Infographic; Types Of Binoculars

I thought this was an interesting infographic on binoculars. Never thought much about the types, only if they were good or back, cheap or expensive. … [Read more...]

Eyewear Trends 2014: The Sunglass Clip On

At first, when I was looking at sunwear on the runway for Spring Summer 2014, couldn't quite get what they were doing. Was this a clip on? Is this just a metal top bar? Is this a dual eyewear shape?  Are these clip-ons? On taking a closer look, sunglass clip ons are definitely on the runway scene. There are several different concept looks: … [Read more...]

Time For A Change: 4 Eyeball Watches We Love

November 3, 2013 is the end of Daylight Savings Time in most states. Celebrating the end of Daylight Savings Time and Setting back our clocks, here are 4 Eyeball watches we love.         … [Read more...]

5 ways Lens Care Towelettes Can Add Profit

1. Household soap and cleaners can cost thousands in remakes. Today, home cleaning formulas often contain harsh chemicals that can damage lenses and coatings. If you don’t provide a safe alternative to dish soap or window cleaner, clothing or household towels, you’re likely to face remakes that could have been prevented. The industry remake … [Read more...]

Back to School Savings: BOGO 50% off Little Eyes Collection

From Nanofilm, a special Back To School Savings event. The display is so cute and perfect for setting up a Back To School area. … [Read more...]

Clip-ons – So Much More Than Sunglasses

Is it better to sell a second pair of eyewear or a clip-on? Why not both as there are so many multiple uses, clip-ons give optical consumers more options and can enhance their eyewear experience and vision. Sunglass Clip-ons for prescription eyewear have been available for a long time now but the technology has improved a lot over the last few … [Read more...]

Smiling With Stormin Norman Optical Supplies

There was a time, when I was a rep in the field, I would walk in an office and the staff were laughing.. What did I miss? The infamous Stormin Norman. Now I have never met him but I have met his son, Jared, with his 2 brothers who has taken over the reins of the Stormin Norman Empire, just in time for their 25th year celebration. We love family … [Read more...]

Thank Your Patients With KleerSpex Eco Friendly Lens Cleaner

With consumers asking for more sustainable products and looking for local resources, Eco Friendly Kleerspex has taken up the challenge and has expanded their Made In USA, biodegradable lens cleaner to incorporate an even more sustainable design. Listen to this: NEW! Packaging is made from recycled material - FSC certified Paper and using wind … [Read more...]

Mini Monday: Sabine Timm Miniature World

Are these not the cutest things? Sabine Timm a Dussel based artist created a tiny little world. Some of this looks like found objects (great reuse), You definitely need some special glasses to put these together. For that we recommend Craftoptics  distributed by Modern Optical.     … [Read more...]

Does Passion Fog Up Optical Lenses?

Valentine Day is almost here and if memory serves me correct (HaHa) there will be a lot of fogged up lenses over the next couple of weeks. We are not....NOT..  talking winter snows although lenses have been known to fog up with a touch of cabin fever. Fogged up lenses can occur at work and sports.. it also happens in the heat of passion.. your … [Read more...]

Exciting Eye Chart Fashion Accessories

Eye Charts are a hot decor item right now, so it stands to reason Eye Chart Accessories go right along with it. Perfect gifts for friends, family and co-workers. Eye Chart Sandals Artsmith, Inc. Women's Flip Flops (Sandals) Optometrist Opthamologist Eye Chart Eye Chart- Key Chain- Florene Humor - Eye Chart - Key Chains Dog … [Read more...]

Mini Monday- Jim Doran Art

Things we need special eyewear for: I am constantly amazed at artists, who take everyday objects and turn them into art. Jim Doran's reuse of tins into mini container art is eye-mazing. So don't forget to ask your patients what hobbies they have.  To create art like this, I bet he is using telescopic eyewear by Craftoptics.   … [Read more...]

11 Delightful D-eye-Y Eyeglass Holders

Last May, we did a post on 8 Cool Eyeglass Racks.. and we found more! For all of us eyewear hoarders, the biggest problem we have is how to store our glasses and for some of our favorites, how to display them as attractively, so others can appreciate. We found some great DIY (Do It Yourself) eyeglass racks that you can use at home or the office.  I … [Read more...]

Endearing Eye Chart T-Shirts

When I first saw these Eye Chart T-shirts, I thought who would wear them? After thinking about it, they would be great to wear on Casual Fridays, great for displays in the office, a fun monthly raffle contest, a special birthday present to loyal patients and a good gift to that person in the office who has everything else but an eye-chart … [Read more...]

Ocular Optical Gifts

One of the hardest things about the holidays, is the whole gift thing, do you gift, how much to spend, and what do you give? Some offices pull names out of a hat, others do the mystery gift thing and others just say no. What do you give your favorite referrals, friends, co-workers? Our pics Eye Doctor Wine Bottle Holder (From Amazon) Eye Doctor … [Read more...]