Trends You Might Not Be Aware Of-But Need To Know About

As we continue into 2014, we see articles, blog posts, and e-blasts about all the trends that are predicted to happen this year.  Predicted being the operative word.  They are forecasts, based upon, well, sometimes we have no clue where they come from.  And yes, I could discuss online sales getting a bigger market share, but, well, we all know that … [Read more...]

Martin Luther King Day: He Had A Dream

Martin Luther King Day is January 20, 2014. He was born in Atlanta, January 15, 1929  and was killed April 4, 1968) He was a pastor as well as a civil rights activist best known for his role in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Despite the racial violence of the 60's he believed in civil disobedience. Here are some interesting facts … [Read more...]

Layaway For A Bigger Payday In Your Dispensary?

Many retailers, large and small, offer layaway programs, allowing customers to pay for products over time.  While the terms vary from company to company, the premise is still the same:  product is held for the consumer for a set period, while the consumer makes payments toward owning it.  Can you use this same concept in your eyecare office? Yes, … [Read more...]

National Braille Month In January

January is National Braille Literacy Month (not to be confused with National Braille Week-which occurs each year in October).  It is the birth month of Louis Braille, the inventor of the system of raised dots allowing people who are visually challenged to read and write for themselves.  This innovation by Braille-who went blind himself after … [Read more...]

Netflix-Streaming Marketing Opportunities For Fatigued Eyeballs

Ok, here I go again.  What could Netflix possibly have to do with your customers, or their eyes? Netflix recently released its 3rd quarter earnings, which were much higher than analysts anticipated. Ok, great for Netflix, right? Well, yes, but see the possibilities here.  Netflix ended September with 31.1 million U.S. subscribers, eclipsing … [Read more...]

Beam Me Up Doc; The Future of Your Practice Is On Your Wrist

The Future of Your Practice Is In Your Hands..Or On Your Wrist? I’m going to tell you a little story. It’s about the optical and optometric world.  Once upon a time (actually about a decade ago), businesses in our little optical industry were run quite differently than they are today. Paper! Paper was everywhere!  Hunting down charts was a ten … [Read more...]

Don’t Want to “Sell”? Sorry, You Already Do!

The optical industry is such a strange world. We all want and deserve to be perceived as ‘eye care professionals’ who work hard to attain and maintain our licensures and increase our  knowledge. But we also have this funny dichotomy in our industry that no other health care provider really deals with:  we make most of our practice money in a retail … [Read more...]

What is the Internet Telling Your Patients About Contacts?

Recently, I was doing some online research related to a project for a client, and stumbled across a website from the UK. The information this website posted was absolutely terrifying, and made me wonder what else is out there, for public viewing, and how little most of us know about this ‘mis’ information. The site I found is … [Read more...]

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly? GRUMPY

The holidays are here, again. One thing you will discover, no matter if it is in your own office, driving around town, or out running errands of your own and making purchases at other stores…people are GRUMPY.  And it is very easy to fall into this same bah humbug mindset when you are surrounded by bad attitudes. So, while taking care of your own … [Read more...]

Valuable Business Relationships- Your Vendor Reps

One of the most important aspects of succeeding in the optical world is establishing a positive relationship with your vendor representatives.  Understand Your Reps’ Perspective When I consult in the optical world, I notice that there is a huge misconception regarding the position of being a vendor rep, so a little explanation is needed. … [Read more...]

Calling All Optical Reps-This Site Is For You!

Eye is an innovative concept in optical rep recruitment, completely confidential and free to use. Bruce Solomon, CEO of Management Recruiters of Menlo Park, CA, a venerated optical industry veteran, has conceived this entirely new opportunity for independent reps to discover new and exciting lines, all completely confidentially. How … [Read more...]

Are You Biased? (Part 2)

In my time as a consultant, I have had the opportunity to visit many dispensaries, observing how these opticals are managed and run.  One of the biggest issues I find in the dispensary is what I have termed “optician bias”.  This encompasses two different realms of concern: The act of buying frames, and the pre-judgment of potential customers.  In … [Read more...]

Are You Biased?

I have visited literally dozens of opticals in the last several years. One of the biggest issues  I find in the dispensary is what I have termed “optician bias”.  This encompasses two different realms of concern: The act of buying frames, and the pre-judgment of potential customers. This article will focus on the first, and the second side of this … [Read more...]

Put On Your “Big Boy” Pants And Deal!

It seems like every optical blog, forum, and Facebook group has something to say about online sales of eyewear. Whether it’s complaining about the discounted pricing online, or the "Big Boy" manufacturers’ ownership of online direct-to-consumer sites, everyone has an opinion about how bad this new medium is for optical product sales in our … [Read more...]