Oceanic Eye Art We Love For National Week Of The Ocean

National Week Of The Oceans starts March 29. We are celebrating with fantastic Ocean Inspired Eye Makeup. Oceans are important to every single organism in our planet. In fact we would not be alive if it wasn't for oceans. The air we breath, the water we drink, the food we eat from fish to peanut butter. Your medicine cabinet most likely includes … [Read more...]

DIY Keep Your Shades Warm Knitting Project

This winter has been full of cold surprises and nothing is worse than frozen glasses. This little DIY project look like a sweater over your sunglasses and we love the thought of our favorite shades or eyewear staying warm and safe. Via Trendhunter  and Tethys Handmade  … [Read more...]

3 DIY Stitchworthy Shades

The viral news of the day back in 2013 Was Ulyana Sergeenko Embroidered Sunglasses for Spring 2013. Since that time Stitchers everywhere had demonstrated this is NOT that unique and it is a fun craft that will keep you in stitches. Whether you want to call it Embroidery or Cross Stitch, you can either download or purchase eyeglass patterns … [Read more...]

Optical Fun: Eyeglass Cartoon Design Project

I don't know much about this.. as it came from a Cartoon Design Contest. The theme was Eyeglasses. I thought was interesting as the cartoonist were from Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Romania and other places in Europe. Also interesting if you look at where the artist is from and the 'subject' matter, it is really a political … [Read more...]

World Of Senses Art Project

When I first saw these mirrored lenses, my first thought was great.. this will make a good post about mirrored lenses. The more I looked at them, I realized these would make a better post on the importance of an annual Eye Exam. These wonder works of nature could never been seen if you don't take care of your eyes. Chinese Photographer Huainan … [Read more...]

Optometry Student Video Contest Announced

The Optometric Society is having a video contest open to all Optometry Students. If you are not already aware, there is currently a company promoting on-line refraction which would result in a glasses and or contact lens prescription. While we are all for new technology and innovation, the on- line refraction would not be accompanied by an eye … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Lens Sculptures By Rhona Gedge

How many sunglass lenses do you thrown away? Inside of throwing them away you can send them to Rhona Gedge an artist who is reusing optical lenses and creating optical lens sculptures. These were made with recycled lenses. some with prescriptions in there which will change the perception of the view.  She says: 'I am intrigued by how the eye works, … [Read more...]

Eyewear Art Week: Movie Poster Glasses

As many of your know, many movies have made many eyeglasses famous. Risky Business (wayfarer) Top Gun (Rayban) Terminator (Gargoyles) We constantly get asked and I am sure you do what, what eyewear is that! I want that! We love this Eyewear in the Movies Poster interpretation on Deviant … [Read more...]

Eyewear Art Week- Signature Shades Posters We Like

Over the years, we have seen many eyewear art. Some the most popular are showcasing iconic eyewear with famous people. These are a few of our favorite Signature Specs posters.     … [Read more...]

Eyewear Art Week- Spectacular Shade Descriptions

We all know that there is many different descriptions for eyewear, there is only a few basic eyewear shapes. Oval, Round, Square, Octagon, Cat-Eye, Retro, Flat Tip, Oblong, Pilot or Aviator. Our eye- art eyewear feature today, showcases the artistic re-creations of Eyewear shapes. What we love about this art, all of the posters went viral on the … [Read more...]

Look Ma.. He’s Got Eyes In The Back Of His Head!

Sporting Tattoos is no big deal anymore. In fact, you are probably more unusual if you don't have a tatt hidden away somewhere. I look at these eyeball tattoos and know, I would not wanting to be sitting behind them.. This is little less dramatic.. but peek a boo! … [Read more...]

Reuse Wine Corks – Make An Eyeglass Sculpture

With Earth Day coming up, we found this on Pinterest a way to reuse wine corks to make eyeglass sculptures. Whoever did this did a great job, and I am sorry, I cannot find the original author- creator. … [Read more...]

Eye Can’t Believe It: Eyeball Pools

Would you want to look at this after a hard day at the office staring at eyeballs? In our world full of drones and geo-location, as much as I think this is really cool and a definite eye-catcher, I would hate to have it looking at me! What do you think? … [Read more...]

ClearVision’s Annual Facebook Holiday Ornament Contest

ClearVision Continues Holiday Tradition & Introduces Its Annual Holiday Ornament & Facebook Contest  Hauppauge, NY – November 2013 – Eyewear industry leader ClearVision Optical is continuing with its holiday tradition by introducing its unique and sought-after annual holiday ornament and launching a festive social media contest! Each … [Read more...]

Vision-Ease Lens Venue Website Designed To Grow Customer Business

Vision-Ease Lens’ Award-Winning Venue Website Designed to Grow Direct Customers’ Business Venue helps customers stay competitive by supplementing their processing capabilities  RAMSEY, MINN. (2013) – Vision-Ease Lens (VEL) was honored by the Web Marketing Association with a 2013 Best of Industry WebAward for its specialty website, VELVenue.com. … [Read more...]