Happy Mew Year to Cats Day! With Purr-fect Cat-Loving Eyewear

Cats, love them or leave them. What we know is that about 30% of all households in the USA own a cat or as they say, the cat owns them. Nonetheless, we found the purr-fect look for cat-lovers the world over. Happy Mew Year to Cats Day which is January 2.   … [Read more...]

Romancing Colors At Modern Optical

There are an infinite number of colors in the world and each human views colors differently. What is brown to me, may be tortoise or sienna or taupe to another person. When you look at a brown frame, it usually not just plain brown. Today in manufacturing including multiple colors in a brown/tortoise eyeglasses is crucial. Varying color … [Read more...]

Dynamic Colorwave By Silhouette

Silhouette's designs are in its purest form; color combinations ranging from the exotically bright to the strongly opaque – the start of 2017 will see focused highlights with simple, clear design in the new rimless collection, Dynamics Colorwave. With this new style, both men and women can flaunt their refined style with a touch of bold … [Read more...]

Crystal Embellishments From The New Line Art Collection

Line Art CHARMANT is eyewear that expresses femininity in its most elegant form. Impeccable design, inspired by musical bars and notes, conveys a feeling of exclusivity and sophistication. Each exquisite hand-made frame combines a secure fit with sensational lighter-than-air wearing comfort. The DUO Collection  is a minimal front in monotone … [Read more...]

40 Smart Glasses For 2017

By our estimation there are over 80 Smart Glasses available on the market today. Many of these are available now or you can pre-order from their websites, Facebook or Amazon. Over 50 of these smart glasses are being crowd-sourced and the majority of those crowd sourced have made their funding goals. Most are probably dreaming of the day to … [Read more...]

Ellen Tracy Eyewear For Fall/Winter 2016-17

ClearVision Optical introduces new styles for the Ellen Tracy fall/winter eyewear collection.  The latest collection include an acetate model and a metal combo model. A rich, jewel-toned color palette includes shades of green, wine, and blue. These polished designs feature sophisticated shapes and textured accents. Newcastle: This acetate frame … [Read more...]

Fashion Terms Eyecare Professionals Can Use

It used to be there were only two seasons for fashion, Spring/ Summer and Fall /Winter. As fashion as grown, so has the number of runway shows and collections that are available. Now there is Haute Couture (Paris) SS, FW, SS/RTW, FW/RTW, Resort, Pre-Season. Add in the top 4 shows, London, New York, Paris and Milan (and the clothes are all … [Read more...]

Isaac Mizrahi Eyewear Fall Winter 2016-16

Isaac Mizrahi New York features eyewear that embodies timeless, cosmopolitan, style. From classic cat-eye to on-trend lenses and frames this collection offers styles that reflect the uptown sophistication and tastes of today’s modern woman. IM30002 These deep soft square frames make a statement by accentuating the wearer’s eyes. Available in … [Read more...]

Leather Accents On New Adrienne Vittadini Eyewear

WESTBURY, NY, November, 2016 – Adrienne Vittadini explores new avenues in luxury with the introduction of the Luxury is Leather eyewear collection.   The personification of haute-leisure lifestyle, Adrienne Vittadini continues to keep her finger on the pulse of today’s fashion trends that personify “a constant state of style”.   Adrienne Vittadini … [Read more...]

Holiday Dazzlers From Jimmy Crystal Eyewear

A&A Optical new ophthalmic styles from luxury collection Jimmy Crystal New York are perfect for the holidays. The designer eyewear collection is comprised of striking limited edition pieces reminiscent of a collector’s item. Each style is unique and special, featuring hand set Swarovski elements. Riga is crowned with multi layered acetate (a … [Read more...]

American Made Matters Day: Made In USA Eyewear

For American Made Matters Day on November 19 of every year, we update our list of where To Find Made In America Eyewear Products. This list is growing and it appears that eyewear manufacturing is coming back to the United States. MADE In USA products are strong consumer trends and there is an effort for companies to make eyewear/sunglasses … [Read more...]

Bejeweled Crocs On The Runway For Spring Summer 2017

Once you go Croc you never go back as the saying goes. This comes from anyone who has ever worn a pair of Crocs. Comfy, Chunky, Clunky and Ugly as they may be, they made a fashion statement on the runway for Spring 2017 and just might be de-rigeur for fashionistas. As Christopher Kane says on his website: 'I always work with unexpected items and … [Read more...]

Spec-tacular-Spook-tacular-Bat-tacular Eyewear For Halloween

It is getting harder to find spectacular-spook-tac-ular shades that we have not already done for our annual Halloween count-down. Maarten Weidema of  Procchiali Studio and The Eyewear Forum visited Pierre Eyewear at Silmo and discovered our new favorite Bat Shades. For those who are not familiar with Pierre Eyewear.. they have great product and one … [Read more...]

Eyewear Trends: Fall Foliage Frames

Lens treatments are where its at. It is not just about lens shapes, which are all over the board, it is about lens treatments.  We are seeing more and more of unique tints, like this Dior Fall Foliage Frame. Could you duplicate this tint? Most likely not, this is purely a fashion statement, which is what great eyewear is all about. What do you … [Read more...]

‘Arthur Arbesser´ for Silhouette Special Edition Suns

In 2016, the Austrian eyewear manufacturer Silhouette is once again collaborating with a talented young fashion designer to launch the third Special Edition available in January 2017. The result of this partnership: “Arthur Arbesser for Silhouette”. Third design collaboration for the iconic Titan Minimal Art At  fashion  weeks  in  London, … [Read more...]