Eyeglasses for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Patients

Haifa, Israel (PRWEB) November 3, 2008 -- Studies performed over the last few years show many Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients no longer have to live with a meandering or unsteady gait caused by their disease. According to a study published in the highly acclaimed medical journal "Neurology", closed-loop visual feedback helps MS patients improve … [Read more...]

Demodex Mites and Dry Eyes

Long-term studies of Demodex and its role in chronic blepharits have been carried out in recent years.  Demodex are intradermal parasites that thrive in hair follicles, meibomian and sebaceous glands.  Demodex is spread through direct contact and probably by dust that contains eggs. Demodex folliculorum is the tiny parasitic mite that lives … [Read more...]

Computer Eye Strain

1. GET AN EYE EXAM! This is the most important thing you can do to prevent or treat computer vision problems. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), computer users should have an eye exam before they start working on a computer and once per year thereafter. What is … [Read more...]

Red Wine and Eyewear Jewelry

The best news I’ve heard in a long time. Because I’m really much more than just a fashion conscious jewelry designer, I read about other important things as well. I recently came across the following article that caught my attention.  Troy Bedinghaus, O.D., in his About.com, Guide to Vision blog, reports that “Red Wine May Ward Off … [Read more...]

Do-It-Yourself Eye Test

SoloHealth's EyeSite Kiosk project in partnership with Optos and Transitions Optical. This story run by CNBC about Do-It-Yourself Health Care and Do-It-Yourself Eye Test is very interesting. These kiosks are in test market in several Atlanta grocery and drug stores. We think anything that increases the consumers awareness of eye care is good. … [Read more...]

Fireworks Pose Danger to Eyes

With the 4th of July coming up- it's important to remind your patient about Fireworks and injuries, in particular eye injuries.  According to Dr. Marty Schneider, therapeutic optometrist, about 6,400 Americans are treated annually for fireworksrelated injuries during the Fourth of July holiday period. Of those, almost 1,300 are treated for injuries … [Read more...]

Eye Health Updates

A quick synopsis of Eye Health Updates  4% of Older US Men have Dry Eye Disease Boston—Dry eye disease is common among American men aged more than 50 years and its prevalence increases with age, high blood pressure, benign prostrate disease, and the use of antidepressants, according to a report in the June issue of Archives of … [Read more...]

Stem Cells Used in Contact Lens to Restore Sight

In a world-first breakthrough, UNSW medical researchers have used stem cells cultured on a simple contact lens to restore sight to sufferers of blinding corneal disease. To Read the Article click here  … [Read more...]

Foodies, Friends & Sustainable Fish

I love the Friday Pearls from Biosyntrx "I  gave a small mid-week dinner party for a group of nutrition-obsessed, molecular biologist/biochemist friends.  The evening was a huge success - food and otherwise.  We began the evening on my Cheyenne Mountain back porch toasting the end of a challenging academic year with a lemony-crisp flute of Napa … [Read more...]

In California You Can Get Latisse From Your Dentist!

  In another ground breaking ruling, Licensed Optometrists in California cannot prescribe Latisse for hypotrichosis of the eyelashes. Yet the Dentist next door can! From The California State Board of Optometry  QUESTION PRESENTED: Can a licensed optometrist who is TPA-certified prescribe the drug "Latisse" as a treatment for hypotrichosis of … [Read more...]

UV Protection and Healthy Vision

UV Protection and Healthy Vision by Dallas Erickson, Marketing Manager, Soderberg Palm trees standing tall above you, the soft ocean breeze tickling your hair, an ice cold beverage and the sun warming your face, what could sound more relaxing? Being that I am from the Midwest, that sounds like paradise to me but something is definitely missing, … [Read more...]

Our First Nutraceutical Sponsor-Biosyntrx! Yeah!!!

One of the great things about doing this site is meeting all sorts of great people. Ellen Troyer- of Biosyntrx is one of those interesting and vibrant women- who you just can't wait to meet. She is funny, smart and extremely knowledgeable about eye health and nutraceuticals! I don't know about you- but I get so confused about what to take and what … [Read more...]

The Truth About Fish Oils by Biosyntrx

  We at The Optical Vision Site have just subscribed to Friday Pearls from BioSyntrx- a weekly nutritional support update. As the importance of alternative, holistic medicines and nutraceuticals have grown, we need to be able to separate the hype from the truth. A good source is Friday Pearls a FREE weekly newsletter from BioSyntrx. This is from … [Read more...]

Drug Releasing Contact Lens for Glaucoma Patients

Med Gag The team of MIT, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and Children's Hospital have developed a hydrogel lens with a polymer film inside that contains medication. The medication is released from the contact lens gradually and can be controlled by altering the properties of the Polymer file and lens.  Several other research groups have … [Read more...]

Eye Health Updates-Medical News Today

From Medical News Today  NanoViricides, Inc Announces New Herpes Keratitis Study- announced that it has signed a pre-Clinical study agreement for the evaluation of NanoViricides' drug candidate for herpes keratitis of the eye. To read the full article click here  Age- Related Eye Disease May Be Associated With Cognitive Impairment- Older … [Read more...]