Adlens Launches Partnership With Fight For Sight

October 8th, 2015 - Adlens®, the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear, is marking World Sight Day by announcing a new and exciting partnership with Fight for Sight, the UK’s leading eye research charity.  In the first year of an anticipated long-term partnership, Adlens has committed to raising funds that will go towards research into the … [Read more...]

Clearvision Launches Breast Cancer Research Eyewear

Eyewear industry leader ClearVision Optical introduces Ellen Tracy readers, a limited edition collection of four ready readers designed to benefit breast cancer research. Over the past several years, ClearVision has raised well over $400,000 in support of breast cancer research. Passionate about raising awareness for this cause, ClearVision … [Read more...]

12 Upcycled Optical Lens Sculptures

Every year we do a reclaimed lenses or eyewear work of art post for Earth Day. This year we scoured google up to page 12 to find some unique works that artisans over the world are creating.  Here it is our annual listing of upcycled Eyewear and or eyeglass lenses works of art. 1.) Kylie-Fleur's "Self-Replication", an Installation of thousands of … [Read more...]

Eyeglasses Made From Upcycled Computers

Eyewear Art comes in all forms we are loving the look of computer eyewear vis a vis art sculptures. The USA generated over 2.4 million tons of e-waste in 2012. That e-waste contains harmful toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium that leak into our waters. Which is why your a seeing more and more electronic recycling events. Fortunately today, you … [Read more...]

Eleven Eclectic Eyeglass Sculptures

Every year, we do a round up of eyeglass lamps-chandeliers. I know I have missed a few that were posted in some of the forums. This might be somewhat of a trend, not just the reuse part, but taking some of your vintage goods and creating shady sculptures. They are eye-catching, create a talk factor, unique and show a fantastic reuse story. 1.) … [Read more...]

11 Ways To Stash Sunglasses

We love sunglasses and have many pairs for all of our lifestyle needs. The question arises where to put them all? We love these creative ways to show off your sunglasses and make them part of your decor. All of the below are interesting creative reuse ideas and could cost you nothing, just a little time. 1.) We just found this type of hanger … [Read more...]

Margherita Marchioni Reclaimed Eyeglass Art

Italian artist, Margherita Marchioni is known for her Found Object Art. She created a series of art reusing old eyeglasses and lenses. Morphing Everyday objects into works of art. 'Through this metamorphosis, I try to draw the viewer in to take a closer look at materials and objects that ordinarily go unnoticed and see them in a new … [Read more...]

Upcycled Optical Lens Art Sculpture By Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch

This is interesting, a welded metal bra reusing up cycled optical lenses. You can even see one that is a bifocal. Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch makes art from found objects. This is what she says: 'I see the beauty in common objects and hope that others will too. I use everyday items like steel nuts, washers, vinyl plumbing tubing, clamps and coke cans … [Read more...]

David Datuna Viewpoint of Billions Reusing Optical Lenses

David Datuna, is known for his artwork using reclaimed optical lenses. His series of art is called  Viewpoint of Millions made headlines and his latest work Viewpoint of  Billions incorporate Google Glass. Collages of images photography, newspaper articles are overlaid with optical lenses. A little more … [Read more...]

DIY Keep Your Shades Warm Knitting Project

This winter has been full of cold surprises and nothing is worse than frozen glasses. This little DIY project look like a sweater over your sunglasses and we love the thought of our favorite shades or eyewear staying warm and safe. Via Trendhunter  and Tethys Handmade  … [Read more...]

3 DIY Stitchworthy Shades

The viral news of the day back in 2013 Was Ulyana Sergeenko Embroidered Sunglasses for Spring 2013. Since that time Stitchers everywhere had demonstrated this is NOT that unique and it is a fun craft that will keep you in stitches. Whether you want to call it Embroidery or Cross Stitch, you can either download or purchase eyeglass patterns … [Read more...]

World Of Senses Art Project

When I first saw these mirrored lenses, my first thought was great.. this will make a good post about mirrored lenses. The more I looked at them, I realized these would make a better post on the importance of an annual Eye Exam. These wonder works of nature could never been seen if you don't take care of your eyes. Chinese Photographer Huainan … [Read more...]

A&A Optical Celebrates America Recycles Day

A&A Optical actually did this fun eyewear reuse for Earth Day and somehow it did not get posted. No problem, America Recycles Day is November 15 and they had a great time re-purposing all those broken frames and temples.  I love all of them and what a great way to reuse broken parts and even use them in frame displays. Recyle. Reuse. … [Read more...]

Santinelli’s 4th Year For Habitat For Humanity

October, 2014, Hauppauge, NY – The associates at Santinelli International donned their work clothes and grabbed their tools for their 4th Habitat for Humanity Home Build on October 4, 2014. In addition to donating their time and skills, associates raised the funds required for build materials needed on site at the Long Island, NY home. … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Lens Sculptures By Rhona Gedge

How many sunglass lenses do you thrown away? Inside of throwing them away you can send them to Rhona Gedge an artist who is reusing optical lenses and creating optical lens sculptures. These were made with recycled lenses. some with prescriptions in there which will change the perception of the view.  She says: 'I am intrigued by how the eye works, … [Read more...]