Eye-How To Manage a Rude Customer-Patient

I have always believed in 'you can catch more flies with honey' philosophy , and it has worked in my favor more times than I can count. One thing that always ticks me off is rudeness, but that's obviously not every-body's gig. Nobody deserves to be verbally or physically abused. So here are some quick helpful hints to handling Rude Patients and … [Read more...]

Does Price Guarantee Customer Satisfaction?

Competing with  On-line Shopping The two places I shop consistently are Cost-Co and Trader Joes. I go to Cost-Co to buy in bulk their recycled and organics products. When I went a couple of weeks ago, they were not carrying them! I made a special trip to just get the recycled toilet paper  and some organic veggies and they were not there. I can't … [Read more...]

Smile and Move-Staff Motivation

Great Video and Team Builder for an Office. Smile and Move is a fun new movement to motivate people at the home and office. I like this a lot- there is nothing worse than being in an office with a non-smiling, unhappy, unproductive slacker! If you have an low morale office- consider getting a new motto and rebuilding your team- you will have … [Read more...]

Optical Customer Service-Simple Things by Usher

The other day I was walking and listening to Usher singing this song about Simple Things. The Simple Things being, saying please, thank you, listening, giving full attention (no reading text messages), in reality isn't that the most important thing with staff and your customers?    … [Read more...]

Poison Words in Handling Customer Complaints

Has this ever happened to you- either at the office or in your personal life. You lodge a complaint, and your pretty much OK, until 'Wham" they say the one thing that just ticks you off! For me personally, I have several pet peeve's- being called, honey, sweetie by a person I don't even know and an 'flick off' sorry. Trigger Words to … [Read more...]

Optical Customers First-Empower Employees

I had purchased several appliances from Home Depot- as part of a free delivery promotion. Free Delivery as in a 'rebate' and after filling out forms etc.. What a hassle, but did it anyway. ($60) Five months later and 3 phone calls and 'the check is in the mail' story- I was irked-now, it's the principle- don't make a promise you can't … [Read more...]

HIPAA and The Optical Professional

We have had several requests to write something on HIPAA: After reading about HIPAA violations and malpractice- please if you are unsure if you are following all the HIPAA laws- double check all the below listed resources- because they can sue you for transferring records without your permission!  What is HIPAA- (Federal Health Insurance … [Read more...]

Optical Patient Surveys

Patient surveys are one of the best ways to find out if the quality of care and your customer service will bring the patient/customer back. Depending on your office, you can either hand them a pre-paid postcard when they check in, put it on your website, or do a follow up email.  Benefits of Conducting Surveys Improve the quality of care you … [Read more...]

Steps to Handling Optical Patient Complaints

I don't know about you, but I rarely complain, I just don't go back. But when I do complain, I do go back, whether it was resolved or not. I just feel better if I let them know what went wrong. Because if it went wrong with me, it went wrong with someone else. If the complaint was handled right, I make recommendations to other people to use the … [Read more...]

Top 20 Optical Patient Expectations

What do we expect today when we frequent any place of business? In today's competitive times our expectations are very high- because if our expectations are not met, it is very easy to go elsewhere. The challenge for any retailer today is to get your customer to come to your office instead of shopping online, going to a box warehouse store, where … [Read more...]

The Simple Things- Random Acts of Thanks

  Many years ago, I was in Market Development for Neostyle Eyewear. Knowing that 'thanking a person' was the number one way of increasing positive relationships with our customers- we started a RAT Program (Random Acts of Thanks) to our customers. My budget was $50.00 a month.  Every month (for less than $50.00) we selected 10-20 customers and … [Read more...]

A Good Eyewear Shopping Experience

I am recently back from a trip with some friends and they just happened to buy prescription eyewear the previous week and I thought it would be an opportunity to interview them so that I could blog about the good and the bad from a lay person's point of view. Overall it was a good eyewear shopping experience and I think all her answers are helpful … [Read more...]

Why Optical Patients Don’t Come Back

I ran across this this checklist online- telling patients when they should look for a new doctor.  You can modify it to suit your optical patients. What's interesting, is not only have I left a doctor for some of the below reasons, but my friends have left as well. Why do I think this is important? If your patients are not coming back it could be … [Read more...]

Optical Patient Satisfaction Checklist

Patient Satisfaction is a Team Effort: It is important that all issues are discussed consistently in order for the team to come together. We have provided you a checklist to review on a weekly or monthly basis. It would be interesting for you to give this to all team members to fill out and then discuss the results in the staff … [Read more...]

Broken Appointments with Optical Services

You have a booked day- and for whatever reason, patients don't show up. You and your staff's time is valuable, so what do you do? Everyday nationwide tens of thousands of optical patients fail to show up for their appointments or broken.  Practice losses for each missed appointment can significantly add up. If you think about it- 5 no- shows for … [Read more...]