Eyeglasses Control Lights

The lights in the gallery are temporarily turned off whenever the person wearing the glasses blinks.
It all happens so fast that the person wearing the glasses does not even notice the change- very cool Michal Kohút - 0,1 (2010) from Michal Kohút on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Goggle Umbrellas?

For those who cannot live without umbrellas,  Check out the latest in Goggle Umbrellas. You can use them to spy on people while keeping dry. Design  Bloom  … [Read more...]

Beat The Winter Blues With Mood Enhancing Shades

Studies have shown that the lack of light is very depressing. Seqinetic Eyeglasses featuring 6 LED lights and a reflector that 'bounces soft white 'daylight' around your eyes' feels this handy gadget-eyewear should improve your mood. I would assume the Danish Inventors should know, as how much light is in Denmark?  Seqinetic means 'daylight' in … [Read more...]

Making Eyewear Using The Sun

In our internet searches we are alway on the lookout for unique content and ran across the The Sun Cutter Project. The Sun Cutter Project explores the potential of harnessing sunlight directly to produce objects. The machine is a low-tech, low energy version of a laser cutter. It uses pure sunlight, focused by a ball lens, to repeatedly cut … [Read more...]

Medical Tech Creates Worlds Smallest Video Camera

Medigus Announces World’s Smallest Video Camera; Less than 1 mm in diameter, the camera is used for medical endoscopic procedures.  Medigus Ltd. (TASE: MDGS) has developed the world’s smallest video camera - just 0.99 mm in diameter. These miniature cameras are manufactured from materials suitable for human medical procedures. They are designed … [Read more...]

Sunglasses For Chickens- A True Story

Who would have thought- Sunglasses For Chickens! They were invented in 1939 to control cannablistic behavior of chickens. Held on the chicken's beak with a cotter pin through the nostrils of the bird.  Chickens are provoked by the sight of blood and will peck at each other, eventually killing off much of the flock. These red lenses prevented … [Read more...]

Eye Got An EyeBall Ring

If you never know what to get those that are in the eyeball biz- check out Ambush Design who has quite a unique collection of skull and eyeball accessories. … [Read more...]

Wacky Vertical Bed Includes Sunglasses

Just what a person wants- a vertical gadget (bed) that allows the person to sleep upright. For busy people take this Vertical bed which comes in it's own suitcase, hook it up to a subway grill and take a nap. To insure maximum sleep it comes with it's own sunglasses … [Read more...]

eyeHow A TV In Your Eyeglasses Works – MyVu Video Eyeglasses

CNN Headline News anchor Richard Lui shows how personal media viewers in the form of video in eyeglasses work. Lui tries out the MyVu Crystal's features. You can order your own from Amazon here: Eyewear Technology … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses + Watch= Dual Functionality

I wish I knew where you could get this- talk about dual functionally! Eyeglasses double as a watch. I can't read the writing but I think it's from a design contest. No matter what, it's very cool and definitely something we will see in the future. … [Read more...]

Verilux ReadyLight Solar Rechargeable Flashlight For Safety

Coming into winter- it is always good to be prepared as the days get shorter and of course winter storms. This solar rechargeable flashlight might be a handy little device to keep around the home, office and car. (It also makes a great gift)- at least it's on my Christmas list- you can never have enough flashlights! Using an oversized solar … [Read more...]

Optical Fun- Eyeball Speakers From Sponge Bob

First we found these the Eyeball Speakers from Proclaim DMT For $26,000- more than most people would pay for a car but luckily we also found these SpongeBob SquarePants: Eyeball Speaker Dock (available from Amazon) for about $29.00. A fun little item to put in your reception room for kids to play with (and break) … [Read more...]

Handy Cooler- Your Own Personal Air Conditioner

It has been so hot here in San Diego- I go from one room to the next trying to find a cool place. Now you can take cool air with you with this new Handycooler personal air conditioner! Evaporative cooling is the trick here. Simply drizzle a few ounces of water onto a sponge, and place it in a device a little bigger than a cordless phone, and enjoy … [Read more...]

Eye Zone Eye Massager- A Site For Sore Eyes

This is for those who are staring at a computer screen all day, do a lot of reading. For those who don't want to do their own eye exercises, just put this little mask on and hopefully your tired eyes, sinus problems and migraines will go away. (I want one, any of them, what a great thing to do at the end of the day) Coolest Gadgets You can order … [Read more...]

Don’t Feed Me Optician Tote

As we all know by now, plastic bags will be a thing of the past. We found this cute tote  for $29.95 (reusable bag) and really liked it! Very cute- Hats ($15.99)  and T-shirts ($29.95)  are available as well. From Amazon-Please, Don't Feed The Optician Large BELLA TOTEBAG w/ pockets (Choice of Colors) … [Read more...]