Blind Photographers- Fantastic Images From The Visually Impaired.

If you want to be impressed and awed, check out The Blind Photographer Image site. The images are from blind or visually impaired photographers and cover a wide span of subjects going over a few years. There is a blog on the site, you can visit them on Facebook as well. I am wowed by the creative expression the subject matter the … [Read more...]

Camera For The Blind

When I saw this, I wondered why would a blind person take pictures? But why not? This camera is made for the blind to take photos. They too can share their memories with friends and families. To see how it works and more information go to  Nadeem Haidary. … [Read more...]

Low Vision Patients Increasing

According to The Vision Council, the number of people experiencing low vision is increasing. Six million Americans experience low vision and another 20 million adults have some visual impairment. Adding low vision to your practice can provide you with two new sources of revenue - services and devices - that can lead to a significant return on … [Read more...]

Vision Aware- Excellent Self Help Resource Center For Vision Loss

Vision Aware- (who is following us on Twitter) is a wonderful resource for the visually impaired and for professionals who works with people who are blind or have low vision. The site has tons of good stuff from living, products, vendors, coping and families. I just read their post on Blind Bloggers- which are blogs by people who are blind or have … [Read more...]

Blind Baseball or Beepball For The Visually Impaired

I have heard of the blind skiing and surfing but never blind baseball. The Stockton Stingrays is a blind and visually impaired  baseball team working with sighted volunteers to compete in an adaptive version of baseball. Beep Baseball- is when all fielders and batters are blindfolded and players bat at beeping baseball and run toweard a buzzing … [Read more...]

Fashionable Blind Phone

One of our favorite sites is Yanko Design. They have done several pieces for the visually impaired. The latest is this fashionable blind phone. A clean look with a 3D braille Face. The hole at the bottom is to loop around your belt or purse or put some charms on. … [Read more...]

Haptic Reader Lets The Blind Read Non-Braille Books

Haptic Reader is a concept devices that assists the blind on reading braille book.s The flat glass surface converts the letters of the page into braille. To see more to to … [Read more...]

Vision Impairment and Lost Productivity

GENEVA—Corrected vision impairment could prevent billions of dollars in lost productivity annually, according to a study by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of School of Public Health, the International Centre for Eyecare Education, the University of New South Wales and the African Vision Research Institute. Researchers … [Read more...]

Laser Surgery for Treatment of Macula Degeneration

I saw this article about ground-breaking laser surgery for treatment of  macula degeneration in the British Daily Express a couple of weeks ago while I was visiting my parents in England. I thought the article very interesting as it looks like this could be a new treatment for the prevention of AMD that could come to market very soon. "A … [Read more...]

Hands Free Binocular Glasses

With the price of theater tickets and sporting events today coupled with cash strapped consumers- these hands free binocular glasses will let you see what's going on a mile away. We found them on - ($199.95) We like them because almost everybody could use a pair! … [Read more...]

Braille iPhone

Louis Braille who, in 1824, when he was just 15, devised the six-dot reading technology that is the standard method of reading and writing for blind people to this very day. Now almost 200 years later, thanks to brand new touch screen Braille, blind users may now be able to use iPhones. The tactile flat screen, invented by researchers from Tampere … [Read more...]

Low Vision-An Eyecare Opportunity

Going online- I see so many site with low vision offerings, that I am quite surprised at how many eyecare offices don't offer low vision aids. I'm not talking about readers and bifocals- it's about magnifying glasses and mirrors, especially the mirrors- how else can low vision patients pluck their eyebrows or nose hairs without a magnifing … [Read more...]

Multidisciplinary Approach Needed for Low Vision

A couple of weeks ago, I was discussing with some doctors, why more doctors are not involved in Low Vision- after all according to the American Foundation for the Blind 6.2 Million seniors (over 65 years) have vision loss, and that is not including nursing homes. Their answer- no money, no reimbursement. Coincedently Patrick Dundas of Teamwork … [Read more...]

iVisit Turns Camera Phone into Eye for the Blind

iVisit, (Santa Monica, California) that specializes in video teleconferencing applications, has teamed up with the National Institutes of Health to turn a mobile phone's camera into an eye for the blind. Using advanced image recognition software to identify what is in front of the phone, the system reads off what it is seeing. Read the full article … [Read more...]

Low Vision Eyewear- an Opportunity

 Eyetonomy released the Sightmate a portable, lightweight low vision aid system that optimizes residual peripheral vision. Worn like eyeglasses, it is the first portable video magnifier combining the functions of different low vision aids in a single device with a high resolution image. All for $2,999 - sold online and through their … [Read more...]