Using Color In Eyecare Marketing

One of the most difficult things to do is choose color. While you can use personal preferences, there is a color psychology involved and it behooves an eyecare professional to pay attention. Shamir wrote an interesting post on the use of Color in marketing. You’re accustomed to thinking about color in terms of store décor and product design, … [Read more...]

How to Reward Employees When Cash is Tight

The end of the year is in sight, employees may be expecting a bonus for all their hard work.But it may be hard to do for employers when times are tough. We are in an economic squeeze so for many optical businesses it is harder to give out employee bonuses. However,this is not the time to stop recognition and rewards programs. When times are hard … [Read more...]

Two Striking Shark Eyeglasses For Shark Week

For the last three years we along with the Discovery Channel celebrate one of the worlds oldest animals the Shark with Shark Week. To launch our first day of Shark Week we found two absolutely incredible rimless Shark eyeglasses. Both have the Jaws teeth feature along with the fin. The first is from Toms Designs  out of Germany. His design is … [Read more...]

Designer Handbag or Computer Eyewear Upgrade, Charlotte’s Choice

Many have questioned whether or not Digital Eye Strain is truly an eye health issue. Does Blue Light really impact health? Are computer lenses really that important? Shirley's niece Charlotte, who works on a computer all day  has a story to tell about how lenses saved her. This is Charlotte's personal experience and a great example of how … [Read more...]

Positive Impact VS Sustainability

I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Tanzania. Thanks to my husband Ron in giving up 90% of his luggage allowance we were able to take sunglasses, readers and baby clothes with us. Here we are at Little Olivers with Asilia's Positive Impact coordinator for distribution to remote villages. Positive Impact VS Sustainability: Most … [Read more...]

PFO Global launches the Website and Program

PFO Global is announcing the launch of two new websites and a new associated program to reseed clientele lost through online internet eyewear sales back through Eye Care Professional (ECP) practices; so as to regrow the ECP’s patient portfolio while utilizing the professional care necessary for dispensing eyeglasses. The program and B2C … [Read more...]

We Live in a Beautiful World

I am feeling very colorful and “unique” wearing my new Kodak Unique HD Progressive Lenses made by Signetek. They have greater color contrast for a more dynamic viewing experience. I really like the market positioning that Signet Armorlite has taken with the Kodak Lens brand as color is such a key part of our visual experience, “we live in a … [Read more...]

Visions of Africa

I was lucky enough to go on an African Safari in 2011 and loved it so much I am going back this August. I am taking extra supplies with me this time, courtesy of Wiley X, Ron's Optical and Hilco. Each company has donated eyewear for distribution to people in Tanzania. This African nation consists of over 45 million people from at least 120 … [Read more...]

Engaging Eyecare Events: Cause Related Events

Early this year, my sister Hazel Platzer who is a hospice nurse, told me she was raising funds for her hospice via an organized trek in the Grand Canyon next spring.  She said that reaction to her asking for donations was not very positive and some people felt that they might be funding "a holiday" for her and it was all very uncomfortable. I … [Read more...]

I Love the Caribbean – They Love FastGrind

I love the Caribbean and have taken many vacations there over my adult life time, visiting a lot of different islands. Antigua was my first and when I fell instantly in love with the region. I probably fell in love because my first visit was during a rainy cold winter from native England. But it wasn’t just the sparkling blue sea and sunshine it … [Read more...]

In Memory Duane C. Reese – Optical Services International

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post as I lost a good optical industry friend and mentor on Friday. Duane C. Reese, 89, of Duluth, Georgia, passed away January 30th at his home after an extended illness. “Duane Reese was from Mansfield, Ohio. He was a veteran of WW II and devoted his entire working career to the ophthalmic eyewear … [Read more...]

Eye Don’t Assume Eye Know What You Want

It is so easy to make assumptions about peoples' likes and dislikes as far as eyewear is concerned, especially if we have experience of working with them before! I learned a lesson recently not to make assumptions. My young niece Taylour comes to me for eyewear advice and is a proficient user of The Optical Vision Site. She had been on the site … [Read more...]

What Drives You Crazy At Work?

I would say my number one beef would be too many meetings! I hate meetings especially when they run too long. Then I would say people in meetings who leave their audible alerts on on smart phones, all that pinging and buzzing very distracting. Actually, this drives me crazy in social situations as well, when certain friends visit my house I am … [Read more...]

New Tax Rules – Small Employer Deductible Limit Repeal

Are you a small business optical employer? If so you might be interested to know about the: Small Employer Deductible Limit Repeal The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) initially limited deductibles to $2,000 for self-only coverage and $4,000 for family coverage for health plans offered in the small group market (50 or fewer … [Read more...]

Google Glass Now Banned In Casinos

Looks like it’s bad news for fans of Googles innovative Google Glass headset. Several Casinos have now begun to regularly ban gamblers from wearing the headset whilst inside the building. Their concerns are that gamblers will be using the headset to alter their game. The tiny head mounted eye-glass device is capable of taking photos, recording … [Read more...]