of a long time client of mine. The question proposed to me was, how do I always get them spend so much more than they intended to? This question made me think for a bit. How do you sell without being a salesperson? The reason I felt this was a good question is I honestly don't ever … [Read more...]

How He Did It!

How do you make your clients feel? Do you make them feel special? You have to do this if you want your clients to continue to return to you. People today are bombarded by sales gimmicks and opportunities to save money on a variety of products. Not the least of these is Eyewear. I had a client tell me after paying her copay for her eye exam she … [Read more...]

Clients v.s Patients Is There a Difference?

Recently I was asked what makes me more successful as an Optician. In pondering that question, I believe it comes down to how I treat people. I like to treat people how I want to be treated. When making a purchase or going to my doctors office I want the people serving me to care for my needs. Not simply just filling my order and doing what was … [Read more...]

Loving What You Do: A Message From Jody Shuler

I have been recently asked, why do I choose to educate myself? The best answer I can give is I want simply to know more about the profession I love. Plato is quoted to having said "all learning has an emotional base." I feel that my passion for the optical industry requires me to learn as much as I can about it. I'm 42 years old I have been in the … [Read more...]