Signet Armorlite Partners with C&E Vision Buying Group

CARLSBAD, CA (May 19, 2017) – Signet Armorlite has signed a vendor agreement with C&E Vision Buying Group. This partnership will provide C&E Vision members the benefits of the Kodak brand name with a high-quality lens portfolio. C&E Vision was founded in 1983 to provide Independent Eyecare Professionals (IEPs) the buying power to … [Read more...]

12 Lessons We Learned From Warby Parker

I think the best thing about the Luxottica- Essilor deal is just maybe we can get over the Warby Parker Stories. I think that Warby Parker in general has been good for the optical industry.  (Shoot me now!) When they started in 2010 they were disruptors and because of them and other disruptors, eyecare professionals had to change. That is not a bad … [Read more...]

New Years Resolution: No Returns, No Exchanges

One area of inventory management that we challenge eyecare professionals to do in 2017 is to eliminate returning and exchanging eyewear. Unfortunately the advantage of Being Able to Return Product costs everyone. Suppliers, eyecare offices and even the consumer. It is an inefficient way to do business, because the buyer is not accountable to … [Read more...]

Crowd-Sourced Eyewear Statistics For 2016

Last year we ran the first Crowdsourced Eyecare-Eyewear statistics. Does Crowd-sourcing work? In our opinion it can work, but it takes a lot of work to make it happen. You have to be on it all the time, constant updates on all Social Media, press releases, begging your friends and pushing, pushing and pushing to get funding. The hardest part is … [Read more...]

HOYA Acquires 3M Safety Prescription Business

Acquisition provides HOYA Vision Care access to an important new market Uithoorn, The Netherlands, December 6, 2016 – HOYA Vision Care, a division of HOYA Group (HOYA) today announced a definitive agreement to acquire the safety prescription eyewear business of 3M. This safety prescription eyewear business is an industry leader with over 90 … [Read more...]

Freebie Friday: Marketing Plan for 2017

Eyecare Pros is offering Free Downloadable marketing plan. 'Every year you say it, but this year you do it.  Create a plan that will take you to bigger and better results in 2017.  Why is this year different from every other year?  EyeCarePro! We have developed a robust (and yet simple) one page marketing plan that is sure to grow your business and … [Read more...]

The Vision Council Announces Ashley Mills as new CEO

Alexandria, VA (October 18, 2016) – The Vision Council is pleased to announce Ashley Mills as the new CEO following the retirement of industry veteran Mike Daley, previously announced in June. Ashley brings over 20 years of progressive trade association management, marketing and leadership experience to the position. Ashley joined The Vision … [Read more...]

Middle East US $2.6 Billion Optical Industry Forecast

Just in case you have a hankering to go to Dubai, why not take a trip and visit their Optical Trade Show. The growing and increasingly ageing population of the Middle East is contributing to the anticipated growth forecast of the region’s US$2.67 billion optical market, as demand for contact lenses and spectacles in particular rises among older … [Read more...]

How To Find The Truth in Journalism

With the election coming up and getting heated, we thought we would pass on some 'Truth' sites in which you can look up whether it is fact or fiction. We found seven Fact and Truth checking sites. 1.) by University of Pennsylvania, national scope and analysis claims made by politicitians and newsmakers . They also monitor the … [Read more...]

Eyecare Innovation Fund Launched

ORLANDO, FL, 2016 – Three Eyecare Industry veterans announced the launching of a venture fund targeting early to mid-stage investments in eye care services and technologies. The Eyecare Innovation Fund I, LP (the “EyeFund” or “Fund”) will connect select investors with unique access to emerging eye care technologies while delivering a unique … [Read more...]

Are You An Entrepreneur? Should You Own Your Own Business?

It is the American Dream to own your own home and have your own business. As much of a dream that is, it is not for everyone. Owning something, especially something big or expensive requires a lot of work and responsibility. Many people are just not cut out for that. Over the last couple of months, several people I know have opened their own … [Read more...]

Which Is Most Important: The Rep, The Product or Customer Service?

There was quite a discussion going on on one of the forums. The question was posed 'What came first the Rep or The Product or Customer Service? You have probably all faced this at one time, love the rep, product sucks, great product, poor representation and so- so customer service. It can be a challenge to get all three. Putting in an eyewear … [Read more...]

Why Eyecare Professional Should A Public Benefit Corporation

We received this email from Kickstarter who just became a Public Benefit Corporation. I had never heard of this before.. .could something like this be of benefit to eyecare professionals? This is what the letter said: .... Until recently, the idea of a for-profit company pursuing social good at the expense of shareholder value had no clear … [Read more...]

The Vision Council Announces New Young Leaders Initiative

Alexandria, VA (October 1, 2015) - The Vision Council has announced a new Young Leaders initiative – launching at its annual Executive Summit – to identify and develop the next generation of optical industry leaders. The program hopes to give exposure to young leaders within the optical industry, aiming to excite and motivate greater engagement in … [Read more...]

How Many Optical Apps Are There?

The good news and the bad news about Apps. A few years ago we posted a list of eyewear and optical apps. There were about 100. They ranged under various categories from Medical to Entertainment. Guess what, many of those apps that were listed a few years ago are gone.. but for every gone App, hundreds have replaced them. What we do know, as … [Read more...]