Designer Database- Bookmark This Page

We all know the typical designers, Christian Dior, Coach, Gucci..... Today so many designers are launching their own eyewear and sunglass lines, I mean who are these people!!! Every time I see a new name, I go to Wikipedia and have to find out who they are. My newest discovery is a Designer Database called Fashion Windows who lists designers and a … [Read more...]

Optometrist In Training Blog- SCCO

Here is an interesting blog from a 'new' optometrist' at SCCO. Optometrist in Training. For those who are thinking about optometry school or maybe want to relive their youth- take a read. An excerpt: "Orientation day started at 7:30AM-5:00PM. Since I do not live in Fullerton, I had to commute. My commute is not very far and there was no traffic … [Read more...]

New Optical Wholesale Directory Launched

Introducing a new and I believe one of a kind Optical Wholesale Directory- Optical Vision Resources. We did this for several reasons- one because I have wanted to do this for a couple of years, and although there is all sorts of optical directories, I don't believe any of them are as complete as this one. We wanted a one-two click source for all … [Read more...]

Local Eye Site- Good Optical Resource

Local Eye Site (LES) improves the quality of eye care through enhancing communication, increasing educational opportunities, and fostering professional development in eye care. Founded by Brad McCorkle, a former Senior Medical Sales Representative for a leading eye care company, LES is committed to serving the industry from a personal and local … [Read more...]

Optician Association of America (OAA)

In the old days, most opticians were part of an Optician Association. In San Diego, we had monthly meetings, annual conventions and it was considered a 'must' to be a member of your local society and  the Optician Association of America. Today Professional Associations are the most forgotten and misunderstood career, educational and development … [Read more...]

New Sponsor – The Vision Council

We are delighted to have The Vision Council as a sponsor. As many of you already know, The Vision Council offers a wide variety of resources and tools to help members succeed in their businesses, from optical research to training to optical industry networking events. The Vision Council is a voice for the supply side of the optical industry, serves … [Read more...]

Optical Women Organizations

Optical Women Association To enhance and promote the leadership role of women in the ophthalmic industry through networking and peer support. Women of Vision Online Is professional organization designed to create opportunities for educating, mentoring, and networking dedicated to helping women optometrists be proactive in defining … [Read more...]

Eyeglass Resources

Frames Data Optisearch … [Read more...]

Research Resources

Eye Mac Market Scope National Eye Institute National Organization of Rare Disorders Ocular Disease Opthalmology Schepens Eye Research Institute Vision 20-20 Vision Science Contact Lenses Today E-Mail NewsletterEye & Contact Lens: Science and Clinical PracticeNational Talking Newspapers and Magazines, UKNova Southeastern … [Read more...]

Government Optical Resources

Clinical Practice Guidelines National Library of Medicine US Department of Health and Human Services US Food and Drug Adminstration … [Read more...]

Optical Trade Magazines- Links

Listing of eyecare and optical industry trade magazines and links Optical Trade Magazines Agingeye Times Archives Of Ophthalmology 20/20 Magazine (Jobson) American Journal Of Ophthamology Business Essentials (Jobson) Click (Jobson) Contact Lens Spectrum Digital Atlas Of OphthalmologyThe Digital Atlas of Ophthalmology is a … [Read more...]

State Optical Associations

State Associations Alabama Alabama Board Of Optometry Alabama Academy Of Ophthalmology Alabama Optometric Association Alaska Alaska Board Of Examiners In Optometry Alaska Board Of Dispensing Opticians Alaska Optometric Physicians Association Arizona Arizona State Board Of Optometry Arizona Ophthalmological … [Read more...]

Licensing Boards of Opticianary

Licensing Boards of Opticianary Alaska Board Of Dispensing Opticians American Board Of Opticianry Arkansas Board Of Dispensing Opticians Commission On Opticianry Accreditation Connecticut Licensing Information Center Contact Lens Dispensing Permit Program Florida State Board Of Opticianry Georgia … [Read more...]

Licensing Boards- Optometry

Licensing Boards of Optometry Alabama Board Of Optometry Alaska Board Of Examiners In Optometry Arizona State Board Of Optometry Arkansas State Board Of Optometry Association Of Regulatory Boards Of Optometry California Board Of Optometry Connecticut State Board Of Optometry Delaware Board Of … [Read more...]

Schools For Opticians

National listing of optician schools in the United States, providing optical educations, surfacing lab skills and general eyecare knowledge these may not be all the schools, check out local resources if not listed Master Degree - Master Degree Online Guide To Schools Canada BC College of Optics (Surrey BC, Canada) Northern Alberta … [Read more...]