Made in the USA- OptaCaddy

Being the eyeglass person I am, with glasses strewn all over the place- This is a handy optical accessory that every person who wears glasses should have! Plus you can support the US economy as it is made in the USA! Optacaddy is made from acrylic, water and tip resistant! The best part, it fits all my larger sunglasses!  Why you should … [Read more...]

Has Anyone Seen My Glasses?

Thank you Denise Solay for submitting this great piece and reminder to the optical professional- Don't forget the eyeglass holders, lanyards, chains, cords and all the accessories that go with the eyeglass and contact lens sale.  A plea uttered about as frequently as “Where are my keys?” You know you just had them. You know they can’t be … [Read more...]

Reycled Eyeglass Holders From Old Pots

Denise Solay Recycles Old, Aluminum Pots into Beautiful Eyewear Jewelry We asked Denise Solay if she had any of her Eyeglass Jewelry made with recycled materials. Not only was that a resounding yes, she also provided us with a delicious recipe- for Chicken the Portuguese Way (from Mozambique. Here is her story: 'When I bought these beads … [Read more...]

Breaking News-Denise Solay Designs as Sponsor

Eyewear Jewelry-Great Concept-Beautiful Designs-Potential Profits  Denise Solay Designs signs as a sponsor! When Denise contacted us about sponsorship, we spent about 45 minutes drooling over her eyewear jewelry! It is gorgeous and fabulous!  Denise Solay has been a dancer, actress and travel photographer- giving her a great background in … [Read more...]

EyeGlass Visors- Great for Profit and Eye Health

Visini- The Totally Strapless Sun Visor.  I hate those clamp visors, they give me a headache- Shirley loves them. Here is a great alternative- no more marks on the head, no more headaches- and portable enough to keep in the purse, the car, the golf bag, the beach bag. This is a great idea- and one you can sell with your patient's eye health in … [Read more...]

Doggie Sunglasses and The Optical Professional

Shirley did this great post on Taking Care of your Health and Doggie Sunglasses. - Started thinking about my friend Stephanie, in a visit to her OD would have bought a pair for her dog. In fact most of the dog owners I know would buy a pair, I would have bought a pair for my neighbors dog. Started thinking- could this be a fun little impulse buy … [Read more...]