Green Optical Vendors- Essilor

I found this article by Armstrong on Essilor- recycling their ceilings. (old article) but it let's you know that Essilor does not 'Greenwash" ! 'Essilor of America, one of the country's largest manufacturers of contact and other corrective lenses, focused its attention on the environment recently by recycling its old acoustical ceiling tiles … [Read more...]

Top 11 Ways to Reuse Contact Lens Cases

Thousands of contact lens cases go into landfills every year. In order to keep that non-Biodegradable plastic out of landfills we have come up with a few ways that you can reuse or up-cycle contact lens cases. The best thing you can do is continue to reuse within your patients. Cleaning and sterilizing old contact lens cases is a very, very good … [Read more...]

Eco- Friendly Eyewear Store in Singapore

       Nanyang Optical,  Aims to reduce adverse environmental impacts and advocate corporate social responsibility and awareness. They also have the social commitment to work towards a sustainable environment, thus we decided to embark on converting to “GREEN” eyewear shops by launching eco-friendly eyewear made of recycled materials … [Read more...]

Teklite- Eco Friendly Lenses From Frames Direct

These lenses are from Frames Direct- 'The Teklite production process reclaims more than 90% of the plastic left over from the initial injection molding stage of lens making for secondary uses such as automobile and toy manufacturing.' The appeal: The Eco Friendly Consumer which is over 50% of the marketplace today. The reason why I put this … [Read more...]

In Office Vegetable Garden- Dual Purposing

                      I saw this and thought how great is this for the office! Most optical offices already have plants, why not have dual purpose plants! Grow vegetables, give them to staff, patients, have healthy meals- and increase your Talk Factor, plus purify the air! The Aero Grow Garden is a complete kit that … [Read more...]

Motorola and The First Carbon Free Certified Phone

                        Motorola has just released  the world's first carbon-neutral phone made from recycled water bottles. In an alliance with Carbon, Motorola will offset the carbon dioxide required to manufacture, distribute and operate the phone. The phone earned its CarbonFree Product Certification … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Recycling – Greening Your Optical Business

I just took 20 pair of old glasses to a Lions Club drop off center- It was sad to see them go. I loved many of them, but as much of an eyewear fashionista that I am- 20 pair could go to people much more needier than I. I did keep some old vintage styles, which someday I will publish, as they are fun and unusual. Many of you and your patients … [Read more...]

Green and Save- Eco Printing

          Paper, Paper everywhere and not a ..... In an ideal world, the patient would come in fill out all the forms in a device like UPS has, you hook it up to your computer, it downloads instantly all the contact info, HIPPA forms, insurance programs. No typing, no data input, no paper! We are getting there - but every time … [Read more...]

Telecommuting- Is it Right for You?

Gas Prices are rising again, the potential for your staff to look for work closer to home is greater, staff and you come into the office frazzled (or late) due to traffic and perhaps traffic accidents, staff want to leave early to miss the traffic. Is Telecommuting an option for you? With the Internet and electronic data it is easier to connect … [Read more...]

Visionease Sustainability Statement

This is very impressive! Visionease Sustainability Statement As of March 1, 2008, all VEL products manufactured in its Ramsey, Minn.-facility are being made with 100 percent renewable energy. Beyond setting a new standard in the lens industry, VEL commitment to sustainability marks one of the largest industrial companies with 100 … [Read more...]

Lighting Made with Recycled Optical Materials

You have the Lions Club box, but still there is a lot of waste thrown away from old lenses, broken eyeglasses and demo lenses. Even through plastic is recyclable, you don't know if it is a #1,2,3,4,5,6 to know if your waste management will take it. Believe it or not old frames and lenses can be repurposed into a variety of fun and unique … [Read more...]

Health and Beauty- Non-Toxic Opportunities

As I was smearing lotion and makeup on last night in preparation for New Years Eve- I got to thinking how do cosmetics effect my eye health?  Everybody uses some kind of beauty product, from toothpaste, shampoo and makeup. According to the Environmental Working Group " The 10,500 unique chemical ingredients in these products equate to about one of … [Read more...]

Green Optical Vendors – The Consumer Wants to Know

I am an admitted treehugger, but this is not about me- this is about the consumer who wants to know who is green in the eyecare industry and who do they support. Go to Green Girls Global and check out the comments if you don't think it matters. So I thought I would do a post on who's doing what in the Environmental Arena. The following companies … [Read more...]

Green and Save on Office Supplies

I recently received an email from an OD- who said he didn't believe in the Global Warming. Either does my brother for that matter- but greening your office supplies doesn't have to be about Global Warming, it's about saving money, providing a Toxin Free Office for your staff and patients with the added benefit of looking out for the environment. So … [Read more...]

Medical Sharps- an Optical Opportunity?

Tuesday nights are reserved for playing cards with the GOB's (Great Old Biddies) The youngest in the group is 72 and the oldest is 93. Recently they just found out they can't throw 'Sharpies' (syringes) in the trash. Two of the women don't drive and another two use needles for diabetes. They don't know what to do with their needles, and don't have … [Read more...]