Fashion Optical Displays Keeping The Eyecare Professional Updated And Competitive

Any company that is based in a city called Paradise, has to be a great company, and I would have to say that about Fashion Optical Displays. I have known and seen Fashion Optical products for the 30 years they have been in business, but it has only been a year since I have gotten to know the people and they are some of the nicest people I have ever … [Read more...]

Building Designs of the Future Using Recycled Materials

If you are thinking of owning your own building for your optical business, here are some eco friendly building designs of the future that will not only save the landfills but most likely can save you money by reusing building materials. Sustainable Building Designs of the Future: Innovative companies are coming up with creative ways to use … [Read more...]

Bamboozled Eyecare

Bamboo is a hot and trendy item now, because it grows fast  and is easily renewable plus you can make alot of stuf with it. Thought I would do a fun story about all the many uses of bamboo. First You Drive To Your Office in Your Bamboo Car! Whether by gas or electrical. Or to be really Eco Friendly you bike to the office in your Bamboo … [Read more...]

Eco Eye Care Design- Shipping Container Offices

Many optical offices dream of owning their own building, never having to pay rent again. If you are in California, your cost can average $200 a square foot- plus the land, plus taxes, plus, plus and more plus. One of the hottest design trends today is using the glut of worldwide shipping containers for offices and homes.  Not only would using … [Read more...]

Unique Table Grows Plants and Cleans Air In Waiting Room

We had done a previous post on air quality- this amazing low table not only is a natural purifier- growing plants right in your waiting room without soil. The Oxygen of Green Low Table by industrial designer Mingling Wang, uses a plant called Tillandsias to purify the air as opposed to loud energy- consuming air purification gadgets. You and your … [Read more...]

Turn Your Waiting Room Into A Garden

We have probably all heard by now about growing your own garden- why not grow your garden in your office? How cool would it be if your waiting room actually became a garden? Plants are good for air quality- certainly economical and a great boost to patient and customer satisfaction. When the vegetable is ripe- give them away! Here are a few … [Read more...]

Branding Your Eyecare Office

The key to successful branding is consistency.  Once you've created a logo and look that you feel reflects your company's unique image, whether it be clean and contemporary, casual and friendly, or hip and trendy, it is important that you stay true to your individual identity. Everything you produce impacts how people will see you.  From your … [Read more...]

Optically Illusionally Designed

Optically Designing Your Office with Eye Catching Illusions. Just to get your thinking cap on -consider combining optical illusions with your optical shop, check out these amazing optical illusion from Amazing Arts That arrow points right to the Sunglass Selection! Love the Red! What a great eye-catching optical illusion for your … [Read more...]

Optical Edge- Design and Merchandising

Having designed over 18 optometry offices, I am always surprised that most optometric practices that I pass by are generic in look, and are about as exciting as going into a drug store.  I have gone into many stores where there are a lot of glasses displayed, but there is no order.  Mismatched display systems clutter the floor.  Advertising … [Read more...]

Hammock Eyeglasses

Very clever idea from Kenji Tomeda- who has desigend an eyeglass called Hammock Eyeglasses- which opens up when the temples are folded- creating a little table so you won't stratch your eyeglasses.  I also love these two-fers- could also be used as an eyewear safety device! - Walking in a dark alley, parking lot, take these puppies, roll your hand … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Optical Displays

I was speaking with Dan Sloan over at Fashion Optical at OptoWest. He informed me they were working on their Eco Friendly optical displays! And finally they have just released their new FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Bamboo Optical Displays. Good for Fashion Optical- They now make it officially to our Green Vendor List! … [Read more...]

The Optical Office- Redesigned

Last weekend at OptoWest, I ran into an OD, who is finally after 20 years, remodeling his office. Yet, I know other offices that make it a point to remodel or update their offices every 5-7 years. Why, because they know an out-dated office may lead to the perception of an out-dated doctor. Updating doesn't have to cost a lot of money- sometimes … [Read more...]

Optigami – Folding Glasses

Folding Glasses have been around for years! Remember the old Porsche Design (Original) Of course you have fold up readers- but is there still a market for fold up Eyewear?  I would say yes- the advantages are many! With the Optigami- you don't need an eyeglass cases and it saves space in a purse. Especially important for a women's purse. "The … [Read more...]