I Love all Jewelry Including Eye Jewelry

One of the fun things about going to optical trade shows is trying on the eyewear! I loved these Frieze frames which Jason made me give back. They are the perfect color for this time of year and  I agree with their tag line Jewelry For Your Eyes.  Cathy tried some on as well but she won't let me publish her picture! I saw lots of new eyeglass … [Read more...]

Breaking News- Best Image Optical Signs As Sponsor

We were very excited at Vision Expo, when we met with Mark and Doralice from Best Image Optical! You might remember we did some posts about their  Fantasy Masks. Best Image Optical has been in business since 1989 and distributed out of Florida. One of the best tools that Best Image offers is their collection of YouTube videos, which can help drive … [Read more...]

Milan Fashion Update – Prada Eyewear

Milan Fashion Update - Prada For you Prada fans and fashion slaves here are a few visuals from Style.com's update from Milan featuring Miuccia Prada's new "business to beach" collection. According to Sarah Mower's report it was a high tech fantasy. The Prada eyewear pictured here is very colorful and perfectly compliments the whole ensemble. … [Read more...]

Halloween Eyewear

We did a previous post on Fantasy Masks by Best Image- great product to sell, show and decorate your office for Halloween. We found eyewear also from Linda Farrow, who collaborates with designers to create runway show pieces with fashion designers. For close-ups and more information go to If It's Hip Its Here   < … [Read more...]

Eyewear Tips From the Field #1 Men’s Eyewear

I am out and about in the "field" right now working on an eyewear survey which involves talking directly to eyecare providers  and they have a wealth of observations and tips to share.  I am not the expert but I know that when we are dealing with the same subject every day we often take a lot of what we know for granted. It is sometimes hard to … [Read more...]

Where To Find Celebrity Eyewear

We have had several requests for celebrity and movie eyewear information. Unfortunately we don't know, maybe one of our readers do? What frame is Richard Gere wearing in Unfaithful? What frame is Sienna Miller wearing in G.I. Joe- not the Oakley- but the eyeglasses, square black? The Oakley Sunglasses are Nanowire 3.0, but we don't know … [Read more...]

Daring Eyewear Designers- Handmade Wood Eyewear

I would consider these eyewear designer daring- because each piece is handmade and what a financial risk to produce and market wooden frames. Each piece is customized to fit each individual. (how time consuming is that!) The products are sold over the internet except iwood, who has been showing at Vision Expo. The first is Eye Shoulda- who … [Read more...]

London Fashion Scene Report – Round Eyewear

Style.com reports on the London Fashion Scene and I checked out the style.com accessories page today to see what is hot! Looks like round sunglasses are in. This will be quite a shape change if it translates later into prescription eyewear. London is usually a year or two ahead so it might be a while. Let's hear from you SILMO attendees, what … [Read more...]

Daring Eyewear Designer- Alexander Hi-Tek

Americans wear boring eyeglasses. Walking on any street in America you can pick out Europeans just by the eyewear. Old, young- doesn't make any difference, men wear colors, women wear sporty- and they always look up to date. No men wearing eyewear that is 10 years old, with green nosepads. This is not the fault of American eyeglass suppliers- they … [Read more...]

Fashion Week – Big Eyewear Still With Us!

Big Eyewear is it here to stay for a while? We like to keep up with fashion, not necessarily wearing it but looking to see what is new and trendy as it usually makes it way to eyewear! You may or may not know that Fashion Week  just ended. Here is one of the images from Style.com as you can see the eyewear is big! So it looks like big eyewear is … [Read more...]

Action Sports Eyewear At The Action Sports Retailer Show

One of my favorite events to attend is the Action Sports Retailer show in San Diego.  It's vibrant, upbeat and just plain fun. The Action Sports (Eyewear) Market one of the fastest growing and lucrative markets today. A most interesting piece of information from Brad Abbott, National Sales Manager for Costa Del Mar, is San Diego is the trend- … [Read more...]

Spiffy and Fun Safety Eyewear

We all know how awful and ugly safety eyewear is. Here is an updated and cute look for those who have to wear safety glasses. I can believe every dental assistant, every lab tech, will be excited about this! Goggles are OSHA approved. For more information- email spiffyeyewear@live.com … [Read more...]

Onion Chopping Eyeglasses

Just when you think what more can you do with eyeglasses- Someone always comes up with an inventive gadget- that you might just have to have! A great gift for cooks, chefs, and anyone who loves onions. A foam seal protects eyes from irritating onion vapors (and makes it more comfortable) . Anti-fog lenses- no fogging up the lenses and eye … [Read more...]

Updated Look For Grandma’s Reading Glasses

Laura Biagiotti meets Grandma's Reading Glasses By a-morir kerin rose - Love Hate Glasses- $250.00 … [Read more...]

Ya Think Luxury Eyewear Isn’t Selling? Porsche Frames- $6670.00

Porsche Luxury Factor: Style P8499 Available only in Europe Limited Production 18Kt Carat gold  or can be made in platinum Polycarbonate lenses- mirrored with 24Kt Gold … [Read more...]