Hand To Eye Coordination Art

The eye of the master will do more work than both his hands. Benjamin Franklin  Hand to Eye Coordination is exactly what it says, The hands guide the eyes or vice versa. If we didn't have hand to eye coordination, you would not be able to carry out many tasks, athletes wouldn't be able to perform, gamers couldn't game, how would we use a … [Read more...]

Six Street Scene Shades

One of our Pinterest Boards is dedicated to Eyes On The Street, which is an assortment of street graffiti. Many are  done by renown artists. Is this art or graffiti?         … [Read more...]

Eye Pods We Like

ipads, ipods, eye books...- just a little optical eye pod and eye pad jokes for the day. Lets not forget the iPad   … [Read more...]

Santinelli Presents Annual Award to George Westinghouse HS Senior

New York, July, 2013 – George Westinghouse High School in Brooklyn, New York recently held an awards ceremony to honor their senior Vision Care Technology students. These students are the recipients of graduation awards from the school’s Optical Council, of which Santinelli International is a proud member. At the school’s graduation ceremony, … [Read more...]

Submerged Spectacle Art

Interesting piece of art.  Could you see this in your office? Submerged Spectacles" 6 x 12 inches Oil on Wood Panel by Robin Hextrum … [Read more...]

541 Gotti Sunglasses Made Into A Chandelier

Wow, this Chandelier was made with 541 Gotti Sunglasses to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I don't know if these were old, but what a great way to reuse sunglasses and eyeglasses. … [Read more...]

Lenticular Lens Art- I Can See Clearly Now

All this talk about Justin Timberlake's 2020 Vision. Most people can't have 20/20 vision without lenses. While it's nice to talk about phoropters, what about optical lens art?  These images demonstrate the power of optical lenses and good vision. When I look at this and maybe I am a bit too literal, but I see Vision and Vision is your message. What … [Read more...]

eyetistry In Eyewear

Believe it or not, eyeglasses Cat Power Source: Uploaded by user via Optical on Pinterest   Types of Eyeglass Styles Source: Uploaded by user via Optical on Pinterest   Artist Wayne Thiebaud - Five Rows of Sunglasses; sunglasses emerge from a neutral background, allowing the viewer to focus on the subject and … [Read more...]

Shady Sagacious Spoofs

Double Vision, Double Meaning.. our favorite creative Sagacious (yes, I looked it up to see if it fit) Double meaning not eyes and eyewear art. Tell us which is your favorite! My personal favorite EyeCare People Source: Uploaded by user via Optical on Pinterest   Imagine (from John Lennon) Source: artofconcept.com via … [Read more...]

Refracting On Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake new album The 20/20 Experience features a phoropter and why the world went wild- I don't know. No offense to Justin Timberlake but it's not new. Upon Reflection or Refraction.. take a look at the historical perspective of Refractive Art. Then again here is the cover of the band SAGA album called 20/20 which has a phoropter … [Read more...]

Spectacular Eye Charts

Last year we did Eye Chart Decor- and now we have spexy eye charts. I really like how they did the one for a window display.  You can make your own eye charts depending on the season and the colors and even styling. How to  make your own eye chart from eHow.  Source: skinnylaminx.com via Optical on Pinterest Source: cargocollective.com … [Read more...]

Eye Art From The Movies

I don't know if you have ever visited Behance, a website where creative people can post their crafts, art, campaigns and just cool things. If you are a creative type and want others to see your stuff, join them for free. It links into Facebook, Twitter and LInked In. These celebrity posters came from Adrian Iorga's Portfolio, who is from … [Read more...]

Eco Eyeglass Sculpture By Sorin Oncu

A couple of months ago we did a post on 10 Eyewear Sculptures, as I was updating our Facebook photo Album The Art of Eyewear- I came across these eyeglass sculptures from the ECO project by Serbian born Sorin Oncu Those who enter the Emerald City must wear green glasses" Guardian of the Gates - Wizard of OZ From the Artist: 'Emerald City … [Read more...]

Eyetastic Masks From Joji Kojima

There is other decor for the face besides eyewear. Joji Kojima's odd eye covers are not for the person who wants to blend in. From California, Joji has done all sorts of creative work including making jewelry and contributing works for a Lady Gaga Album. This jaw dropping Eye Mask or Cover- not quite sure where you would wear it, but it is … [Read more...]

Extremely Innovative Eyewear Designs

We feature some aspiring eyewear designers and eyewear design concepts in Optical Vision Resources as well as The Optical Vision Site. Shades Down In Toyko Town is a showcase for original eyewear and sunglasses on the 'transformation into an artifact'. The exhibition curated by hedmankling -  sofia hedman and karolina kling was shown  first in … [Read more...]