Swapping And Bartering For Eyecare Services

Image: Creative Commons Wikipedia

Image: Creative Commons Wikipedia

Swapping and or bartering has been around for centuries. Bartering is trading one valued service(s) or product(s) for another. Simply put bartering is buying or paying for goods or services using something other than money. Swapping and bartering is a huge trend, there are Food Swaps, Beer Swaps, Brides are swapping for dream weddings, House Swaps, Clothing Swaps, Hair Swaps and Art Swaps.. Almost anything anymore can be swapped or bartered.

You probably have patients that offer services that you could use in exchange for eye exams- Expenses such as uniforms, office cleaning, garden or lawn work, receptionist, insurance billing, website development, social media marketing, window washing or even filing can be great bartering tools.

Since eyecare professionals have many products or services to barter, it might make sense to consider bartering instead of cash. It won’t “cost” you anything except your time or the wholesale cost of the product.

Bartering Pros

  • It may not put cash in your pocket, but it could save money.
  • Increased profitability, improve cash flow. No cash outlay.
  • Can gain gain new patients.
  • Can use for employee benefits, awards and incentives
  • Move excess stock
  • Keep Patients by trading out services.

Bartering Cons 



  • Cash flow- you need cash to pay your bills. Over-bartering does not pay all the bills.
  • Equal Trade: How to judge the $$ amount of the barter? Wholesale or retail pricing? Time involved.
  • May not like the work. Window washing is pretty easy, but what if you traded for filing or data input?
  • Taxes- you should check with your taxman before you do anything.
  • Negotiation and contracts could be bad will instead of goodwill.

Barter Sites

  1. U- Exchange
  2. Craigslist-
  3. All Free Lance Work
  4. IMS International
  5. Trade a Favor (on Facebook)
  6. My Trade America
  7. Barter Quest
  8. The Barter Group

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