Fashion Week – Big Eyewear Still With Us!

Big Eyewear is it here to stay for a while? We like to keep up with fashion, not necessarily wearing it but looking to see what is new and trendy as it usually makes it way to eyewear! You may or may not know that Fashion Week  just ended. Here is one of the images from as you can see the eyewear is big! So it looks like big eyewear is … [Read more...]

Action Sports Eyewear At The Action Sports Retailer Show

One of my favorite events to attend is the Action Sports Retailer show in San Diego.  It's vibrant, upbeat and just plain fun. The Action Sports (Eyewear) Market one of the fastest growing and lucrative markets today. A most interesting piece of information from Brad Abbott, National Sales Manager for Costa Del Mar, is San Diego is the trend- … [Read more...]

Spiffy and Fun Safety Eyewear

We all know how awful and ugly safety eyewear is. Here is an updated and cute look for those who have to wear safety glasses. I can believe every dental assistant, every lab tech, will be excited about this! Goggles are OSHA approved. For more information- email … [Read more...]

Onion Chopping Eyeglasses

Just when you think what more can you do with eyeglasses- Someone always comes up with an inventive gadget- that you might just have to have! A great gift for cooks, chefs, and anyone who loves onions. A foam seal protects eyes from irritating onion vapors (and makes it more comfortable) . Anti-fog lenses- no fogging up the lenses and eye … [Read more...]

Updated Look For Grandma’s Reading Glasses

Laura Biagiotti meets Grandma's Reading Glasses By a-morir kerin rose - Love Hate Glasses- $250.00 … [Read more...]

Ya Think Luxury Eyewear Isn’t Selling? Porsche Frames- $6670.00

Porsche Luxury Factor: Style P8499 Available only in Europe Limited Production 18Kt Carat gold  or can be made in platinum Polycarbonate lenses- mirrored with 24Kt Gold … [Read more...]

Luxury Vavas Diamond Eyewear-$6800+

SLG Diamonds Inc is the parent company of the exclusive Vavas Diamond Eyewear. They can only be purchased from their site or a Vavas representative. Exclusivity of the eyewear is maintained because only 60 pair are hand created per month. The diamonds and precious gems they use are always natural and from non-conflict sources. All Vavas designs and … [Read more...]

Make You Wink Glasses from Japan

Coming out August 10th from Masunaga Optical Manufacturing, the Wink Glasses. The Wink Glasses are for those people staring at a computer screen all day and forgetting to blink.   A sensor attached to the lenses detects blinking movements: if it doesn't log any  blinking activity for five minutes, a thin liquid crystal sheet is pasted on the lens … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Eyewear- Trekkie EyeGlasses

Whenever I see eyewear that I have never heard of and it's all over the Internet- we have to pass it on, so you can be familiar as well! Just in case a patient asks for it. This is Geordi La Forge signature eyewear. (I didn't know who Geordi Laforge was, had to look it up.) These Trekkie Shades are from MACKDADDY. (Had to look that one up … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Sunglasses- Perky and Bowed

Another designer getting into Sunwear  Nathan Jenden offers these oversized sunglasses with a little bow. (I never heard of him either) I really don't get this, but hey, take some scrap ribbon and tie up on a pair of retro shades and voila! Your own fashion statement. … [Read more...]

Humanity Eyewear-Helping Mankind

Humanity Eyewear- a subsidiary of Roseco Optics is a eyewear company (distributor)  that donates 5% of all net profits to charities that benefit people with vision loss. The Humanity Eyewear Initiative is a philanthropic organization created in an effort to raise social consciousness and support for those in need with vision loss spanning all over … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Sunglasses- Earring Temples

Delfina Delettrez’s trendy glasses. Not quite sure how one would wear this, but they certainly make a statement. References: delfinadelettrez, trenddelacreme … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Sunglasses- Embarrassing Moments

Theses sunglasses are good if you are 'the life of the party' and have friends who like to film and post on the internet. After viewing YouTube, many people should be wearing these sunglasses … [Read more...]

Extreme Eyewear- Chained

Ok, I don't know who would wear these but hey I'm sure someone would like this gold bang look References:, hypebeast … [Read more...]

Superhero Eyewear

To view more Superhero Eyewear go to Abiz Tech News … [Read more...]