Santinelli Introduces Silicone Adhesive Nose Pad Cushion Kit

Hauppauge, NY - The new Silicone Adhesive Nose Pad Cushion Kit from Santinelli International includes thirty pairs of individually-wrapped cushions in three sizes: small, medium and large. These self-adhesive nose pad cushions are made of high-quality silicone pads, sourced from B&S GmbH. Neatly packaged and sold in a self-contained … [Read more...]

I Love the Caribbean – They Love FastGrind

I love the Caribbean and have taken many vacations there over my adult life time, visiting a lot of different islands. Antigua was my first and when I fell instantly in love with the region. I probably fell in love because my first visit was during a rainy cold winter from native England. But it wasn’t just the sparkling blue sea and sunshine it … [Read more...]

How To Offer 3D Printed Eyewear In Your Office

We have been writing about 3D printed eyewear for years. New company 3-D Frame solutions has made it easier for eyecare professionals to offer in-house customized eyewear using a 3D printer: Press Release: 3-D Frame Solutions is revolutionizing the future of eyewear through innovative software specializing in the art of custom printing of … [Read more...]

New Rimless Edge Mounting Device For Labs And Opticians

Dennis G. Zelazowski, inventor of the Chemistrie and Physics eyewear systems, grew frustrated with difficulty of mass producing rimless and clip­ons by manual means. Pliers are difficult to balance on frames and lenses, repeated hand compressions in the lab is fatiguing, and poor quality output results from these issues. The Rimless Bench Press … [Read more...]

Super Systems Launches New Website

Cincinnati, OH – January 2015 – The New Year brings new ventures for Super Systems Optical Technologies. They have been working diligently to put together a brand new website that embraces a stronger digital presence, and they are excited to finally reveal it to the world. Super Systems strives to make your interaction with the company simple and … [Read more...]

FastGrind Utilized by the U.S. Military across the World

Cincinnati, OH – January 2015 – Super Systems Optical Technologies completes yet another shipment to the U.S. Military. FastGrind is utilized around the world by the U.S. Military to produce eyewear for our troops, as well as for humanitarian purposes. Super Systems is proud to offer its equipment to these men and women. Super Systems appreciates … [Read more...]

VisionEase Launches MyCoat: AR and Mirror Coating For Small Batches

Small Batch, Big Impact: MyCoat Creates Anti-Reflective and Mirror Coating Capabilities for Labs With MyCoat, retail and optical labs can control quality and improve profit potential one pair of lenses at a time RAMSEY, MINN. (Oct., 2014) – Less than 30 percent of glasses sold nationally in 2013 were anti-reflective, presenting a huge … [Read more...]

A.I.T. Industries To Distribute Visionix Instruments

AIT Industries, headquartered in Bensenville, Illinois, is now a distributor of Visionix Instruments, designed and manufactured in Israel.  Formal launch of the products took place at the Vision Expo West. The VX55 Digital Refraction System features a sound ergonomic design, efficient refraction management, intuitive touch-screen interface, easy … [Read more...]

A.I.T Industries Highlighting Vision Expo West Show Specials

A.I.T. Industries is  launching a new Digital Refraction System called the VX55. The new system is tablet controlled via bluetooth and includes an LCD Vision Tester for under $12,000. This unit also integrates with most EMR and Third Party devices such as Topcon and Nidek, which is a very good deal. Not necessary to be locked into 'same vendors', … [Read more...]

Fast Grind/ Super Systems Has Big News At Vision Expo West 2014

Super Systems Optical Technologies, Fast Grind booth #LP8100 is gearing up for another great show at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas this September. In preparation, the staff is creating new concepts and designs to showcase, along with additional ways to help customers save while using the FastGrind system. The company is excited to announce at … [Read more...]

Santinelli Expands Optical Tools & Supplies with New Supplement

July, 2014, Hauppauge, NY – Augmenting their line of finishing optical supplies, precision tools, frame parts and working aides, Santinelli International is introducing over 20 new eyecare products, featured in their new catalog supplement. Highlights include an “anvil-style” bench block, a spring-hinge tool kit, a screw-extractor set and … [Read more...]

airMAX Gets Rid Of Lab Odors

Nothing is worst than a stinky office and now their is a simple piece of equipment that helps to clean the air we breathe and smell.  A.I.T. Industries has launched a product called the airMAX that gets rid of the nasty odors and dust associated with edging hi-index, trivex, and polycarbonate lenses. This universal system will work with nearly any … [Read more...]

Santinelli’s New Deblocking Pliers

Hauppauge, April, 2014 – Santinelli International introduces all-new deblocking pliers, part of the company’s high-quality “Visionary” line of tools. Designed specifically  for Nidek pliable blocks, these pliers feature a cushioned, silicone grip with built-in finger  “channels” on the handle for comfort and ease of use. The tool’s spring-loaded … [Read more...]

Santinelli’s LED-200 Improves Lab Environment

Hauppauge, April, 2014 – Santinelli International’s LED-200 effectively removes odorous gases, especially during high-index lens edging processing, creating a safer and more pleasant lab environment. The extremely user-friendly unit features a built-in vacuum and automatic on/off operation with a delayed timer. The compact LED-200, through its … [Read more...]

Santinelli Presents at Nidek’s 17th Annual International Summit

Santinelli International was one of three Nidek lens  edger distributors who presented at Nidek International’s 17th Annual Summit meeting in Milan, Italy in early March. Barbara Wagner, Santinelli’s Marketing Manager, made a presentation on how her company leverages B2B Social Media to the audience of over 70 representatives of Nidek distributors … [Read more...]