$50 Helpful Comments Winner

Thank you to the forty or so people that took the time to make comments about the Optical Vision Site blog. We will be sending out a gift voucher to everyone that made valid comments and $50 to our winner.

We said we were looking for great ideas and we really like what  Eric Geiger of Styleyes had to say: “I own a retail optical shop in Sacramento – we have been open for 10 years, have no doctor on site and don’t deal with much insurance. Something that I have been searching for for quite some time is a comparison of retail lens prices. I have all of my lenses both sv and pals bundled so that everything that leaves our office has an AR coating on it. With all of the various levels of AR available (we use only 2 year) it’s hard to figure the pricing strategy in comparison to other retail stores and Dr offices. It would be great if there was some way to see what people are being charged for various products and hear what other ecp’s think of the various products available (Essilor AR vs zeiss or zeiss pals vs Hoya vs Essilor)”

We particularly like that every lens that leaves a Styleyes office has anti-reflective coating, as we would like to see this as an industry standard. It is a lot easier for the optical consumer to have prices bundled so that the important upgrades are included. This is a subject we will explore and look for ways to bring our readers more information on how to figure out pricing strategies in comparison to other optical retailers, especially the chains. Congratulations Eric, you are our $50 helpful comments winner!

Many of you are asking to see more interviews and success stories from other independents. We will be doing 1 or 2 interviews with successful optical retailers every month from now on based on this feedback.

Other common themes were:

  • keep the opti-fun and light hearted posts going
  • how to compete with online providers
  • new trends, new styles, what’s new from around the world….
  • lens and lens coating technology
  • lens and package pricing
  • marketing, advertising and merchandising
  • contact lens information
  • low vision
  • social media
  • customer service, dealing with difficult patients

We will be making sure we do more posts on these subjects so thanks again to everyone for their comments and feedback, we can’t do this blog without you and with your help we can do a better job!


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