Eye How-The Cost of Poor Morale

The main topic of people discussion today seems to be- How is your job? How many people got laid off in your company? Are you looking? If people still have a job, they complain about the overload of work, the lack of recognition they are not getting from leadership and a general poor morale toward work. Poor morale effects every business, and needs … [Read more...]

Smile and Move-Staff Motivation

Great Video and Team Builder for an Office. Smile and Move is a fun new movement to motivate people at the home and office. I like this a lot- there is nothing worse than being in an office with a non-smiling, unhappy, unproductive slacker! If you have an low morale office- consider getting a new motto and rebuilding your team- you will have … [Read more...]

Everybody’s Free to Wear Sunscreen

I was going to do a post on sun and eye health- instead I found this great video. Wear Sunscreen is an essay written by Mary Schmich and published in the Chicago Tribune in 1997. Great motivational video and something we need for today's times  … [Read more...]

Is This Your Office?

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Low Cost Ideas for Building Employee Loyalty

Low-Cost Ideas for Building Employee Loyalty by Mary Crisafulli These days, you can’t read the paper, watch the news or surf the net without hearing about the sad state of the economy.  Regardless of how severely your business has been affected by this recession, there are a number of low- or no-cost ways to recognize employees that will … [Read more...]

Rules For Being Human

I normally wouldn't watch this type of video.- But I really liked it, very calming, valuable lessons with good music. (About 3 minutes to watch)   Stats Views-64,876 Favored- 862 … [Read more...]

Motivating Optical Staff-Lessons From Vision West

I was by Vision West (Buying Group) the other day. Walking by customer service, I noticed the incredible amount of Staff Motivational and Inspirational messages all over the cubicles. You can do the same thing with your optical staff.    Talk about a WOW Factor. In a buying group, 98% of what customer service has to deal with is MONEY! … [Read more...]

Hire Slow Fire Fast

It takes me about 1 week to get up the courage to fire someone. It hurts to be fired and to fire someone. I think in all my management experience, I have only glad-fully fired 2 people, but to tell you the truth, I should have fired more right off the bat. As much as it may hurt, any business today cannot afford to keep unproductive people. … [Read more...]

Top 22 Examples of Workplace Rudeness

I admire people that work in offices. Having been in outside sales for the majority of my life, it would be extremely challenging to be in an office all day. Shirley worked in offices most of her life, so she knows better than I do. When you work in an office, it is important to productivity, staff motivation, morale, customer service and general … [Read more...]

Ethics Test- Doing What is Right

I love Parade Magazine Last Sunday, they ran a survey on Doing What's Right- as of 2/17/09 the results are as follows. To see more information go to the site or to take the survey click on any of the links below.  DILEMMA   YES   NO Would you pretend your cellphone dropped  a call to end a conversation?      54%   … [Read more...]

Top 6 Training Blogs and Resources

  How important do you think training your employees is? Watch this short video -Small Business Tips- Employee Training  Training Marketer Developing a great Human Resource or Training product is difficult, but sometimes getting the word out about your products is even harder. We are here to help you get the attention of online shoppers, … [Read more...]

Top 17- Human Resources Blogs

HR- Human Resources - it is probably the hardest part of any job! I truly admire and respect HR Experts, not only because of the unceasingly amount of paperwork, laws and regulations they have to keep up with, but the tactful ways you have to handle not only customers today but your staff. Remember laws can change by state and it's important that … [Read more...]

Optical Employment Resources

Dispensing Opticians US Department of Labor - Optician Information Eye Hunter Started in 2001- resource for optical employment, including jobs for optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and optometric technicians.  Our interactive relief work network has helped hundreds of optometrists and opticians locate temporary help CareerMD.com- For … [Read more...]

End of Year Holiday Advice for the Optical Work Place

    I was flipping through my latest copy of Pink, a magazine targeted to women in business that the OWA provides its members, and thought that the current advice column had some great Q&A's regarding the holidays. I would like to share a couple of them with you as they are just as relevant for the optical retailer or any optical business … [Read more...]

Everyone Loves a Bonus But What if Cash is Tight

    Who doesn't love receiving a bonus? But may be hard to do for employees when times are tough. We are in an economic squeeze so for many optical businesses it is harder to give out employee bonuses. But this is not the time to stop recognition and rewards programs.  When times are hard it is even more important to reward performance that … [Read more...]