A&A Optical Celebrates America Recycles Day

A&A Optical actually did this fun eyewear reuse for Earth Day and somehow it did not get posted. No problem, America Recycles Day is November 15 and they had a great time re-purposing all those broken frames and temples.  I love all of them and what a great way to reuse broken parts and even use them in frame displays. Recyle. Reuse. … [Read more...]

Santinelli’s 4th Year For Habitat For Humanity

October, 2014, Hauppauge, NY – The associates at Santinelli International donned their work clothes and grabbed their tools for their 4th Habitat for Humanity Home Build on October 4, 2014. In addition to donating their time and skills, associates raised the funds required for build materials needed on site at the Long Island, NY home. … [Read more...]

Upcycled Eyewear Chandelier From ClearVision Optical

Not to be outdone, Clearvision Optical shows us how they reused non- salable eyeglasses in this amazing chandelier. This would be cool for any eyecare office. One hanging light, bicycle wheels and some chains.. Very cool and eye-grabbing! We Love It. For more ways to reuse Eyeglasses and Lenses visit our Pinterest Board on Reuse and Recycle … [Read more...]

Eye-Catching Wreath Made With Sunglasses

You have to love this Holiday wreath made with eyewear. This is from a Flickr Group called Shades To Wear, Time to Share. believe this was in the window of a Sunglass Hut. This would be a fun thing to make for any season and any type of old eyewear. Great eyewear reuse.   … [Read more...]

America Recycles Day: 12 Ways To Recycle Optical Lenses

November 15th is America Recycles Day. A Day in which to bring attention and motivate people to recycle. Eyecare professionals are in a unique position to help the world globally to see by encouraging patients to recycle their lenses, readers and eyewear to organizations like the Lions Club.  I think we all know how important Vision … [Read more...]

The Vision Council Sustainability Committee Helps Green And Save Initiatives

For the last several years, I have been lucky to be able to attend The Vision Council Sustainability Committee. This committee is fairly new, and it's primary focus is to put together a community of labs to 'reduce waste and improves energy efficiency while maintaing or improving service to the end customer. The solutions strive to be sustainable, … [Read more...]

Back To School Community Out-Reaches To Greeks And Geeks

Back to school time offers many networking and community out reach programs for eyecare professionals. While you may not be in the kids biz and stocking kids eyewear, there are opportunities to reach out with local sororities and fraternities. I know my niece was in a Sororities and they were very active in community outreach. Dr. Vincent Young … [Read more...]

Shady Sculptures Made With Trash Toys

You gotta love this. Artist Freya Jobbins made these sculptures from cast off toys. If you look closely, it's mainly doll parts, plastic solders. How fun!             Source: Funny Photo Share … [Read more...]

541 Gotti Sunglasses Made Into A Chandelier

Wow, this Chandelier was made with 541 Gotti Sunglasses to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I don't know if these were old, but what a great way to reuse sunglasses and eyeglasses. … [Read more...]

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is Monday, April 22 and will be celebrated by 192 countries around the world. It is likely that your city is also participating in this global event. There are many things that you can do as an eyecare professional, from donating profits, having an eyeglass donation drive, providing free eye exams to those in need, to clean up … [Read more...]

Reuse Spectacles- Lions Club Night of Spectacles

As most of us know, the Lions Club has been collecting eyeglasses for years and distributing them to those in need. The Georgia Lions Lighthouse organizes every year in April, a Night of Spectacles in which budding student designers get to showcase their upcycled and spectacular fashions. In 2012 the Georgia Lions raised $229,000+ for Georgia's … [Read more...]

Wood And Skate Deck Eyewear Listing

Wood Eyewear is a huge trend and every year in April we update our list of Wood Eyewear companies. When we first started it was about 15  companies and as you can see the list has grown. This does not include the occasional wood sunglass from designers such as Louie Vuitton, Anne Et Valentin (limited Edition) Many of the wood companies offer … [Read more...]

Reuse Lenses: Wacky Eyeglass Decor

Ran across this wonderful quirky example of reclaimed optical lenses (reused) decor with the featured (Eyeglass Chandelier) See more pictures of this fun, fun house here.         … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Eyecare- Lifestyle Medicine

Ellen Troyer of Biostyntrx wrote this excellent article on the growing incidence of self-inflicted disease and the dire need to start treating the cause as well as the symptoms.  The body of scientific evidence is growing that suggests lifestyle intervention is an essential component in the treatment of chronic disease (including eye disease), and … [Read more...]

Getting Ready For Earth Day

For more and more consumers, every day is a day to live green. According to a recent article in Advertising Age magazine, sales of environmentally friendly merchandise reached more than $40 billion last year. And for many products — from clothing to paper goods, cars to packaging — about half of Americans polled would be willing to pay extra for a … [Read more...]