Eye-treme Eyewear- Trekkie EyeGlasses

Whenever I see eyewear that I have never heard of and it's all over the Internet- we have to pass it on, so you can be familiar as well! Just in case a patient asks for it. This is Geordi La Forge signature eyewear. (I didn't know who Geordi Laforge was, had to look it up.) These Trekkie Shades are from MACKDADDY. (Had to look that one up … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Sunglasses- Perky and Bowed

Another designer getting into Sunwear  Nathan Jenden offers these oversized sunglasses with a little bow. (I never heard of him either) I really don't get this, but hey, take some scrap ribbon and tie up on a pair of retro shades and voila! Your own fashion statement. … [Read more...]

Humanity Eyewear-Helping Mankind

Humanity Eyewear- a subsidiary of Roseco Optics is a eyewear company (distributor)  that donates 5% of all net profits to charities that benefit people with vision loss. The Humanity Eyewear Initiative is a philanthropic organization created in an effort to raise social consciousness and support for those in need with vision loss spanning all over … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Sunglasses- Earring Temples

Delfina Delettrez’s trendy glasses. Not quite sure how one would wear this, but they certainly make a statement. References: delfinadelettrez, trenddelacreme … [Read more...]

Eye-treme Sunglasses- Embarrassing Moments

Theses sunglasses are good if you are 'the life of the party' and have friends who like to film and post on the internet. After viewing YouTube, many people should be wearing these sunglasses … [Read more...]

Extreme Eyewear- Chained

Ok, I don't know who would wear these but hey I'm sure someone would like this gold bang look References: colette.fr, hypebeast … [Read more...]

Superhero Eyewear

To view more Superhero Eyewear go to Abiz Tech News … [Read more...]

New Sponsor – Tura Eyewear

We are very pleased to welcome  new sponsor  - Tura Eyewear. We love Tura Eyewear's history which goes back a long way but began with not just being a medical necessity but also a fashion accessory so they were pioneers in marketing and building the optical industry. We also like the educational programs that Tura Eyewear offers. Tura Eyewear … [Read more...]

Fantasy Mask Eyeglasses

http://www.BestImageOptical.com FANTASY MASK COLLECCION . Represent the creative imagination of our designers resulting in a segment of eyewear constantly renewed with exotic mask models. … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Why Children Should Wear Sunglasses

The lens of the child’s eye transmits about 70% more UV than the adult eye, putting their retina at greater risk. Half of the lifetime sun exposure occurs in the first twenty years of life. Children are outdoors much more than adults. Because children are little, they spend much more time looking up toward the sun than adults. Children have … [Read more...]

The Hype About Kanye West Shutter Eyeglasses

The trend is bck...ppl r still buying Kanye West Shutter Shades- get them in Neon! We don't know what the big deal about these Kanye West Shutter Eyeglasses, except the fact shutter eyeglasses go back to the 70's and since Retro is in???? Apparently they sell out quite quickly and are available in neon as well. You can order from Amazon NEW … [Read more...]

Laptop Sunglasses Reduce Glare

(OpenPR) As most laptop users are aware, the freedom of using a laptop outdoors is often ruined by the struggle to get a good view of the screen in broad daylight. Even with regular sunglasses, the experience is far from perfect as the screen brightness is affected and sunlight reflects off the screen. For the past year Glarewear has been … [Read more...]

Eye-Tube-How To Pick Out BCBG Eyeglasses

Learn about BCBG Max Azria women's eyeglass frames in this free eye care video series. Expert: Stefan Czelusta Bio: Stefan Czelusta is the office manager at Texas State Optical in Austin, Texas, and has worked in optics for more than nine years. Filmmaker: Drew Noah … [Read more...]

Breaking News-Zyloware Signs As Sponsor

We were so excited when Jamie Shyer called and told us, Zyloware is signing up to be a sponsor! For those who don't know about Zyloware- they are a true Retro company having been in business for 86 years and still family owned and operated. How many companies can say that! It tells us 1.) The products sells. 2.) Management is doing something right. … [Read more...]

Eye Glass Frames Database and Resources

It is very confusing about who carries what  eyewear brand, who used to carry what brand, and then of course there is all the non-optical brands- that you have no idea of what they are! Even if you google a 'name' doesn't mean that you will actually get the manufacturer! There are actually two sources that have the most up-to-date information … [Read more...]