Who Is The Millionaire Next Door?

I remember years ago, my cousin wanted to set me up with this guy who drove a Camaro (that's dating me!) The reason why I didn't go out with the guy- his money was tied up in a car- and the car does not make the man. As you know, many People are caught up in the trappings of wealth, designer clothes, cars, big houses and other material goods. … [Read more...]

Great Experience From TSA?  

"The extra energy required to make another effort or try another approach is the secret of winning." - Denis Waitley Last Friday I was in line for security at Logan airport. I noticed that there was only one agent checking IDs, so I figured this was going to be a long and painful process. Much to my surprise the line not only went quickly, but … [Read more...]

When Competent Isn’t Good Enough

What level of service do you expect when you drive through McDonalds versus sitting down at a The Palm? Or when you shop Wal-Mart instead of Nordstrom? When you purchase a Kia opposed to a Mercedes Benz? When you purchase something for $10 you can find elsewhere for $100, you really don’t expect much. On the other hand, when you purchase … [Read more...]

EyeOverHeard On The Forums- Firing Patients

Apologies to Lens Chic for using the name.. It is always hard to fire a patient or a friend for that matter. But sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. Overheard  on OD's on Facebook- (names have been taken off) Anyone ever fired their contact lens patients for non compliance? Not really sure what you mean by this. Poor compliance … [Read more...]

eye Love This YouTube Video on How Eyeglasses Are Made

With all the questions on why glasses are so expensive, I really, really like how this video describes the personal attention, the customization of eyewear and lenses. If you have a YouTube channel, this might be something for you to consider doing. Optician, eyewear designer and creator of the famous metallic sunglasses for Elvis Presley, John … [Read more...]

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly? GRUMPY

The holidays are here, again. One thing you will discover, no matter if it is in your own office, driving around town, or out running errands of your own and making purchases at other stores…people are GRUMPY.  And it is very easy to fall into this same bah humbug mindset when you are surrounded by bad attitudes. So, while taking care of your own … [Read more...]

Eye How – Creating Customer Service Excellence

We are very pleased to bring you our third guest article from Valerie Manso . We really appreciate her training skills so we feel very fortunate that she has agreed to share some articles with us. Topic: Creating customer service excellence Valerie Manso In today's customer-focused marketplace, service is a critical driver of customer … [Read more...]

Eyewear Customers Like to be Appreciated

Some companies get it just right when it comes to customer appreciation and I think Brighton is one of them. I have been a Brighton handbag fan for a long time for several reasons: I don't like changing purses so need a good all round every day bag that I can use with almost any outfit I like good looks, good quality along with … [Read more...]

Getting Spoiled At The Doctors Office- A Tale of Three Doctors

Everybody says they have great customer service. I want to share with you some examples of great customer service from a 'consumer point of view' and a private pay patient. My tale of three Doctor Visits and how getting spoiled turned me into a long term loyal patient and one that refers. I love my dentist office or I should say I love the … [Read more...]

“Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.” – Douglas MacArthur

At the beginning of the new year I read what I felt was a great article in Forbes by Larry Downes called Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually". For those who don't want to read it, the article explains how despite losing some of its fiercest competitors such as Circuit City and having a electronics sales market share of close to 33% … [Read more...]

Customer Service Lessons From Vision Expo West

Lessons from Vision Expo West....(before ever entering the show) As business people we take lessons from all sorts of things in our lives. Allow me to share some of my experiences staying at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas during Vision Expo West in September and how they can be learning tools. I've stayed at the Flamingo numerous times. It is … [Read more...]

The Value Of Surveys- What We Learned

Awhile ago Shirley and I ran a survey with our readers and received valuable feedback in which we learned quite alot about how we are doing good and bad. We thank each of our readers that responded What you wanted to know more about: 1.) Competing With Chains and Interviews With Independents and Private Practice We have contacted a few … [Read more...]

An Amazing Customer Service Experience

Mike Bellomo at Opticote sent us his Amazing Customer Service experience that was thought provoking. If you think about it, what were your amazing customer service experiences? 'The other day my wife and I had an appointment to see a design consultant at a flooring tile company. We arrived at exactly on time, 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. We here … [Read more...]

Rights Panel Agrees With Deaf Man Against Optometrist

Last year we did a post on an optometrist that won a unilingual lawsuit. In another case in Augusta, Maine,  " A human rights panel on Monday sided 3-1 with a man who said he was a victim of disability discrimination when a South Portland optometrist failed to provide him with a qualified interpreter during an eye exam." I guess sometimes you … [Read more...]

Are You Customer -Centric? Take The Test

Doug Fleener had this excellent post from the Retail Contratrian on are you a customer- Centric Company. I thought it was excellent and challenge our readers to take the test. The Customer-Centric Company Here are seven signs that you're running (or working for) a truly customer-centric company: 1) The CEO or owner talks constantly about … [Read more...]