8 Reasons To Personalize Accessories

The topic came up on whether or not should you personalize accessories- I was quite frankly surprised at the amount of eyecare professsionals that don't put their name, address and phone number on every single item they could. Why wouldn't you? In todays world, it is all about the brand, you, your logo, your QR code, your website, Facebook, … [Read more...]

How Do You Sell Sun Readers? Make a Comment and Win 

It's summer Sunny time! We wanna KNOW how and why do you sell Sun Readers and Sun Bifocals. Tell us why your patients buy them and for what activity.. We Wanna Know! Just click on the comment box below, share your shady thoughts and you might become a winner of Ron's Optical new Sun Readers.. The Prizes are: 1st Prize is 12 Assorted … [Read more...]

Cleaning Eyeglasses – Please No Spitting!

Thank you to all of those that entered our "Eyehow – Win a $50 Spa Certificate – How do you Cleanse and Renew?" promotion sponsored by Nanofilm Ultra Clarity. We had some interesting entries I have to say, some funny, many very informative as well as some really scary ones. Many eyecare professionals are recommending using Windex, paper products … [Read more...]

Six Spexy Sunglass Beach Towels

It's Almost summer and what a great way to promote Sunglasses with your own Spexy Sunglass Beach Towel. Have a raffle in the office, use for displays, give away as a 2nd pair gift.. 1.) From Pick Your Own Shoes  2.) I hate to say this as a anti-Target person, but these sunglass beach towels are quite cute 3.) Personalize Sunglass … [Read more...]

Eyehow – Win a $50 Spa Certificate – How do you Cleanse and Renew?

Eyeglass Lenses that is! So much has been written about taking care of eyeglass lenses the wrong way but not a lot changes. Why? Because many optical consumers do not know any better as we don’t educate them enough. Therefore, we would love to hear from you about how you educate consumers on the proper care and cleansing of their eyeglass … [Read more...]

Sustainable Lens Cleaners: KleerSpex

One of the things we always get asked for by both consumers and eyecare professionals are: 1.) Eyecare Products made in the USA. 2.) Biodegradable products are products which have a low impact on the environment. 3.) Recycleable packaging. A fairly new company to the US is Kleerspex meets all of the above: Their products are not only … [Read more...]

Reuse Eyewear- Make A Bow Spec Tie

Remember back in the days, when us women power dresses, wearing huge shoulder pads and little ties, so manly of us and where did it get us? I am liking this concept better, is Bow Spec Ties for both men or women. These sample are not reused, but I am sure you have a bunch of frame fronts laying around, why not clean them up, and stick some pins … [Read more...]

Great Green Good Luck Charms From Rons Optical

We don't want to forget good luck charms in our search for the Pot of Gold. Our Trivia of the day for you. Good Luck charms have been around since the garden of Eden.  It is said that when God put Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, Eve picked a four-leaf clover.  She took it with them to help her remember the good times in the Garden of Eden … [Read more...]

eyeHow – Marketing Optical Lens Care and Eye Safety

  Nanofilm has been a sponsor of The Optical Vision Site for a while, and we have enjoyed exchanging information with them, especially as Nanofilm now has a blog  with some interesting articles about safety and the importance of clear lenses. So we thought it was about time we got to know the Director of Marketing, Jodi Groh, a little … [Read more...]

Modern Optical One For One Give Back Reader Program

Roselle, IL – In recognition of the rising demand for readers and the launch of their proprietary Readerwear Collection, Modern Optical International has designated February as Reader Month To celebrate the debut of this new line, Modern Optical is offering special introductory pricing in February.  Customers can buy 6 assorted Styles at a … [Read more...]

Super Stocking Stuffer: Necklace + Magnifier + Badge Holder

Another couple of great stocking stuffers for all ages, First  the combo of a fashion necklace, hiding a magnifier. Then the all important fashionable badge holder. From Rons Optical. Wear them, drape them, attach them, make as part of an eyewear packaging program.... Have a little fun! … [Read more...]

Super Stocking Stuffers- Lens Cleaners

Just love the fact that both Hilco and Nanofilm have packaged nice little stocking stuffers.Perfect gifts, display with some styrofoam 'snow' and a few pair of matching eyeglasses.   … [Read more...]

Super Stocking Stuffers- All In One Eyeglass Case + Contact Lens

Isn't this a great idea? Why carry 3 different things to hold your eye stuff? Look at this from Astucci Cases, Dual functionality, holds both eyeglasses and contact lenses, plus the tweezers. How great is that!     … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses Top Lost Property Claims- Opps for Opts

'AA Insurance has revealed the personal items we lose most often. According to claims data between June 2010 and May 2011, eyewear (spectacles and sunglasses) accounted for 30 percent of accidental loss claims, followed by jewellery, hearing aids and mobile phones. AA Insurance estimates that accidental loss of personal items costs the New … [Read more...]

Miniature Monday- Things You Need Telescopic Eyewear To See

Can you believe these? A Miniature World in a tiny bottle. I bet Japanese artist Akinobu uses Craftoptics to cut out the paper images. CraftOptics is Distributed by Modern Optical … [Read more...]