eyeRead: The Shark Club

This year for Shark Week and our annual Shark Read, we decided not to do a serious business oriented book. Instead we have a easy to read Beach Book from Ann Kidd Taylor. Ann's heroine loves the water and is bitten by a shark as a child. This turns into a life-long career choice studying sharks. After one of her gigs is over she comes home to … [Read more...]

eyeRead: #GirlBoss

I recommend #GirlBoss to everyone, men, women and especially millennials. This is the story of Sophia Amoruso who literally went from selling rags to selling riches. She went from selling vintage clothes on ebay to being one of the worlds richest women worth $280 Million at the age of 28. A self-made millionaire, just by opening an edgy e-commerce … [Read more...]

#listday: Eleven Eyewear Books For Book Lovers Day

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day and it struck me that one of ways that eyecare professionals can compete against online retailers is educating them via books, primarily through images. Having a few historical eyewear books in the reception room and talking about the historical significence and quality of the eyewear you offer might be a good … [Read more...]

United Monsters Adult Toys Wearing Sunglasses

United Monsters are adult toys who happen to wear sunglasses!  The story is the United Monsters have banded together to fight the evil Gorgons which are killing off the United Monsters. The concrete toys come as planters and candle holders. The Eyewear is separate. But they are cute and could be a welcome decoration to your eyewear office. They … [Read more...]

As Seen On ebay: $1300 Luxottica Calendar 1985

For Wayback Wednesday.... remember these Luxottica calendars?  It was one of the most anticipated events at the end of the year. The Berdel appointment book and the Avante Garde Calendar... who could forget customers fighting over them.  They were illustrated by Paola CasaGrande. Apparently this one is new and out of Danville, California. Bidding … [Read more...]

8 Bespectacled Beddings

Do you have dreams of eyewear? Then this is not the bedding for you. This could be a great gift for anyone who forgets to come in to work, can't read or needs an eye exam. These eye chart and spectacle linens are a sure bet for anyone who needs to see clearly.       … [Read more...]

What’s It Worth? Broken Sunglass Coffee Table- $42,000

Georges Charpentier's designed this coffee table based upon  Lacoste sunglasses.  "Broken Sunglasses" table top is half a frame front with the temples twisted under the table for legs.   Via First Dibs    … [Read more...]

EyeRead Medical Thrillers: Dead Wrong by Allen Wyler

I like to read books from Lawyers and Doctors. It is always interesting to me to see how they morphed from their profession into a writer and incorporated their skills and knowledge into a book. A new author to me, Allen Wyler MD is a neurosurgeon who started writing books. His third book, Dead Wrong is the story of a neurosurgeon, Tom McCarthy who … [Read more...]

Eye Like To Read: Religion In Medicine

HAMPTON, Va. – As different as religion and medicine are, both fields are as methodical as each other. And they don’t seem to meet at a common point due to cultural differences and personal beliefs. John Dawson attempts to analyze and ameliorate the impasse between the two in Religion in Medicine Volume I and II. In this new book series, … [Read more...]

Merchandising With Spexy Beach Towels

I can tell you from experience, most people dream of a beach vacation, sunny isles, crystal clear waters, which is why using a few beach towels, sprinkled with sunglasses, sunscreen and some hats make for eye-catching displays. Roll them up, hang them or drape them, send your message, don't forget the sunglasses. More ideas on Summer Eyewear … [Read more...]

Gotta Have This! Au Courant Sunwear Beach Accessories!

No- one wants their towel to slide down when they are sunbathing! In the nick of time for summer check out thes very cute Sunglass Clips that you clip to the chaise lounge or beach chair. Available from Amazon Boca Clips 2-pc. Sunglasses Beach Towel Clip Set No Sz Pink If that isn't exactly what you need, I like this Beach Lounge Chair Cover … [Read more...]

National Beer Day: Bespectacled Beer Goggles

April 7, is National Beer Day and why  do we celebrate you may ask? On this day in 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume (ABV). These delightful beer goggles can be used for any type of long … [Read more...]

Beam Me Up Doc; The Future of Your Practice Is On Your Wrist

The Future of Your Practice Is In Your Hands..Or On Your Wrist? I’m going to tell you a little story. It’s about the optical and optometric world.  Once upon a time (actually about a decade ago), businesses in our little optical industry were run quite differently than they are today. Paper! Paper was everywhere!  Hunting down charts was a ten … [Read more...]

Bespectacled Breakfast Bowls

Want to get your first laugh of the day? This little egg cup feature moustache and sunglasses. From Just Mustard    … [Read more...]

Snappy Sunglass Chip Clip

You may already have a plastic chip clip, but why not add a little fun with a sunglass clip. On Amazon SPM Sunglasses Kitchen Food Fresh Chip Bag Sealing Clip New. I can see using these in the office as part of a display, take a clear bag, put in some fun eyeglasses or accessories and seal it with a sunkiss.   … [Read more...]