MP3 Sunglasses Video

Thumbs Up's MP3 Player Sunglasses recently featured on the BBC's Something for the Weekend. … [Read more...]

Good Reads for Optical Blog Readers – Get a Kindle!

Cathy and I are avid readers and thought it would be a good idea to do recommended good reads for our Optical Blog readers. We thought we would start with something educational and relevant to optical which we did but this one is just for fun. I want to tell you all about my Kindle Kindle: Amazon's 6" Wireless Reading Device (Latest … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparation-Solar Powered Radio-Flashlight

There has been quite a debate here in San Diego about having power shut-offs in the back country to minimize fires. As you may remember the last fires here (2007) in San Diego were pretty devastating and about 1/3 of the county ended up evacuating. Some of the fires were caused by old downed power lines.  One of the things we were supposed to … [Read more...]

Eco Fun- Smencils For Optical Customers

Going for that Toxin- Free Eco Eyecare? Try these fun Environmentally Friendly Gourment Smelling Smencils. Made with recycled newspapers wrapped around #2 lead-and biodegradable erasers.  Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils 10 Pack Comes in a set of 10 for about $11.00 or get the Tub of 50 for about $44.00 and pass them out to your patients! … [Read more...]