Always Be Nice – Opportunity Could Be Knocking

Every once in a while, something happens that presents the perfect topic for a blog. It happened this week. From time to time, I am approached by an eyecare practice to do a little headhunting for them. I recently had a mid-sized, multi-doctor practice ask me to make a connection for them with an optician at a nearby competitor. They had heard … [Read more...]

A Spexy Safety Specs Success Story

It is always nice to tell a safety eyewear success story. Recently a patient came in who had just retired. She was about to fulfill a lifelong dream of working with Habitat for Humanity building houses. Habitat requires that their volunteer workers have safety eyewear and she had quite a high prescription. She was quite unhappy with the idea of … [Read more...]

Is It Hot Enough For You?

No, not global warming – frame warming.  We recently got in an eyeglass frame and with it came this notice: A co-worker posted it next to the frame warmers and that got me to thinking… What the heck is 70-80 C? Is that cool, warm, hot, really hot, blistering scalding screaming hot? Well it turns out that 70-80 C is equal to 158 – 176 … [Read more...]

Dynamic Dispensing: Back To Basics

Having recently re-done my Eyeglass Frame Fit Photo Gallery I was thinking about the importance of frame fit. Sure enough a few weeks go by and in walks a patient with a pair of Silhouettes and says, “I need these tightened up, they keep falling down my nose.” I take one look at them and could tell that they had been bent around the bridge giving … [Read more...]

eye Dispense: Patient Wants Bifocal With No RX??? Whaaaa….

A patient picked up glasses with the following Rx:  -2.50 -1.75 X 3 -2.25 -0.75 X 172 Add = +2.00 He proceeded to tell me how much he disliked progressives and that he could see at near much better without his glasses on. I must confess that I was quite shocked at that statement but let it pass. He then explained that what he really wanted … [Read more...]

Dynamic Dispensing Tips – I Am Human – I Make Mistakes

Just when you think that you have seen it all or heard it all. We close at 5:30. So, you all know the feeling when you have the patient or customer coming through the door at 5:20… This fellow comes in with the pair of glasses he picked up a few days ago and says he has been unable to wear them since he picked them up because, “When he turns … [Read more...]

Dynamic Dispensing Tips From Optician Works

We all know that sinking feeling… the one you get when your patient puts on their new glasses and they make a face, or immediately reject their new Rx. Cathy asked if I would begin a monthly post about tips, ideas and trouble shooting Rx problems and glasses changes. So for the next year I’ll be making a contribution the last Wednesday of every … [Read more...]