Green And Save: Interview With Johnny Cook of Smarter Eyewear

Awhile back on one of the forums, Johnny Cook of Smarter Eyewear posted these amazing pictures of his new Eco Friendly Eyecare office. It was so unique in that he salvaged pallets from all over. (Pallets are Free, check out craigslist) I was intrigued and asked him if we could do an interview. East Texan,Johnny Cook has working in the optical … [Read more...]

America Recycles Day: 12 Ways To Recycle Optical Lenses

November 15th is America Recycles Day. A Day in which to bring attention and motivate people to recycle. Eyecare professionals are in a unique position to help the world globally to see by encouraging patients to recycle their lenses, readers and eyewear to organizations like the Lions Club.  I think we all know how important Vision … [Read more...]

Swoonworthy Art From VisionWeb

At the AOA meeting in San Diego, Shirley and I were fortunate that the VisionWeb marketing team could take a few hours and come over for a Beach BBQ. Many of you may know, I try to pick up beach trash everyday and my house is surrounded and invaded by Beach Art. In the course of our conversation, we got talking about 'green' and I said, online … [Read more...]

12 Upcycled Eyeglass Holders

We have done other Eco-Friendly and Unique Eyewear Holders before, but came across a few new ideas, that you can either use in your office or share with your patients. 1.) Postcard Holder Display Rack. This could be for home or office. For the office, (and even as a window display) spray paint and put up some coordinating eyewear and you have a … [Read more...]

Reusing Suitcases For Shady Eyewear Displays

Maybe you still have an old suitcase around. If you don't there are plenty out there for free and in thrift shops. Suitcases have more uses than you could possibly imagine. For tons of ideas on how to reuse suitcase check out this Pinterest Board. You too can reuse old suitcases in your office. Check out some of our shady suitcase displays. At … [Read more...]

Eye Care About Upcycled And Free Merchandising

Your broke, you want to remodel.. don't put it off because you don't have money. There are many FREE and reusable things in the world that you can redo your office with or make eye-appealing displays. Most of what you see is FREE or something you would donate or throw away. Keep it out of the landfills and reuse in your office. I want Proof, … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Reuse a Lens Cleaner Bottle

Everyone loves a 1oz lens cleaner spray bottle. It’s convenient to use…whether at home or away. But when it’s empty, what else can you use the bottle for other than recycling it? Read on. Fill with water and clean your decorative artificial plants. Use as a mister for cooling yourself down in the summer.  Amusement park lines can get very … [Read more...]

Reuse Spectacles- Lions Club Night of Spectacles

As most of us know, the Lions Club has been collecting eyeglasses for years and distributing them to those in need. The Georgia Lions Lighthouse organizes every year in April, a Night of Spectacles in which budding student designers get to showcase their upcycled and spectacular fashions. In 2012 the Georgia Lions raised $229,000+ for Georgia's … [Read more...]

Eco-Graphic- How Much Money Can You Save?

The thing about going green you can save a lot of green- money that is. How much can you save? Think about- make your own coffee (saving coffee cups and lids from landfills) stop buying water, cokes and other drinks in plastic containers.. save $1,000/ year. Wash and reuse any plastic baggies, quit the dry cleaners.. all the little steps add up to … [Read more...]

Eye Made From Bottle Caps

As some one who picks up trash off the beach, I now have something like 15,000 bottle caps that have been picked up in less than a year. Mary Ellen Croteau made this eye from bottle caps. Pretty Incredible, I am going to try to do this! This was part of the original work in which Mary Ellen Crocteau made a self portrait out of bottle caps … [Read more...]

ECO Fun: Take A Guess and Win FREE Vision-Ease Lens Certificate

Lighters and lip balms are an everyday occurrence on the beach. I am quite amazed as most lighters sell for $1.00 and chapsticks go from $1.00- $5.00. Despite the economy, people are still purchasing these unnecessary items. This does not count the BBQ lighters I have found and the 5 full cans of lighter fluid. For more information on Lighters … [Read more...]

Why Put Up A Eyeglass Donation In Your Office

One of the most Eco Friendly things you can do is to put up a Eyeglass donation box in your office and encourage your patients to donate old eyeglasses and readers to developing nations. What happens when people cannot see, they do not work, when they do not work, they cannot feed themselves or their families. When a person is hungary and poor they … [Read more...]

eyeHow To Make An Eco-Friendly Picture Frame Eyeglass Holder

This is a great eco-friendly way to reuse picture frames and remake into a Eyeglass display. This might be a great way to add a 'Green' Touch to your eyecare office to demonstrate what your craftier patients can do to store all their (and their families) eyeglasses and accessories. A display like this can be put into an exam room, a hallway, the … [Read more...]

Which More Eco Friendly? Contact Lens or Eyeglasses?

I don't know if you have ever had this question from your environmentally concerned patients, but if you google this question it over 19 Million results, which means the consumer wants to know. Frankly for those who need vision correction- they have 4 options 1.) Eyeglasses 2.) Contacts 3.) Lasik 4.) Nothing. As Nothing is out of the … [Read more...]

Reuse Bottle Caps For Contact Lens Cases

Some of you probably don't know this, but I pick up Beach Trash 5-6 days a week. In the last 6 months I have picked up over 15,000 bottle caps. That is an average of 50 bottle caps a day in a 1/2 mile stretch of beach. While there are many ways to reuse bottle caps. (Check out here on Pinterest) this one is for not only eyecare professionals and … [Read more...]