Energy Efficient Office and Vehicle Tax Credits

The following are some helpful hints- which not only can save you money in the home but in the office as well  For more information- go to Alliance to Save Energy- which has tons of great information  "President Bush has signed into law new consumer tax credits for energy efficiency home improvements, as well as purchases of plug-in hybrid … [Read more...]

Saving Energy is Good Business

        Eye Bogglers The average California small business spends almost double the national average on electricity bills! By making energy efficiency upgrades, businesses can reduce annual energy use by 30% and enjoy smaller electric bills. Optical Business Benefits  Save Money-  By switching machines off after use, or … [Read more...]

Happy Green and Save $$$ Year

As we go into 2009 and start making New Year's Resolution's- I hope you will consider adding a little 'Green' into your year. A few simple and easy (and money saving) things you can do for 2009  1.) Precycle- Tp precycle, choose products that have minimal packaging or create less waste.  Buy products that can be recycled  2.) Buy in … [Read more...]

Green and Save- Office Furniture

  True Confession- I am becoming obessed with free stuff. My friends all roll their eyes at me- but for some reason, I have to go on Craig's list everyday to check out what is free. There are tons of free desks, conference tables, office chairs - one office was giving away 20 desks and chairs! Last week, another office was giving away a … [Read more...]

The Paperless Challenge – 10 Reasons to go Paperless

A couple things happened over the last month that I thought were absolutely great. First, I was at the Doctor, and she electronically sent her Rx right to the pharmacy- no paper and no waiting at the Pharmacy. The next- I got my first Dental Recall via email! and guess what, I replied with dates and set my appt up. How easy was that!  People … [Read more...]

Toxins in the Office

How Clean and Toxin Free is Your Office ? How you clean your home and the products you use is a personal decision. But when it comes to the office, you owe it to your patients to provide a clean, toxin free environment. Did you Know? That cleaning products are responsible for 10% of the poison calls to the Poison Center? Many of your … [Read more...]

Save Money with Less Water

Believe it or not, water is not a limitless resource. As many of you already know, many parts of the country are facing droughts and water rationing. Not only that, the water supply is becoming increasingly polluted due to many different reasons that all have to do with humans not taking care of the environment. If you want to know what you are … [Read more...]