Eating For Eye Health

This story came to us from the New York Times: Eating a diet rich in leafy vegetables, nuts and fish and low in starchy carbohydrates appears to lower risk for age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of severe vision loss in people over 50. The findings, published this month in the journal Ophthalmology, is the first to … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid of Bloodshot Eyes

Getting rid of bloodshot eyes will depend on the cause of the redness. Use topical antihistamines to get rid of redness from allergies, ocular lubricant to get rid of redness from dry eye, or topical antibiotics to get rid of redness from infections. Treat the root cause of bloodshot eyes with help from an ophthalmologist in this free video on eye … [Read more...]

Color Blindness and Computers

This is an interesting Article by Colourlovers, on what color blind people see.  Even more interesting- is the Color Blind Web Page Filter- which allows you to adjust the computer screen to be able to see better.  Eye Bogglers:  7% Of males cannot tell red from green or see red and green differently  .4% Of females cannot tell red from … [Read more...]

Do You Need To Wear Sunglasses?

It's always scary to find out what 'Dr.'s' are saying. Here- Dr. Mercola advises against wearing Sunglasses. If you plug into Google, 'Do You Need to Wear Sunglasses?" this video shows up first. Your patient may have listened to this video and probably won't tell you that he heard on a YouTube Video that there is no need to wear sunglasses. In … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana Requests Jump

Does Medical Marijuana assist in treatment of Glaucoma?  Eye Openers or in this case- Red Eye Openers Glaucoma ranks among the most frequently cited reasons for using medical marijuana and is one of the indications for which the federal government once granted permission for compassionate marijuana use  There is evidence that … [Read more...]

Eyecare and Artificial Eyes

Ocularist- Trained technician skilled in fitting, shaping and painting ocular Prosthees.  A video showing an ocularist at work --- making and fitting artificial eyes Eye Bogglers According to research, every year ten people lose their sight due to fireworks and over half of all firework related injuries are suffered by children. In … [Read more...]

Walking For Eye Health

We are really big on preventive medicine and promoting eye health. In an earlier article we spoke about prescribing a proper eye health regime. One thing you can add to your eye health talk is walking. Walking is A FREE daily exercise that is not only good for eye health but whole body health as well. A fun way to introduce Walking into your Eye … [Read more...]

Latisse- An Optical Opportunity?

    Latisse by Allergan (who introduced Botox) - is a Rx Treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes. Allergan is predicting in the long run that women 'will not blink at spending $120 for a one-month, 2 milliliter supply of the drug, comparing the cost of longer lashes to a daily cup of coffee' Eye Bogglers:  Consumer … [Read more...]

Healthy Eye Treatment

With all the health issues today- how many optical professionals discuss preventive eye health with patients? Is every staff member aware of the following eye health basics? Not only is this good information to be discussed at a staff meeting, but it could be an opportunity to enhance your patient relations.  Put an abbreviated list on the back of … [Read more...]

Types of Color Blindness

I came across some interesting sites about Color Blindness: Never really thought about this before- how does a color blind person pick out glasses? Do all color blind people know they are color blind?  Vision Simulator- Is a site about the causes of color. Offers some images and you input your 'stimulation' and the picture changes under Normal, … [Read more...]

Eye Piercing- a Wacky Opportunity?

I get spooked just looking at these pics- It's just scary about all that could happen to your sight. Some of these Eye Piercing are being done at home. If you are interested in this opportunity - you can offer it in your office!   For a more graphic look Check out Cool Pics (even a … [Read more...]

Green Eye Exercises Help with Eye Strain

I actually followed along with this video- really worked! Should have it running all day!  The secret at Do you have computer eye strain or drowsiness? Try doing these holistic eye health methods to get healthier and more alive. … [Read more...]

Eyes Reveal Health Secrets

  The eyes may be the windows to the soul, but they also make pretty good peepholes into the brain. Thanks to an optical version of ultrasound, it is becoming possible to locate and monitor the growth of brain tumours, and to track neurodegenerative conditions like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease - all by peering into … [Read more...]

Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month- April

As I was applying makeup the other day (a rare thing, because I can't see) and poked my eye- got to thinking, do you discuss makeup application with your patients? Do you look at their makeup to determine whether it's safe to use? Some make-up contains lead and other toxic ingredients that people may have a reaction to. The Problems: Allergic … [Read more...]

Video Camera- Transmitter in Prosthetic Eye

EYEBORG-- The Two Week Trial from eyeborg on Vimeo. This is pretty amazing -Take a one eyed film maker, an unemployed engineer, and a vision for something that's never been done before and you have yourself the EyeBorg Project. Rob Spence and Kosta Grammatis are trying to make history by embedding a video camera and a transmitter in a prosthetic … [Read more...]