Helping Employees Adapt to Change

We always enjoy the OWA's One Minute Mentor emails and thought we would share this one as it is particularly relevant during this challenging economic period. Helping Employees Adapt to Change by Audrey Pavia, Vice President of Marketing at Tura, Inc: We all face change – more often than not. Staff changes, downsizing, reorganizing and cost … [Read more...]

The Value Of Liking Or Loving Your Job

Another great weekly post from one of our favorites Doug Fleener. Please read through to the end, which has a great exercise in evalutating whether or not you Love or Like your job and better yet discover if others like or love and how it effects buying habits. "You can't deliver good service from unhappy employees."  - Tony Hsieh When the … [Read more...]

The Business Of Eyecare: How To Delegate

If the one takeway from the Business of Eyecare was this gem on how and what to delegate, you saved yourself hours a day! How hours a day do you make decisions, do tasks that not only wear you down but others can do? It can be a heavy burden and the reality is many of those tasks/decision can be delegated to someone else. Steps To … [Read more...]

Who Is Your Mentor? Honor Your Mentors

Steve Jobs was a shining example of a visionary, a mentor, a person who through sheer will and the force of his mind, changed an industry and created a new one. iMatters a optical recruiting company just posted an article on who is your mentor, and for those who have been lucky to have a mentor, please share your stories on this post. Click the … [Read more...]

Tip Of The Day: Developing Style

'Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.'(John Fairchild) I have been pondering this question after watching crowds of teetering, tubed girls lined up at Tao (nightclub) at Vision Expo. 100's of girls were dressed the same, tight tube dress, really high cloggly shoes, long … [Read more...]

Overloaded And It Doesn’t Feel Good- or TMI

We live in the information age. For many of us, even those who practically live on their computers, we live in the Too Much Information age. Let's review a few numbers here. There are on average 50 million Twitter tweets each and every day. That is about 600 per second. There are over 60 million status updates on Facebook every day, or roughly 700 … [Read more...]

Are Entitled Employees Draining?

My husband manages a fast pitch travel team and recently dealt with unhappy parents. While the majority of the team believes in being competitive and playing hard, one parent feels that their child should be able to play all the positions. Their request was expressed as a sense of entitlement, full of frustration, and regardless of the child’s … [Read more...]

Building Employee Engagement

Guest Post  by Mary Crisafulli of ClearVision Optical: Building Employee Engagement Through Wellness Wellness: This simple word incorporates many facets that affect our whole being: how we work, how we play, how we live. As leaders we need to begin to acknowledge the importance of keeping our employees holistically healthy – physically, … [Read more...]

Dealing With SOME-BO

I don't know about you, but I have a case of SOME-BO (Social Media Burnout). Between Google Alerts,  Twitter, Facebook, LInked In, Branch-out, Buzz, Google+, Klout, Digg, Stumbleupon, AddThis,  Redditt... all the forums, email... I login 7 days a week and usually post something somewhere. I know blogging is our chosen way to be a productive, tax … [Read more...]

Shorter Emails?

VisionWeb launched this nice little blog and because I love this info so much am reposting an article.  You can subscribe to their blog here Email is Convenient and Efficient? Email makes communicating convenient and efficient, right? But do you ever feel like you have so much email, you'll never get through it all? If … [Read more...]

The Biggest Hiring Mistakes

We read an article about hiring mistakes in U.S. Vision's Supervisor Support and we would like to share some of it with our readers: Hiring the right people is critical for any business but especially for a small company with relatively few employees (like an independent optical retailer for example). Hiring mistakes not only waste time and … [Read more...]

Excellent Video on Writing A Social Media Company Policy

Dan Feldman at DBA Communications, sent us this great video on 10 points for writing a company social media policy. Even though this is from the department of Justice in Austrialia, it it pretty obvious they have the same issues as everyone else. I think you can get the point.   … [Read more...]

Leadership Lessons From Celebrity Apprentice

I don't know if any of you watch any of the Apprentice series with Donald Trump. The last season was the Celebrity Apprentice (you can watch for free on There are so many lessons to be learned. In fact, I would even recommend watching at a staff meeting and have an open discussion on management, leadership, objectives and moral builders. … [Read more...]

Six Steps to Calming Angry Customers

If you work in a customer service industry then you probably know all too well how difficult it can be to deal with angry and frustrated customers, especially if you’re having a bad day. But if you know the proper methods in which to deal with irate or grumpy customers, it will not only help you in how you deal with customers on a daily basis, … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Become A More Valuable Employee

The economy may be looking up but most of us still squirm at the mention of job security. In this fast- paced, competitive atmosphere, it’s easy to worry ourselves into a mire and forget the simple steps we can take to become more valuable in the workplace. Here are three ways to get you started. 1.) Invest in Yourself “People often don’t see … [Read more...]