Pre-Showing at Vision Expo East 2010

A little late with this, but hey I'm tired! I was fortunate to be able to go to Vision Expo early this year. For those who have the same opportunity to go early or stay later, I hope you take the time to visit some of the local optical vendors. We went to Mercura Eyewear, who designs eyewear for many celebs including Lady Gaga, artists and fashion … [Read more...]

Discovering New Optical Technology and Optical Trends

One of the benefits of going to optical trade shows is the opportunity to see and experience new technology personally. We were lucky enough to have the new Chemistrie customized magnetic  sunlenses made for us at the Santinelli booth. Cathy had this eye boggling green flash mirror coat made for her green frame. I decided to choose a more muted … [Read more...]

Is Optical a Retail Jungle?

I don't know the answer to my own question "Is Optical a Retail Jungle?" but I aim to find out by reading Jeff LaPlante's newly published book. I have known Jeff for many years, we worked together at Signet Armorlite where I often saw his presentations and optical sales training. I was always impressed and often surprised because Jeff always had … [Read more...]

More and More Free Stuff At Vision Expo East

The Free Stuff keeps rolling in! Make sure you take 2 suitcases with you to Vision Expo East. I know where I will be at 4:30 everyday at Signet Armorlite for FREE Massages! Signet Armorlite's booth LP1366  is celebrating a   newly introduced KODAK Lenses with Anti-Fatigue Technology.  And be sure to visit the booth anytime between 10:30 and 4:00 … [Read more...]

OptoWest-Relaxing, Great Fun, Fabulous Education, Stunning Location

I can't believe that we are already in March! Where does the time go? Opto-West Time is coming and I can't wait! Last year was the first time the California Optometric Association had OptoWest in Indian Wells, CA and I will tell you in all my 30 years of attending Opto-West conventions, this is the best location and the best time I have had at a … [Read more...]

ET will be at Vision Expo East 2010

When I see ET I still see an image of Steven Spielberg's ET but the ET at Vision Expo East will be ETechnology not an extra terrestrial! I am amazed about how fast social media has become part of our business. Lucky for us optical people the Vision Expo organizers have embraced ETechnology in a big way and it will be an opportunity for us to use … [Read more...]

Understanding Sun and Sports Eyewear-The Market

Getting ready for sunglass season, (which is actually all year), this is a good time to review the features and benefits of sunwear, the performance factors, lens performance, mirror coats for performance and frame designs and materials. In the February Issue of  Visioncare Product News there is a continuing education insert was absolutely … [Read more...]

Optical Retail Business Alliance (ORBA) Helps Opticians Prosper

First Vision Media Group  (  launched a new organization- website designed to help the independent opticianry business thrive. In the old days there were as many independent Opticians as there were Optometrists and few Ophthalmologist dispensed eyewear. As managed care has increased and the M.D.s' were encouraged to start … [Read more...]

SECO 2010 Show and Snow

SECO 2010 showed plenty of heart! The SECO Show went on despite the record snow and travel delays. Here you see volunteers and  “Cupid's  Helpers” in front of the 2010 Ford Mustang…the Prize Driveaway. Over 800 Optometrists attended the Symposium Series shown here. A successful optometry show despite the snow! … [Read more...]

What is Trivex?

Trivex ECP Education I am a Trivex fan and continue to hear good comments about it from our Ophthalmic Lens sponsors and ECPs but I realized that when someone would ask me "What is Trivex?" I could not readily come up with an informed answer other than the optical performance from my own point of view. (I wear both Kodak Lens and Shamir … [Read more...]

Optical Global Leadership Summit

Any Optical people going to Vision Expo East or working in the New York area should not miss the 2010 Vision Monday Global Leadership Summit event. This takes place Wednesday, March 17 and features expert speakers from both inside and outside the Optical Industry. Cathy and I know some of the speakers and know they will have plenty of insight to … [Read more...]

Vision West Launches Practice Management Seminars By Aaron Lech OD

Practical steps to Enhancing Quality of Care and Improving Practice Profitability Due to popular demand, Vision West the premier optical buying group is again putting on their annual Practice Management Program with Aaron Lech OD, medical practice consultant. Last year the raves on Aaron Lech seminars were so good they brought him back … [Read more...]

Younger Optics To Sponsor OptiBoard

OptiBoard, the first optician forum launched by Steve Machol was seeking a new corporate sponsor for this very important  optical forum. Thankfully Younger Optics stepped in to help sponsor this informative, educational and fun site primarily for opticians although all are welcome. If any of you have never visited OptiBoard, we encourage you to … [Read more...]

SECO 2010

Cathy and I will not be able to attend SECO 2010, February 10-14  but we would love to hear all about it from our sponsors and readers. Please report back with your observations and any pictures.  We know this is an important show and educational opportunity for optometry and ophthalmology so we are sorry to be missing it in person especially as we … [Read more...]

Opticians Association of America Celebrates 25 Years

MORE THAN 80 STATE LEADERS GATHER AT THE 25th ANNUAL OAA STATE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE LAKELAND, TN, February 2, 2010 – The mood was upbeat and optimistic at the 25th Annual State Leadership Conference hosted by the Opticians Association of America (OAA) in Memphis, Tennessee. The conference is the only event that attracts such a large … [Read more...]