Welcome Vision-Ease Our Newest Sponsor

The tree-hugging soul in me was elated to add Vision-Ease to our family of sponsors! See our previous post on  Vision-Ease Sustainability Statement, in which their manufacturing is all done with 100% renewable energy! Did you know that 100 pair of lenses saves the carbon release of one barrel of oil. I love the fact they are helping us reduce our … [Read more...]

Hi-Index Eyewear Wraps it Up a Notch!

Most eyewear consumers don't know the difference between hi-index, polycarbonate, Trivex etc. let alone what a lens base curve 8 is so if they want a wrap frame or thinner, lighter lenses they have to rely on their ECP to guide them through their best options. Eyewear consumers are getting more and more choices for their wrap prescription … [Read more...]

Penn Moody, OD talks about atLast from Pixel Optics

I personally wanted to find out more about Pixel Optics and the atLast lens because this is new technology and I want to know more about the benefits it offers. I looked for an ECP that was prescribing this lens and came across Dr. Moody, a frequent prescriber of the atLast lens. Dr. Moody's patient base is mainly adults, aged 18 - 60 which as you … [Read more...]

Eye How-To Make a Prescription Eyeglass Lenses

Jake Demonstrates the EDGE OUTREACH optical lab by showing how to grind a prescription lens beginning with a glass blank and progressing to the finished lens. … [Read more...]

How to Sell Digital Ophthalmic Lenses

We recently did an interview with Lab Customer Service people and one of the subjects we discussed was digital lenses and issues that can come up if the optical patient does not have a clear idea of what to expect from this new category of ophthalmic lenses. We asked for some input and Signet Armorlite gave us some great pointers form their KODAK … [Read more...]

Ya Think Luxury Isn’t Selling- Zeiss Lenses $18,165

I guess you would have to ask your Zeiss Rep for further details! Limited edition Wayfarer with 24Kt Gold Mirror Zeiss lenses. … [Read more...]

PPG’s Trivex

We are very happy to welcome PPG's Trivex to our family of sponsors of The Optical Vision Site. I have heard lots of good things about Trivex and have been wearing both KODAK Lenses and Shamir Lenses made from this material for the last year. I love the clarity and lightness of these lenses. You will find Trivex is available in many lens designs … [Read more...]

Does a Back-Surface Lens Design Provide Optical Advantages?

We have posted some different articles about the design of progressive lenses but not specifically about back-surface lens design and whether or not it will provide optical advantages. So the question is Does a back-surface lens design provide optical advantages? I talked to one of our sponsors, Shamir for more information on this … [Read more...]

PixelOptics New Sponsor

We are very pleased to welcome PixelOptics as a new Sponsor to the Optical Vision Site. There has been lots of buzz about this young company so while I was attending Vision Expo East, I went to their booth to learn more and I was very impressed with the product demonstration of composite optics. We are going to see even more very innovative … [Read more...]

Kodak Lens – New Technology to Reduce Eyestrain

I recently interviewed Ed DeRosa, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Signet Armorlite, Inc. and we got to talking about Kodak Lens - New Technology to Reduce Eyestrain. I think it is a very interesting product and that I should blog about it. I think it is interesting for several reasons, the first one is personal as I get frequent headaches … [Read more...]

Transitions Partners in Education and Newest Sponsor

Cathy and I are very happy to announce our newest sponsor, Transitions Optical Inc. I have known this company for over 15 years and I have always been impressed by not just the product but the company's dedication to education within the optical industry. We all need to do a better job educating the consumer but it is hard to do alone, particularly … [Read more...]

Shamir’s Mr. Progresso makes Progressives Fun

I love Shamir's Mr. Progresso video. Mr. Progresso makes Progressives fun. Most progressive educational videos are pretty dry and boring but not this one. This could easily be in the Optifun category but even though it is promotional it is also very educational if you want to learn more about progressive lens technology. Check it out on … [Read more...]

Progressive Lens Dispensing Incentives

Most major lens companies offer their own progressive lens dispensing incentives. They are often very similar to the frequent flier programs, grocery store loyalty cards that we all use in our everyday life. If you are like me you have a love/hate relationship with these programs. You love the fact that you can save money, upgrade on a flight, take … [Read more...]

Optical Lense Color Guide

I do not where this optical lense color guide came from and I apologize upfront for not giving credit where credit is due. Lense Color Guide GRAY 3 reduces the maximum amount of visible light and allows for true color recognition. Good for bright sunny days and heavy glare situations. Best uses include driving, deep-water fishing and … [Read more...]

Breaking News! Hoya Signs as Optical Vision Site Sponsor

We love making these announcements! HOYA Signs up with The Optical Vision Site! HOYA Vision Care of the Americas makes and supplies ophthalmic lenses to Eye Care Professionals located within the United States, Canada, and South American countries. Products Offered : Laboratory Services- 17 Dedicated HOYA Labs plus almost every local lab- … [Read more...]