100 of the Oldest Eyewear Companies In The World

I was on Wikipedia looking up the oldest Eyewear Companies and thought, that isn't right. I decided to do a little investigating  on who are the oldest eyewear companies in the world. Eyewear companies include eyewear manufacturers, optical lenses, optical-eyewear equipment and a few others.  Visiting many different companies sites and Facebook … [Read more...]

100 Years Of Disruptive Innovators in Eyecare History

We started a game-changing optical timeline and quickly realized that to gather all game-changers or AKA 'disruptive innovators' in eyecare over the last 100 years is a monumental process. That said, we have not included all innovations in: surgical procedures, medical technology, lab equipment, medical equipment, eyewear, contact lenses, lenses, … [Read more...]

Eyecare Museums Around The World

If you like museums and memories to post about, why not visit some of the Eyewear and Eyecare Museums around the world? China Shanghai Eyeglasses Museum- China Address: No. 533 Baochang Rd., Zhabei District. http://science.shanghaidaily.com/pdf/eyeglassesENG.pdf. Thousands of pairs of glasses and other eyewear in its collection, ranging … [Read more...]

A Wise Xmas Decision: Give Better Vision

Since 1955 eyecare organizations have promoted the Gift Giving in the form of Eye Exams for Christmas. This Vintage Ad from the Better Vision Institute says a wise Xmas decision give better vision... the gift that really keeps on giving. It's HSA time, end of the year, use it or lose it. Eye Exams are great gifts, the gift of sight. Let your … [Read more...]

Vintage Alpina Talking Sunglasses Reminds Us To Fall Back

It's that time again, that we change our clocks to Fall Back. We found some very cool vintage Alpina Sunglasses called 'Time Is Tight' the perfect fashion accessory to wear on November 6, 2016. The eyewear features clocks on the temples with Time is Tight inscribed on the inside. The collection comes from the Alpina Talking Glasses series circa … [Read more...]

The New Eyewear Classic: Aleutian Eyewear

It occurred to me after 100's of years, that Eskimo/Inuit/Aleut Eyewear is a classic. Some could even call it Retro. Eskimo Eyewear dates back 2000 years to the first ivory snow goggles found in Alaska. Made from ivory, skin, wood, leather, the shades were wrapped around the face with two eyehole slits. People wore these to prevent snow blindness … [Read more...]

Retrospective: Upswept Eyeglasses

History is said to repeat itself and we see that in eyewear trends. The Harlequin look is the Cat-Eye (1940's) and the Upswept lens look from Solamar is back. One look is that has come back is the over the top lens look. We first see the look in Sol Amor's sunglasses circa 1945. Pointy lenses make a dramatic statement. Neostyle eyewear … [Read more...]

Eyewear Trends: The Onesie Lens

Just because you can't Rx a frame, doesn't mean that eyecare professionals shouldn't sell it or offer it to their customers. Case in point: The Onesie Lens. Most people think of a onesie as a one piece infant garment. Onesies are also adult jumpsuits which became popular in the late 2000's to 2010's. Re-introduced by the band Jumping Jammerz and … [Read more...]

Dove Eyewear For International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace is September 21, 2016. Aside from the Peace Symbol, doves have been used as a symbol of love and peace symbol by many cultures starting with early Christians. To pay homage to this important and wished for day we found some Vintage Dove Sunglasses made by Anglo American in the 1960's. According to Vintage … [Read more...]

For The Love Of Eyewear: Selling Vintage

Dead Stock, Heritage, Heirloom, Vintage, Retro, Antique, Iconic, whatever you choose to call it, Real vintage and antique eyewear is hot. As I was looking for companies that sold current products with vintage, I notices that many 'Vintage Eyewear' places did not even offer Vintage Frames. What's up with that? Which brings up the question, what … [Read more...]

Video: Evolution Of The Eye

This new video is about the evolution of the human eye.  Narrated by scientist Alom Shaha, it outlines how each part of the eye has formed, challenging the concept of "Irreducible Complexity". The video also highlights protecting eyes against modern dangers such as over exposure to blue light. Also included  some tips about preventing eye … [Read more...]

History of Sunwear In The Olympics

The Olympics have been around for 100's of years but the birth of modern Olympics was in 1898.  While many athetes wore sunglasses it appears that the major participant in Olympic Eyewear and Sunwear was RayBan, then Vuarnet. You can still find their Olympic Eyewear on ebay and vintage eyewear sites. Probably the best source of vintage olympic … [Read more...]

1932 Video Of Spectacles Through The Ages

We all love vintage eyewear videos. This video starts with a man dressed as Roger Baker holding large magnifying glass. The commentator tells us he is suspected by many to be the real inventor of spectacles. Then there is a man dressed as Samuel Pepys, he wore glasses with green lenses. Then a man as Isaac Newton looking at globe of the world. The … [Read more...]

Frieda Kahlo Eyewear

Frieda Kahlo born July 6, 1907  died July 14- 1954. One of my heroes is is Frieda Kahlo. This is a woman who overcame pain a life of pain to become one of the most famous women artists of all times. Married to Diego Riveria, their open marriage and affairs were no secret. Both were brilliant and flamboyant. Frieda Kahlo lived a short life and we … [Read more...]

History Of Great Britain’s Olympic Eyewear

Of all the countries, I would say that Great Britain has done the best job of creating and marketing eyewear for the Olympics. Maybe it is because Great Britain's flag is represented on so many other flags or because there are so many companies in Great Britain that manufacture eyewear or the fact they hosted the summer Olympics four times over the … [Read more...]