35 Ways To Use And Reuse Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Dan Feldman of DBA Designs just sent us a sample of his micro-fiber cleaning cloths he made up. It served to remind us the importance and value of large, good quality and branded cloths as an excellent marketing tool. Years ago, we did a post on Take 5. Take 5 is trying to add $5.00 to each sale. A very easy way to add on to the sale is to sell … [Read more...]

Eyecare Events: Fundraising for World Giraffe Day

Who does not like Giraffes? These exceeding tall, long necked and mellow animals actually have a special day just for them. World Giraffe Day is June 21st of every year. Sadly do to a variety of reasons, lack of habitat, poachers and more there are only about 100,000 Giraffes left in the wild. When I saw these Giraffe OptiPets, I thought, you … [Read more...]

Must Have: Schiaparelli Emotion Pins

I know many of you are sick and tired of all the eyeball and eyeglass goodies that we are constantly seeing on Facebook and Pinterest. Until now: From Maison Schiaparelli these “Rainbow of Emotions” brooches, are stunning and I have never seen anything like them. And quite honesty would expect nothing less from one of my favorite designers of both … [Read more...]

Sunsational Sunglass Decor

We all see many eyecare themed T'shirts, socks, shoes, baby clothes, purses.. yada, yada. While cute and fun to wear and share, after awhile they all look alike. (No offense) Until now.. bright, colorful optical accessories company  DeLaurentis  has brought new vision to optical furnishings. DeLaurentis creates unique accessories such as cases, … [Read more...]

Shark Tank Update With Nerdwax

What happens to people on Shark Tank? Don Hejny  (Season 7) speaks about how he started NerdWax. He reviews his job (s) waxes eloquently about being on Shark Tank and how to prepare for it. This a a long video, but interesting. … [Read more...]

How To Find Dory

Poor Dory has memory problems and can't remember anything except she has lost her parents. With friends Nemo and Marlin she embarks on a search to find her parents. There is no doubt that this is already a summer hit and will spark a Dory Feeding Frenzy.. and found the perfect product that you can offer your patients in their search for Dory … [Read more...]

Who Are The Eye Nerds?

We have all seen them on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest... all the eyeglass dresses, the onesie sunnies, the mugs, the purses all with either eye charts, sunglasses, eyeglasses. Instead of running around, go to Eye Nerds, a new website that has pulled all the Optical Products into one website. For the home, clothing, kids, accessories. This … [Read more...]

33 Shades Of MicroFiber Cloths

One of the easiest way to increase the average transaction is to sell Micro Fiber Cleaning cloths, which are NOT just for cleaning eyewear and sunwear. Microfiber cleaning cloths have a huge amount of benefits, that you can pass on to your customers. The best part.. is even if they get worn out. .you can always reuse them. 30 Benefits Of Micro … [Read more...]

Clearvision Launches Breast Cancer Research Eyewear

Eyewear industry leader ClearVision Optical introduces Ellen Tracy readers, a limited edition collection of four ready readers designed to benefit breast cancer research. Over the past several years, ClearVision has raised well over $400,000 in support of breast cancer research. Passionate about raising awareness for this cause, ClearVision … [Read more...]

To Do: ‘Eye Love To Travel’ In A Box Program

We are coming into vacation season and this is the time to put together 'Travel In A Box' display for your patients. Set up your Store Within a Store, with pictures of destinations, suggestions on what to pack. Eye Bogglers American Express Travel said that based on the average seven-day trip (for international travel), a 2015 vacation is … [Read more...]

Should You Offer EyeLash Enhancers?

As eyecare professionals are reaching out to find new markets I thought this was interesting and might be something to consider offering your patients. SAINT LOUIS, MO (January, 2015) - MediNiche, Inc., a healthcare products company and makers of OcuDerma®, the #1 optometrist recommended skincare product for the areas around the eyes, announces … [Read more...]

Marketing For National Disaster Prepardness Month

While September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, you can sell Personalized Disaster or Emergency Kits all year long, with a focus in the winter months. Making your survival 'kits' are great for FSA plans, stocking stuffers and gifts. Small sets can go in cars, purses and backpacks, Set up your 'store within a store' concept with eyeglass … [Read more...]

It’s Not Just A Chick Thing

I started blogging 5 years ago- and when you blog.... you are usually at home and the computer does not care what you look like.  Like most tele-commuters or home office people, you may get pretty lazy about your appearance..You can go several more weeks longer without the hair cut, the manicures go out the door, no makeup.. sloppy clothes.. Until … [Read more...]

Super Clean Stocking Stuffers

Its that time again, to offer your patients opportunities for one stop shopping at your office. Today the amount of tips and gifts you are supposed to give out… It's overwhelming. Do you know, you are supposed to tip or gift your mailman, teachers, hairdressers, the soccer coach, colleagues, add in a few parties, family, friends…. Display in … [Read more...]

Seeing Clearly Stocking Stuffers

One of the best, handiest stocking stuffers for anyone are magnifiers. They are perfect for crafters, anyone doing close up work, people like my 85 year old aunt when she is trying to read the phone book. Almost anyone can use magnifiers in multiple uses. Magnifiers come in many different formats, any of which I would take myself. The best part … [Read more...]