Dealing With Patient Requests For Contact Lens Prescriptions

Eye docs and optical professionals are constantly struggling with competitive online contact lens sales. Refusing to give Rx's for contact lenses can make a patient frustrated, confused and a little angry as well it might be against the law: I recently read From The Student Doctor Forum, not to say it's against the law not to give the Rx and they … [Read more...]

What Are Your Eyes Worth To You?

The viral campaign has begun on the high cost of eyewear and lenses. You have all read about the Today Show article plus all the other articles on why pay more. Then I came across this other article on What Are Your Eyes Worth To You about measuring your PD. 'So what should we, the customers, do about this? Well, first, you can ask your eye … [Read more...]

Yahoo Answers Consumers-Eye Damage From Wearing Magnifying Eyeglasses?

Lens Chic over at EyeOverHeard has been on a roll sending us little consumer eyecare questions, that you might want to address in your eyecare office. For once, Yahoo answered right!! 'Recently I have made a habit of wearing magnifying eyeglasses. Like the kind that you can buy at pharmacy's. I wear the lowest magnification, and when I take them … [Read more...]

Eyecare Patient Sign Offs On Policies And Warranties

I love Optiboard, they have all sorts of great information and for the record it's free to join Optiboard and it's fun to browse and participate in the forums. They just redid their forum format and it's easier to use. I happened upon this topic: Patient Warranties, Lens cleaning instructions, care of eyewear and think this is valuable eyecare … [Read more...]

Consumer UnHappy With Eyewear- Complains to Us

We had another unhappy eyewear consumer contacting us: (I have blocked out the company name, and no it is not one of our sponsors) I am very disappointed with my eyeglasses I purchased from XXXX. To make a very long story short I continuously have problems with the temple hinges that are attached to the frames. I have had two problems with them … [Read more...]

Disaster Preparation for the Eyecare Professionals

Sunday, Easter day we had a 7.2 Earthquake, Monday, we had another at 5.2 on the Richter Scale. Crystal Blaker of CB Consulations reported tornedo warnings in St. Louis and of course all the heavy flooding in the Northeast. We in California are waiting for the big one and everyone in Arizona is waiting for their property to become beachfront. If … [Read more...]

Eyecare Patient Loyalty Pays Off

One of the hardest things that any small business has to do is not just get customers but retain them as well. Long term loyal customers have the benefit of not only being cost effective, they refer others and can increase employee productivity. It is said that it cost 5x more to get a customer than to keep them, but it's not only that, why didn't … [Read more...]

Consumer Seeking Acetate Saddle Bridge For Eyewear

Once again we have a request from an eyeglass consumer: See email below: perhaps any of our readers are in Sushan, NY and if you can help this person, if you respond back I will forward the info on to them. Thanks 'The ONLY product that works for my husband to maintain his eyeglasses in their proper position is your "large acetate saddle bridge" … [Read more...]

Optical Valentine Tip – LOVE Your Customer

This Optical Valentine Tip was submitted by Kelly Gornick from Signet Armorlite Dear Valentine: LOVE Your Customer All of your customers have done something for you – they became your customer, so don’t forget to find a way to say thank you again and again.It’s the little gestures and comments, when least expected, that go a long way. Even a … [Read more...]

Please Respond- Eyecare Consumer Wants To Know

We occasionally get questions from consumers, and when we do, we put it out to our readers. Our consumer was 'I was wondering if you have any special glasses for people who drop things in their kitchen.  I have a friend who is really clumsy and we wondered if maybe it could be the fault of her eye-glasses.' If you have any suggestions for for … [Read more...]

11 Keys to Eye-Care Customer Service Principles

"Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and show their friends.' Walt Disney Customer Service is your # 1 edge against the competition. We strongly advise that reviewing your optical customer service principles on a weekly basis and refine, refine and refine, discuss, discuss and talk about it more, so providing superior … [Read more...]

Why Are Eyeglasses So Expensive- Yahoo Answers

The number one question I get asked from friends and strangers- is 'Why are Glasses So Expensive?' This is from Yahoo- what do you think? Why are eyeglass frames so expensive? I'm pricing eyeglasses for the first time in many years and I cannot get over the fact that they cost 100, 200 300 and sometimes much more. I know they are made to be … [Read more...]

ClearVision Optical Featured in New Book on Customer Service

We are so excited for our friends at ClearVision Optical as they are featured in an entire chapter of a new book  about customer service. The ClearVision Optical chapter is about dealing with getting feedback from customers in an effort to provide them with exactly what they want and need. In addition to ClearVision Optical, Who's Your Gladys … [Read more...]

Hoya Vision Care Labs Have Optical Patients Too!

What do we mean by Hoya Vison Care Labs have optical patients too? We went to Hoya Vision Care's  San Diego lab facility recently to interview the Customer Service department and we asked them to name their number one goal and the answer that Elsa Caldwell, the Customer Service Supervisor gave us without any hesitation was "to keep the optical … [Read more...]

Eye Care and Body Language

This is what we know: The consumer is shopping online The consumer is shopping for eyeglasses on line. The consumer is shopping for contact lenses online. The consumer is shopping for sunglasses online. It only takes 4 seconds for a person to make a decision about you! With that, it makes increasingly more and more sense to further … [Read more...]