Interview with Anh Nguyen, O.D. – FirstSight Vision Services, Inc.

This is my third interview with a FirstSight Vision Services OD but I specifically wanted to talk to Dr. Nguyen as she is also the Director of Quality Assurance for FirstSightVision Services, Inc. and I know many of our readers are interested about this aspect of the business.

Anh Nguyen, O.D.

Dr. Nguyen graduated from SCCO in 2003 and went to work as an O.D. in the private practice area filling in as needed for different practices. She told me that as private practice was emphasized in Optometry School, this was her first choice rather than going to work for a chain. However, as she needed more work the chain route became a necessary option and she became an on call OD for a year at various corporate chains and often worked 6 long full days a week, sometimes 14 days straight!

Dr. Nguyen said she did not even know that Walmart stores offered eye exams and services. But then she went to work for an OD that had a Walmart practice, at first with some skepticism but she was pleasantly surprised by what she found. I asked Dr Nguyen what she meant by this and she says:

“I saw that all the FirstSight Vision doctors were subject to a Credential policy and a general Quality Assurance program with high standards that had to be met. This is what motivated me to work for FirstSight Vision Services full time.”

FirstSight Vision Services:

I followed up with some more questions about FirstSight Vision Services as follows:

Q. How long have you been responsible for the company’s Quality Assurance?

A. Since 2005 but for  the majority of my week I still see patients.

Q. What is required as far as QA by FirstSight Vision Services’ ODs”

A. Here are some examples:

  • Deliver to the highest standards or above
  • Lead with Quality, this is the most important aspect of patient care
  • Provide a comprehensive eye exam e.g. including dilation as indicated
  • Be accessible to all demographic groups which can  mean making eye exam services available 7 days a week and during extended hours at certain locations
  • All FirstSight Vision Services’ OD’s are held accountable via tracking and patient surveys. FirstSight Vision Services will work with the provider to reach quality goals if they are not being met.

Q. How do other FirstSight Vision Services’ OD’s have input to QA?

A. We have an OD panel of approximately 130 optometrists and some of these are on the quality review committee which meets quarterly for input, developing new procedures etc., so we are always updating and changing for improvement purposes. We also encourage feedback from our doctors at our semi-annual doctor meetings.

Q. What do you see as the biggest QA challenges?

A. Making sure we are all on the same page as far as providing patient care and continually improving our program to enhance optical patient care.

Q. How do you deal with optical patient complaints especially when eyewear is involved?

A. We always give optical patients the opportunity to be reexamined and their eyewear rechecked at no charge. Assuming the glasses were provided by Walmart, the retail side will remake the glasses if needed and the issue will be resolved. Both sides work together to take care of the patient.

Dr Anh Nguyen:

I cajoled Dr Nguyen her into telling me little bit more about herself! By the way Nguyen is pronounced “nwin” I think! She was born in Vietnam and came here with her parents when she was a very young child. Dr Nguyen is a working mom with two children, 2 ½ and 1 ½ so I expect coming to work is a relief at times! She loves patients and would never give that part of her job up. She says the best part of her job is seeing patients get the eyecare they need.

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  1. Cougar Girl says:

    I have heard that Walmart Eye exams are more thorough than many would expect. Interesting article. Would like to hear about the retail side though!

  2. I’ve always found the quality of service from Walmart docs to be excellent.