Vision West Launches Practice Management Seminars By Aaron Lech OD

Practical steps to Enhancing Quality of Care and Improving Practice Profitability Due to popular demand, Vision West the premier optical buying group is again putting on their annual Practice Management Program with Aaron Lech OD, medical practice consultant. Last year the raves on Aaron Lech seminars were so good they brought him back … [Read more...]

Younger Optics To Sponsor OptiBoard

OptiBoard, the first optician forum launched by Steve Machol was seeking a new corporate sponsor for this very important  optical forum. Thankfully Younger Optics stepped in to help sponsor this informative, educational and fun site primarily for opticians although all are welcome. If any of you have never visited OptiBoard, we encourage you to … [Read more...]

SECO 2010

Cathy and I will not be able to attend SECO 2010, February 10-14  but we would love to hear all about it from our sponsors and readers. Please report back with your observations and any pictures.  We know this is an important show and educational opportunity for optometry and ophthalmology so we are sorry to be missing it in person especially as we … [Read more...]

Opticians Association of America Celebrates 25 Years

MORE THAN 80 STATE LEADERS GATHER AT THE 25th ANNUAL OAA STATE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE LAKELAND, TN, February 2, 2010 – The mood was upbeat and optimistic at the 25th Annual State Leadership Conference hosted by the Opticians Association of America (OAA) in Memphis, Tennessee. The conference is the only event that attracts such a large … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Repair With Microwelding

A demonstration of how microscopic spot welding is used in repairing eyeglass frames and jewelery. Microwelding is precise, quick, and most importantly doesn't involve a soldering torch. … [Read more...]

Looking to Save Money – Vision Expo East 2010

I can't believe that Vision Expo East 2010 is almost upon us, I quickly made my airline reservation yesterday to make sure I got one of those super saver fares. One of the benefits of our tough economy right now is the plethora of good travel offers that you can take advantage of. Cathy and I take advantage of as many as we can and  we are finding … [Read more...]

Age of Disruption – The Vision Council Meeting

Cathy and I are in Florida attending The Vision Council Winter Meeting and we are posting about some key points from today's sessions which included two keynote speakers from outside of the Optical Industry.  Both speakers were excellent and made a lot of great points about doing business in the current economic environment and we want to share … [Read more...]

Live From The Vision Council Meeting

Shirley and I are here in Miami, Florida at the annual Vision Council Winter meeting. Meetings were all day with all the committees, Shirley and I took a long walk until the opening reception, lots of good networking and its always good to meet newcomers in the  optical industry. Atmosphere is upbeat and people are positive about the optical … [Read more...]

OptoWest Special Pre-Conference Session On Eyecare Practice Transitions

OptoWest, a premier eyecare educational event is coming up very soon in Indian Wells, California. If any of you did not attend in 2009, I highly recommend you consider going in 2010. OptoWest is put on by the California Optometric Association in conjunction with their affiliate partners, Arizona, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada and Utah Optometric … [Read more...]

Focus Group West Featured on ‘What I Hate About Me’

Eyewear designer and Focus Group West associate Thomas Ferguson will be featured as the 'eyewear expert' on the new reality based show. 'What I Hate About Me' airing on the Style Network. The show profiles women who have ten things about their life that they'd like to change and will showcase experts ina variety of fields to help them … [Read more...]

The Free-Form Revolution Webinar

Cathy and I are big proponents of free product education, especially when it is for optical products that have improved technology that really benefits the patients vision and performance of their eyewear. I have been a big fan of free-form lenses for a couple of years now as I can really appreciate the difference that these lenses make in my own … [Read more...]

In Office Edging – Free Webinar

Do you do your own lens edging or are you thinking about doing in-office lens edging. This might be the webinar for you - More Answers to the In-Office Edging Dilemma. Brought to you by The Partnership for In-Office Edging, this 40-minute webinar will be hosted by Mark Mattison-Shupnick, Andy Karp, and a panel of experts from PiE. They will … [Read more...]

Vision Expo West 2009 Pictures

Better late than never as they say: First I want all to know, I am the worst picture taker ever! More than 1/2 of my pictures didn't come out- per my usual picture taking abilities. But here they are: We went by Tura many times to try to get some group photos- Fortunately for them, they were busy! … [Read more...]

Optigirls Back From Las Vegas and Vision Expo West

We just landed in San Diego a couple of hours ago, back from  Las Vegas Vision Expo West. Cathy and I arrived Wednesday and the first event I went to was Robbie Bell's seminar "The Law Of Selling" sponsored by The Optical Women's Association (OWA). Robbie has some different ideas and approaches to selling that not everyone at the seminar agreed … [Read more...]

It’s Vegas Baby- Live From Vision Expo

Shirley and I arrived Wed. morning in  Las Vegas for Vision Expo and lucky us- we actually got to check in early! Usually the check- in time is like 2 or 3- We were elated until Shirley's computer went kaput! I had to laugh because I  just spent 3.5 hours at the Apple store getting my iphone and computer fixed- this was after my iphone broke 2 … [Read more...]